DSX Boys

Thank You Sponsors
The New Zealand Boys Development Sox Management Team wish to thank the following sponsors who have generously supported the boys in their inaugural year to attend the Queensland State U17 Softball Championship and ask the community to support these businesses where possible.


6 July 2016
Support the Developing Sox as they compete in the Queensland State Championships, 16-20 September - Sydney, Australia

Manager Report

28 June 2016

NZ Boys Development Sox, coaches and management recently converged on Hamilton for the inaugural NZS Boys which has been designed to identify young talent and develop them into high performance athletes.
Stage 1 of the development program was a 5 day camp in Hamilton including a 4 game mini tournament (including the final) against two Aussie Sparks touring sides and a combined 15/17 age group Waikato team.
Focus for this part of the program was to establish or commence process in the following areas.
  • Turning 15 individual athletes into a high performance sports team
  • Outline the 4 key focus areas of the programme
  • Introduction to Drug Free Sport
  • Develop individual and collective goals under a SMART framework
  • Establish team Pillars
  • Encourage and develop a positive team culture

The Team embraced the work required to achieve the camp focus points and with hard work and determination managed to exceed expectations.
Team Pillars, goals and positive culture were established early which set the standard of commitment allowing the group to focus on the 8 dimensions of high performance development.

  • Purpose, Identity and Shared Objectives
  • Mutual Trust and Respect
  • Role Clarity and Acceptance
  • Commitment and Support
  • Directed Action
  • Continued Excellence
  • Vitality and Resiliency
  • Collective Potency

This was no “holiday camp” there was plenty of hard work required in the class room and on the diamond which was fully embraced by each and every team member.

  • Completed individual player fitness assessment – YOYO Intermittent Recovery Test.
  • Attended an introduction to Drug Free sport Seminar
  • Learnt the history/origins and actions of the Haka – Ka Mate
  • Training – offensive, defensive and strategy (on the diamond and in the classroom).

With every camp there are always memorable moments and this camp was no exception.

  • The team were formally presented with their New Zealand team uniform by coaches Dennis Clueard and Stephen Ratu after an empowering speech about the “Mana and history” that comes with the privilege of donning the NZ Sox uniform from ex Black Sox Craig Wallace.
  • Each Haka. The boys did the Haka with pride and passion on every occasion (including practise) and I’m sure those supporters that were privileged to witness one would contest to them being “memorable”.

Mini Tournament

An opportunity for the coaching staff to create pressure within our own environment and to see how players individually and collectively responded, mix players in and out of preferred positions and for the players to become comfortable in a New Zealand jersey.

The management team didn’t go into these games with a sole focus on the result (winning). In fact, this was last on the list. They used the opportunity to see what “we” have, and more importantly to identify areas we could improve on in the build-up to Australia. From this perspective a lot was learnt with individual and regional training plans now implemented to target areas where improvement is required. Potentially to those looking on from the outside  some “interesting” things during the games were done, but again - more focused was put on isolated situations to see what players could achieve, irrespective of game situations and game outcomes.


  • NZ (6) – Waikato Combined (1)
  • NZ (15) – Aussie Sparks (0)
  • NZ (6) – Aussie Sparks (6)
  • NZ (7) – Aussie Sparks (0) FINAL

Wilkinson Named Team Manager

15 February 2016

Softball New Zealand would also like to congratulate and announce Andrew Wilkinson as the Manager of the Developing Sox Boys team which will compete in a series against the Aussie Sparks in Hamilton, 23-24th April and then in the Queensland State Championships in McKay later this year.

New Zealand U15 Boy's Developing Sox Team 2016

21 January 2016

The following players have been named by New Zealand Developing Sox Head Coach Dennis Clueard and Assistant Coach Stephen Ratu to compete against the touring Aussie Sparks in Hamilton over 23rd and 24th of April. The team will also contest the Under 17 Queensland State Championships in MacKay this September.
The Softball New Zealand President Lyn Lockhart proudly announces the New Zealand Developing Sox Boys team.

1.Dylan Tonkin – Auckland
2.Trent Fa’aofo – Auckland
3.Yorel Alapaki – Auckland
4.Keani Williams – Auckland
5.Max Earley – Auckland
6.Brock Evans – Auckland
7.Dylan Jackson – Wellington
8.Liam Bassick – Wellington
9.Braydan Hampton – Wellington
10.Joshua Cheung – Wellington
11.Sage Shaw-Tait – Hutt Valley
12.Jontae Macdonald – Marlborough
13.Christian Farrow – Marlborough
14.Tyler Mounty – Canterbury
15.Caleb Stewart - Canterbury
16.Josh Brown – Canterbury
17.Te Korewha Reihana - Tairawhiti
Congratulations to all those selected and the very best for your upcoming events.

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