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2018 Softball New Zealand
Rules Test Answers

September 18 2018

Tēnā koutou

Here are the answers to this year's rules tests.

Levels 1-3
Levels 4-7

National Umpiring Staff


Softball New Zealand Awards

Congratulations to our UIC, Wiremu Tamaki on receiving the 2017/18 Softball New Zealand Umpire of the Year at the Softball New Zealand Awards. 

A deserving acknowledgement from your colleagues as you head our waka in unison.


Wu   Umpire of the Year

2018-19 Tournament Allocations
Kia Ora
Please find the 1st Draft of 2018-19 National Tournaments Allocations.

Hi Everyone

Please find attached the completed list of Applications and appointments for the National Tournaments for the up-coming season. A huge thank you for getting them in so promptly. Please disseminate them within your Associations so that the successful appointees can make their leave/holiday plans to ensure they can get to the tournaments to which they have been appointed.


Please note that the blue cells indicate that person has applied for that tournament but has been unsuccessful in being appointed for whatever reason (could be travel costs, gradings required/logistics).


Those in green (in the tournament list for the NFC, are all those that applied that we could not place simply due to numbers. We had 30 apply for roughly twenty spots. Those umpires have been placed on Standby and will be the first to be asked to attend if we get withdrawls for any reason.


It would be helpful if some of those that have missed out on the NFC, could make themselves available a month later for the SSDiv1 tournament at the same venue, and to which our numbers are light. The teams are likely to be substantially more than we know at this time. If they simply drop me a note indicating their availability for that tournament, that would be most appreciated.


Thanks again everyone.


Kind regards


Lindsay Edwards

National Tournament Applications Facilitator


NZ Softball Umpires.

2018-2019 Tournament Applications form (Draft5) Published 15th October 2018.xlsx

He Aitua
Passing of Jacqui Davies

August 12 2018

It is with a great deal of sadness that past Wellington umpire, Jacqui Davies, passed away earlier this morning. She fought a very long and brave fight against cancer. She passed away in hospice in Palmerston North.  No details to hand.


2018 Softball New Zealand Rules Test

August 8 2018

Hi Everyone!

Here it is, the 2018 Softball New Zealand (SNZ) Umpire Rules Tests for levels 1-3 and levels 4-7.  Please note this test is based on the WBSC Rule Book 2018 - 2021 and relates to Fastpitch.  For the Rule Book click on this link.   

The rules tests are now offered as online tests and include 50 questions (levels 1-3) and 100 questions (levels 4-7).  For the latter test there are 10 video clips.  Simply click on the link, review and answer True or False to the question asked.  

The tests can be taken on a computer or smartphone.  At the end of the test, press submit, and you will see your score immediately.  You can only take the test once.  There is no time limit but do not logout before you have entered all your answers otherwise they will not be recorded.

To access the tests, click the link below and enter your first name.last name (ie joe.bloggs) as the login:

Levels 1-3:

Levels 4-7:

If you have any questions, please email National Umpiring Staff (NUS) member David Beaumont -

The Rules Tests will close on Friday 31 August 2018

For those who wish to print the rules test/s and complete the test by mail, please click on the following links. 

2018 Rules Test - Level 1 to 3

2018 Rules Test - Level 4 to 7

Please read the instructions carefully and ensure you follow them to avoid any disappointment.  Your corrected answer sheet will be emailed to you only after the test has formally closed which will be late September.  The answer key with rule references will be posted to the SNZ umpires' website shortly thereafter. 

Good luck everyone...

The Rules Committee Team - Dave Fortin, Dave Beaumont, Jill Farquhar and Dennis Smith

WBSC Rule Changes
Fast Pitch Points of Emphasis and Strike Zone

December 6 2017

Tēnā koutou

WBSC - SD have released rule changes regarding Pitching and the Strike Zone which Softball New Zealand has implemented into our current softball season. 

Two documents are currently available for viewing in the Tournament Chief Umpires' Tool Box in the Resources Page.  Click on Resources page and scroll down to the Tournament Chief Umpires' Tool Box to view the documents.

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