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I-Score Guide
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SNZSA Application for Electronic Scoring Accreditation
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Beginners Manual
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2016 Theory Exam 2016  Theory Exam Answers
2016 Refresher Exam 2016 Refresher Exam Answers
2017 Theory Exam 2017 Theory Exam Answers
2017 Refresher Exam 2017 Refresher Exam Answers
2018 Theory Exam 2018 Theory Exam Answers
2018 Refresher Exam 2018 Refresher Exam Answers

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Scorers Manual
The Scorers manual outlines the standard scoring practises in New Zealand. Click here for the Scorers manual


Stat Track Manual
StatTrak for Softball is a complete stats program loaded with options but yet very easy to use. Track and calculate over 100+ stats for batting, pitching and fielding. Ideal for keeping records for teams or leagues. Click here for the Stat Track manual.


Appendix 6 (Rule 12)
Within the offical rulebook of Softball NZ is a number of key rules pertaining to the game of softball in the country. One of the main sections is Appendix 6 ('Rule 12) - Scoring'. Click here for the latest version.