National Co-ed Slowpitch Championships


In conjunction with Slowpitch NZ, we would like to announce the inaugural National Co-ed Slowpitch Championships.

Although slowpitch is played within a large number of softball Associations, a national event has never been co-ordinated, either by Softball NZ or Slowpitch NZ.

Slowpitch is a derivative of softball and one that we believe will offer numerous benefits to clubs and communities across the country.

For the most part slowpitch is a social game with family influencers played across the globe. Given softball is also a family sport we see a number of synergies including more opportunities for females to participate in a diamond sport.

The WBSC have a vision of introducing a Slowpitch Co-ed World Cup in the near future, an event we have aspirations of attending.

This national event has been in the making for some time, although there has been a number of challenges to get to this point including fit for purpose diamonds, venues and availability.


WHEN: Jan 25 & 26 2020
WHERE: Rosedale Park, Albany Auckland
DETAILS: Maximum 12 Teams
COST: $350
CONTACT:, 0220445987
ENTRY DEADLINE: December 14th, 2019

The Championship will align with the WBSC Rules 2018-2021 Slowpitch Rules, except for:
  • Unlimited home runs (touch first base and walk off)
  • Males get two bases on walks, females one base.
  • Two out female option of an automatic walk behind the male
  • 6ft to 12ft arc (1.8 to 3.7m)

Team Eligibility:
  • CO-ED, x5 female and x5 male.

Download Documents: