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To NZ Associations:
In regards to pick up players, if you require or would like to place players on the pick up list you need to contact your RGDO or the SNZ head office with the players details, positions.

Other Enquires:
Looking for a New Zealand club to play for, or you are a New Zealand club/team looking for players, or pick up player/s for a tournament, send your details to SNZ and we will post them here.

28 March 2017

Poneke Kilbirnie (PK) Softball Club (Wellington) is seeking an experienced coach and players with suitable skill to join our Premier 1 Men’s team. This team requires a head coach who is well-versed in all aspects of softball (having technical and tactical skills/knowledge); able to execute fundamentals/advanced drills and game strategy; able to plan and conduct trainings and prepare the team for competitions.

The PK Premier 1 Men also seek softballers who are residing in the Wellington area and available to play, to join the team.
If you are keen in a playing or coaching position, and located or soon to be located in the Wellington area, please contact Chanelle Masters (Manager) to express your interest -, 021 607 564

Hawkes Bay Softball Association are looking for a coach and assistant coach for their U15 Girls team to attend the U15 Girls Nth Island tournament in Wellington in early January. Even on a part-time basis at the tournament would be an option. Please contact Tania Udy on 021 929 164 or email her on

20 Feb, 2017

Pick up for Women's clubs
I'm 19 years old and currently playing in Wellington for Newlands.
I play 2nd and 1st base. But have the knowledge to play most positions.
I'm looking to be picked up for clubs this year.
My contact number is 0277475799 for any more information, otherwise this email ( is also regularly checked.

Kloe Milne

16 Jan, 2017

Hello from Australia

I am sending this email to your organisation to see if you could forward this email to your members to see if anyone is still looking to play in Auckland at the World Masters in April. Our team is from Rockhampton Queensland and will be playing in the 35+ comp (only because we have one youngster at 39)… and we would love to hear from anyone who would like to play and have a great time.
If anyone is interested or would like to know more about our team you can email Selena Knott at - for a few of us this will be out first World Masters tournament and first time to NZ as well and we can’t wait to see some great games and enjoy the islands of NZ.
I thank you for taking the time to read this email and appreciate any help from your clubs.

Kind regards
Donna Blaker
For Easy Riders Softball
17 Dec, 2016

U19 Boys Pick up – Grayson Keepa
A current Premier Grade player for the PCU Devils and has good knowledge at all positions on the field apart from Catcher. Main positions are SS, 2nd and the Outfield. Started getting into the competitive side of softball last season representing Canterbury U17, making tournament team that competed in Blacktown, Australia as Southern Pride and taking out last years Nationals.

Please contact Grayson on Mobile: 0274181760
14 Dec, 2016

U19 Boys Pick Up
Damien Sklenars
Waikato U15 and U17 Reps previously. 
Currently member of Fairfield Otorohanga Mens’ premier team and plays college grade as well.
Selected as a member of the U17 NZ Tournament 'Rest' team January 2016
St John’s College, Hamilton attended Div 2 secondary schools (first appearance at nationals ever) and lost the final.
Selected for the NZ ISA team and toured the US & Canada in June/July 2016
Preferred positions: Outfield, 3rd or 2nd base.
Unfortunately Waikato is not fielding a team to the U19s this year, so hoping to get a pick up spot to continue a great year of softball. 
Can provide references if required, if interested please contact Megan (021 2900 385) or Damien (022 034 1252)
13 Dec, 2016

Pick up U17 Girls
Holly Martin (15 years of age)
Plays for Riccarton Club
Position is Catcher/ short stop/ 2nd/ Outfield
Played Canterbury last 2 years in under 15. Named in Tournament team for 2016

Please contact on 0273881031 or 0273005561 or by email:
13 Dec, 2016

U17 Boys Pick up – Josh Demouth
Currently plays 16's,19's and Prem Reserve as the main catcher for all 3 grades.
He has been in the Canterbury U15A team for the past 2 years.
His main position is catcher but he also plays 1st base and outfield.

Please contact:
Nicki 021 997 438 or George 027 687 6429 
9 Dec, 2016

U19 Boys Pick Up
Wiremu Hiri (18 years old) Lives in Whanganui. 
Wiremu is a pitcher/catcher, also ability to play in outfield
Earlier in the year he made the rest team for the NZ Div1 secondary schools team
He toured America and Canada with the ISA NZ team.

Contact Wiremu on 0212336073 
9 Dec, 2016

Pick up for U17 Girls
Morgan Walker 
Position: Pitcher / 3rd Base / Short Stop
Played: 2016 National U15 Girls Marlborough / U17 Girls Southland and picked for U17 Mainland Shield Tournament Team (pitcher).
Club Team:  Central 
Reference’s available Anthea Stringer (strings) club coach and John Lowes (pitching coach).

