2012 Jefferies & Jubilee Cups

The Jefferies and Jubilee Cups are tournaments for South Island Provincial Men’s and Women’s teams respectively.
It is held annually in the first weekend of December in Christchurch.
This year, softball fans will be able to view live updates through internet links.  These updates are available in either a graphic  or HTML format.  The HTML format is useful for those whose computer system does not support the graphic format.
The updates can also be replayed after the game.  To view the updates click on the links beside each game name.
This information is brought to you by the New Zealand Softball Scorers Association.  Each game has two scorers scoring the game; one using our official paper scoresheets, and one using the I-Score application. 
Jefferies Cup (Men) draw, results and update links.
Jubilee Cup (Women) draw, results and update links.