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12 July 2017
As the national convenor of officiating softball, the umpiring fraternity has a proud history of operating with integrity.  

The national staff are proud to present the
code of conduct which supports our vision where the softball community experiences quality umpiring and the enjoyment it creates.  

The code is supported by our values of passion, honesty, courage, quality, enjoyment and respect which helps us to  push the boundaries as the trusted owner of the games officiating rules.


29 June 2017
Softball New Zealand would like to call for applications for the position of Regional Director of Umpiring – Te Waipounamu (Southern Region).  This position forms part of the National Umpiring Staff and has a tenure of two years.
Please click on these links to access the job description and application form.
Application forms along with a CV should be sent to Eugene Gilbert by close of business Thursday July 13 2017. Electronic applications can be sent by email to
All enquiries can be directed to Wiremu Tamaki -


7 May, 2017

Greetings Everyone

Continuing on our path of delivering quality umpiring to our softball community I’m very excited to release this year’s Annual Rules Test.

The rules test is a very important tool measuring the knowledge of our members and our softball community and contributing to the success of delivering quality umpiring to our community. For members of the Softball New Zealand Umpiring Programme the National Umpiring Staff (NUS) encourages you to partake in this test in order for us to make sound decisions on your national tournament application later in the year. Should you miss out on sitting this rules test, Rule Box will be your next available option for the NUS to determine your rules knowledge against any national tournament application you submit. Don’t miss your opportunity to sit the rules test.

With great thanks to Dennis Smith, Dave Fortin and Dave Beaumont the rules test has an added dimension and is now offered as an online rules test available via your ipad, tablet and smartphone devices.

The test includes 100 questions, 10 of which are based on a video play, watch the clip and answer True or False. At the end of the test, press Submit and you will see your score immediately. Please note you can only take the test once. There is no time limit but do not logout before you have entered all your answers otherwise they will not be recorded.

If you have any questions, please email Dennis Smith at or Dave Fortin at in the first instance.

The Rules Test is open book and will close on Friday 9 June 2017. You will be able to see your answers by going back to the test after that date and answers with rules references will be posted on the SNZ Umpires Website and other online media pages after the closing date.

To access the test, click the link below and enter your first name.last name (ie joe.bloggs) as the login:

2017 SNZ Annual Rules Test

For those who prefer a paper based approach below is the rules test with the appropriate information to file your answers. Please note we will be looking to utilise online technology more going forward and moving away from paper based approaches to capture real time data.

2017 SNZ Annual Rules Test Paper Based

Good luck everyone!


Wiremu Tamaki
Softball New Zealand (SNZ) Umpire-in-Chief
Kai-Whakawaa Matua - Poiuka Aotearoa
Otaki, New Zealand 5512
Tel +64 6 364 8793 | Mob +64 274 433 691
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