Contact Bruce 0212500805
6 Dec, 2016

U19 Boys Pick up
Trey Roberts-MacDonald (17 Years old)
Has played played representative softball since he was 10 years old. Pitcher / utility
Hutt valley  U11, 13,
Wellington A U15 
Pitched for the Queensland State Secondary Schools 2016 and won gold 

Contact Quinn at 027 486 4287

5 Dec, 2016

U19 Girls Pick Up
Holly Martin
Age 15 at tournament time
Positions Catcher/ Infield and Outfield
Was main catcher for Canterbury U15 development for 2 years
Went with ISA to Australia this year for U15 and 17 Tournament.
Contact number Paul 0273005561 or Nikki 0273881031 or by email
3 Dec, 2016

Pickup Player for U17 Boys in Auckland
Isaiah Parsons (aged 15 as of 9th Dec 16) plays for Otahuhu, Auckland this season
Has played for U13 and U15 Auckland reps  
He is a pitcher and also plays shortstop and 2nd base.  He has been a pitcher since first year softball.  He has also played outfield.
He has in the past 5 season previous to Otahuhu played for the Waitakere Bears.
Any interest please contact Nikki Parsons on 0212397391 or or
3 Dec, 2016

Andrew Leef
Pos : Second base / Outfield
Howick Under 17
Howick Under 19
2015 ISA Rep
2015 Counties Manuakau Rep
I consider myself a well rounded player that has high hopes for my future in the sport. I would appreciate attending the Under 17 Nats.

Mobile - 02108891616
1 Dec, 2016

U17 Boys Pick ups
Three players from Central Otago would like to be picked up for the U17 Boys Nationals to be held in Pukekohe in January;
Mitchell Wheeler - aged 16, catcher/2nd base cell 027 594 3357
Kace O'Neill - aged 15, short stop/outfield cell 027 412 7977
Jack Stuart - aged 15, outfield/catcher cell 0272316775 
29 Nov, 2016

U17 Girls Pick ups
Manaia Tewheoro - Catcher, 1st, 3rd, outfield. NZ ISA 2016
Maia Kamareira - Pitcher, 3rd, 1st, NZ ISA  2016
Te Marino Roberts - Shortstop, outfield, & catcher
Aaria Rolleaton - Pitcher, utility
Bree Ingram - 3rd, outfield, CB U15's
Jade Miller - 2nd, outfield, CB U15's, Central Otago U17
All play club U16, U19 Womens, Reserve grade, All have represented Canterbury U15

Any further enquiries, please Call Corrina Ruki  0275059059  
28 Nov, 2016

U17 Boys – Pick Up
Has played for Canterbury dev 2014 and 2015.
For the first year he played 3rd S/S and 2nd. The second year he was number 1 pitcher (was 3rd best pitcher on stats for tournament 2015) which he plays for Rolleston club (u16,u19 pitcher and senior prem reseves second and outfield). He is a very talented player, he was named MVP for his team just last weekend at the u16 tournament in Christchurch. He is currently in the final trials for u15 Canterbury team.
He is able to play anywhere infield including pitcher and also outfield.

Please contact Jennifer Hardy 0276231504 or
28 Nov, 2016

U19 Girls Pick up
Emma Thornley
Canterbury under 15s 2012-2013 season and 2013-2014 season 
Canterbury under 17s 2014-2015 season and 2015-2016 season
Canterbury under 19s 2015-2016 season 
ISA under 15s trip to Sydney July 2014
Mainland Pride team to Sydney for friendship series July 2016
Emma prefers playing 1st base, but can also play catcher and anywhere in the outfield

28 Nov, 2016

U19 Boys – Pitcher pick up
Dan Flanagan
DOB 20.2.1998 (18)
Pitcher (can play anywhere)
2013 U15 Southland pick up player pitcher
4 years playing U19
2015/16 pitcher for winning B Grade Men team
Last season has been radared at over 100 km/hr
Playing for PCU U19 and Prem Reserve
Reference Paul de Latour PCU
Contact Rob Flanagan 0272994317
28 Nov, 2016

Manawatu is looking for the following players:
Under 15 girls - Pitchers
Under 17 Girls - Pitchers
Under 13 boys - pitcher and catcher.

If anyone is interested, contact Alison Kensington;
Rep Co-ordinator
Manawatu Softball
Phone: 0274280518
28 Nov, 2016

Pick up for national u19 Boys Tournament.
Hello my name is Wiremu Hiri I am 18 years of age living in Whanganui.
My D.O.B 24/10/1998 I am a pitcher/catcher also ability to play in
outfield and applying my self to be a pick up player. I have just
finished high school. Earlier on in the year I made the rest team for
the nz div1 secondary schools team. I then opened my self to the NZ
development boys team that toured America and Canada. If you wish to
contact me and get a faster reply then call or text me on 0226924624
Thank you!
12 Dec, 2016

