Black Sox Profiles #2

Name: Thomas Makea
Province: Wellington
Club: Poneke Kilbirnie
Position: Outfielder
Born: February 20, 1975

Makea first played for the Black Sox in 1994 and this will be his fifth world championship appearance – he has helped New Zealand to three world titles over the years.
At the 2009 tournament, Makea scored 15 runs and batted in the same to lead both those statistics for the side. He finished that event with 10 hits from 30 turns at bat, for an average of 0.333.
Thomas Makea
Name: Jeremy Manley
Province: Based in the United States
Club: Pueblo Bandits (Colorado)
Position: Pitcher
Born: October 17, 1984
Nicknames: Jerry, J

Manley first played for the Black Sox in 2006 and was part of the 2009 world championship squad. Since that tournament, he has based himself exclusively in the US, playing for Pueblo Bandits. Wife Ali is a former White Sox pitcher, brother Regan has pitched for the Sox, and his dad and father-in-law are also former pitchers.
IN 2009, he was the top Black Sox pitcher, playing in seven games, faced 108 batters, giving up 20 hits and taking 32 strikeouts, for an earned run average of 1.48.
Jeremy Manley
Name: Patrick Shannon
Province: Auckland
Club: Waitakere
Position: Catcher
Born: June 21, 1975 at Auckland
Ethnicity: NZ/Samoan

Shannon debuted for New Zealand back in 1995, but had to wait his turn behind legends Mark Sorenson and Bevan Martin. He appeared at his first world championship at the 2004 tournament in Christchurch, helping NZ to victory and was the catcher five years later at Saskatoon.
There, he had eight hits from 25 turns at bat, for an average of 0.320. He was only struck out twice and led the Black Sox in that statistic.
Name: Heinie Shannon
Province: Auckland
Club: Waitakere
Position: Pitcher
Born: June 21, 1975 at Auckland
Nickname: Dog
Ethnicity: NZ/Samoan

Shannon has represented the Black Sox since 1991, at a time when New Zealand was rich in pitching talent. He eventually debuted at the world championships for Samoa in 2004. Shannon and twin brother Patrick form a formidable pitcher/catcher combination. He has vast experience playing club softball in Wisconsin, New York and California, but these days, he has his own panelbeating business.
At the 2009 world championship, he played in seven games, faced 83 batters, gave up 18 hits and took 29 strikeouts, for an earned run average of 2.71. Heinie was starting pitcher for the final.
Name: Jarrad Martin
Province: Wellington
Club: Poneke Kilbirnie
Position: Infielder
Born: February 5, 1973 at Waitara
Nickname: Jazza
Ethnicity: Maori ( Te Atiawa)

Martin debuted for New Zealand more than 20 years ago on a tour of Australia and has been around ever since. This world championship will be his fifth, so he was a member of three previous title-winning teams and captained the Black Sox at the previous two tournaments.
At the 2009 tournament, Martin finished with 12 hits from 36 turns at bat. He was second behind current team-mate Thomas Makea for runs batted in (14) and also scored 10 runs himself.
Jarrad Martin
Name: Daniel Milne
Province: Canterbury
Club: Parklands Christchurch United
Position: Utility
Born: September 7, 1978 in Invercargill
Nickname: Whero

Milne played his first game for the Black Sox in 1999 against Australia and performed in leftfield at the last world championships at Saskatoon, but has shown himself more than capable around the infield. He has played club softball in Wisconsin and New York.
Milne played in 10 games at the 2009 tournament and had 16 turns at bat, with five hits for a batting average of 0.313.
Daniel Milne
Name: Aaron Stroman Neemia
Province: Wellington
Position: Catcher
Born: May 13, 1982 in Suva, Fiji
Ethnicity: NZ/Samoan

Stroman-Neemia made his Black Sox debut in 2002 and represented Samoa at the 2004 world championship in Christchurch.
Name: Nathan Nukunuku
Province: Auckland
Club: Ramblers
Position: Infielder
Born: May 8, 1980 at Hastings
Nickname: Nate Dog
Ethnicity: Maori (Ngati porou)

Nukunuku debuted for the Black Sox in 1997, and was part of the world champion sides of 2000 and 2004. He was originally left off this year’s roster, but was a last-time addition when captain Rhys Casley re-injured his shoulder.
At the 2009 world championship, Nukunuku and current team-mate Thomas Makea led New Zealand in runs scored (15). He collected 12 hits from 38 turns at bat, for an average of 0.316.

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