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Sky Sport White Sox Head Coach Roman Gabriel has named a new squad off the back of last weekend’s off-season training camp at Western Springs College , Nga Puna O Waiorea.

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“It was an excellent weekend and well over-due with the last 12 months being very tough on everyone within our softball community but also the entire country.” Say’s Gabriel.

“We were under no illusion that the athletes will not be at the level we would have liked them to be at, for this part of our campaign with limited diamond time over summer and access to gyms etc was non-existent. But the attitude and effort they brought for the entire weekend was awesome and very pleasing.
Even in the classroom where we spent a lot of time learning about the legacy of the White Sox and the glory days of Women’s Softball in this country the athletes were fully engaged and contributed to every session we had.

The vibe within the group was really good and with a few young ones attending their first White Sox camp they settled in pretty quickly and were able to be themselves, which we believe is important part of the culture we are trying to continue to create in the White Sox environment.
You could see the in-house competitiveness coming through which was excellent but at the same time the players were having fun competing to be the best at whatever we put in front of them.

Was a very pleasing weekend and was happy with the outcomes from it. The regions will train together this winter to be ready for the NFC in Oct. After that we will look to name a team to tour Australia at the end of the year, to get some well needed games under our belts as we prepare for a World Cup Qualifier in 2023.

With the last year or so being so difficult there has been some athletes who have decided to take a break from our programme for their own personal reasons so think it is a good idea to confirm the current squad we are working with but as always, we will continue to look outside this squad for any athletes that show potential and form when it comes to selecting future teams.

I am excited about the path we are on as a collective group, and everyone looks to be on the same page.“ He says.

Sky Sport White Sox Squad:
Brooke Whiteman, Karstein Fuimaono, Katrina Nukunuku, Krysta Hoani, Kyla Bromhead, Loran Parker, Meeki Cooper Nicola, Mereana Makea, Ocearn Matthews, Rebecca Bromhead ( VC ), Richlyn Tuhoro, Sachi Clark, Shyah Hale, Tyarn Bromhead-Lemalu, Tyla Morrison, Tyneesha Houkamau (Auckland), Emma Francis, Hope Weber (Wellington), Ashley Johnston, Erin Blackmore, Kiri Winiata-Enoka, Lara Andrews ( C ), Otila Tavite, Denva Shaw-Tait, Lace Tangianau, Mikayla Lewin, Pallas Potter (Hutt Valley), Amy Begg, Brittany Terrey, Cherie Inwood, Layla Bailey-McDowell, Lucy McIntyre, Nerissa McDowell, Mikayla Werahiko (Canterbury).