Pickup player for U17 Girls & U19 Girls Nationals.
Kate Flanagan (15) - plays Pitcher (main), 1st base, 2nd base and outfield.
Experience:  2014/15 Halswell   U16 team - Canterbury U16 league .winners    
                     2014/15 U15 Canterbury Development - Blenheim
                     2015/16 U15 Canterbury Development - Alexandra, Top Pitcher Stats, 1st pick in Tournament Team as pitcher
                     Plays U16, U19 & B Grade Womens as pitcher in Canterbury league
                     2016 ISA U17 NZ team tour to Sydney Australia, as pitcher and 1st base

Contact:      Rob Flanagan 027 299 4317 
References:   Suzy de Latour - Canterbury Development coach 0212522258

23 Nov, 2016

Pick up Players for U17 Boys Tournament

Here are some HV U17 Boys that would like to be picked up;
Curtis Krivan – Catcher – 0276319440
Hamish Fraser – Catcher/Outfield – 0272698940
Josh Budge – 1B/2B – 0276789200
Taina Te Aonui – Catcher/Infield – 0272173332
Ethan Price – Outfield – 021748280
Chris Magee – Outfield - 02108480616
23 Nov, 2016

Pick up player U17 tournaments Christchurch and Auckland
Ayden Fleck (15) would like to a pick up player for the up and coming tournaments for u17s in Christchurch 2016 and Auckland 2017. He is able to play anywhere infield including pitcher and catcher and also outfield. Played Canterbury dev 2015, pickup play for Marbourgh u15 2016. 

Please contact Bridget Fleck: or 0272912367
23 Nov, 2016

Pick up U19 Girls Nationals
Arawhiu Crawford would like to be picked up for the U19 Girls Nationals. She is a pitcher / shortstop.

Please email Kerri Thompson at
19 Nov, 2016

Pick up U19 Nationals 2016
Sarsha Jhontae Fa'aofo
Looking at being picked up for an under 19 team. Currently playing in the Auckland region. Missed being selected:I play for Otahuhu U19s and Premier Ladies. Selected for ISA team 2016 for the Friendship tour in Sydney Australia July. Part of the team that placed higher than the Emerging White Sox team.

Also part of the Alfriston team that participated in the Secondary School Nationals, placed runner up. Named in the tournament team in 2015.

North Harbour U15
Hawkes Bay U17
Counties Manukau U17

Positions - 3rd Base and Outfield. 
Please contact me on 0212921413 or
18 Nov, 2016

Pickup Player U19 Girls
Savannah Brady – Catcher/3rd Base currently been playing Premier Women and Under 19 Girls for Mt Albert Ramblers.
Email for more information

17 Nov, 2016

Pickup Player for U19 Boys in Hastings
Josh Townley from Auckland. He is a catcher/First base, plays Under 19 and senior reserve competition in Auckland for Mt Albert Ramblers.
Email : for any more info

16 Nov, 2016

Pickup Player for U17 Boys
Maioha Rountree from Auckland Softball Association.  His first position is Pitcher, but likes first base or outfield.

Contact Deitre Grace:

4 Nov, 2016

Hawkes Bay U19 Boys Team require 2 pickup players for the Nationals in Hastings in January.  We are looking to fill the following positions: Pitcher and Catcher

Interested players should contact Coach -  Paul Woon – 0221930331


10 Oct, 2016
My name is Emma Housden and I am the president of local Canberra Club South Tuggeranong Storm.  We are looking for a battery to join our team for this year’s skins tournament to play in the men's A Grade.
The tournament is Friday 2nd December to Sunday 4th December 2016 at Hawker a international softball complex, Canberra.
Unfortunately we are unable to assist with flights but will assist with accommodation and cover the players tournament entry fee.
If interested in playing A Grade in Australia's premier men's tournament I would greatly appreciate your assistance.
Thank you so much
Emma Housden
+61 0416 441412

10 Aug, 2016

Howick Premier and Reserves Men are looking for any players that wish to join their squad. Our Premier Men will have Extended Black Sox Pitcher Campbell Gibson and NZ Junior Black Sox Catcher Harry Valk amongst others. We are looking for some more experienced players who wish to play in the Auckland AFC Competition and be included on the diamond. The Club has outstanding juniors coming through the grades and is a club very much focused on junior development, with pathways in place. We are a respected family club in our community and are operationally sound and ensure we provide premiers in both men and women for our juniors to aspire too. If you are looking to shine, want to actually play, are reliable, will attend trainings and have the skills necessary, we will provide you the opportunity to improve your game, by playing against the best instead of sitting on a bench amongst them, then this is your chance!

Should you be interested in joining a great club and team(s), please contact Fred Craigie on 021-902-817 or email



Hawkes Bay Softball Association are looking for a coach and assistant coach for their U15 Girls team to attend the U15 Girls Nth Island tournament in Wellington in early January. Even on a part-time basis at the tournament would be an option. Please contact Tania Udy on 021 929 164 or email her on


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