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The Player Enquiries page is to promote opportunities for players both domestically and internationally. 

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22 April 2020
Chelsea Martinez:  Utl.;  power hitting utility player, currently SIGNED to play in Austria for Summer 2020.
Jessica BurlingameOF;  true lefty, was named First Team All-ASBA, can hit for power and average.
Kailyn Campbell:  IF;  aggressive and reliable infielder, currently coaching for her alma mater (CWU), SIGNED to play in Austria for her third consecutive season with the Crazy Chicklets.

Taylor Kathler:  Utl.;  Canadian softball player with baseball experience currently SIGNED to play in Hungary for Summer 2020.

UNDECIDED:  Brianne Lint, Hannah Rodriguez, Jen (Lisa) Meliambro, Jennifer Michuda, Meritxell Blesa, Sabrina Garcia, Taylor Johnson.

Carissa McBirnieP/Utl.:  utility player with experience as an instructor, currently SIGNED to play in Austria for Summer 2020

Sarah EdwardsC/1B/OF;  true lefty, placed 1st at Club Nationals and also in league with Western Magpies (Auckland) in 2019, current Team Italia member, currently SIGNED to play in Italy for a third consecutive season.

Tana MonkP;  Filipino right-handed pitcher who can hit and play the field, has previously played two seasons in New Zealand (Kaiapoi Softball Club and Hutt Valley Saints).