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Softball Scoring Fundamentals (SSF) for Clubs
SSF uses technology to train your club scorers. It is an online course that allows your members to learn to score in their own time, at their own pace, at any location, using a computer or device.

SSF was designed to cover all aspects of scoring from the very basics of using symbols to record balls/strikes and runs/outs to more advanced scoring like substitutions and errors. SSF includes practice activities, printable job aids and video footage of real games. And because it is online, learners can review bits and pieces to refresh their skills from previous seasons.
Here’s what parents are saying about Softball Scoring Fundamentals (SSF)
‘This online course was an easy, understandable and convenient way to reacquaint myself with softball scoring. I liked how I could complete it in my own time, in my own space. I was able to score all my son’s games last season and give valuable feedback to his coach.’

‘I didn’t know much about softball but once I learned to score it, everything just clicked. I could talk to my son more about his playing and really understand his progress. It’s also great to have more than one parent on the team trained to score so we can share the responsibility.’
The Softball Scoring Fundamentals online course is available to suit the needs of large and small clubs (prices ex GST):
· 10 user license for $199 with an annual renewal of $69 per year
· 20 user license for $299 with an annual renewal of $89 per year

A handful of clubs across New Zealand have already signed up and have started to round up names of parents who want to learn to score.

To take advantage of this offer or if you have any questions about Softball Scoring Fundamentals, please email Adriana Ross.