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The tournament will be played according to the Official Rules of Softball 2018-2021 published by the WBSC. In the event of a discrepancy between multiple languages, the English language will prevail. As per rule 2.3.1. OFFICIAL BAT (Official Rules of Softball 2018/2021) and Tournament Regulations 2019 (to be released).
Each team must have their bats checked by umpires prior
to the start of their first game, and thereafter, if necessary, in the tournament.
Only an official bat that meets the standards of the WBSC Equipment Standards Commission and is stamped with the WBSC or former ISF 2005 logo that the Equipment Standards Commission adopted and approved marking must be used In a WBSC competition. The WBSC approved bat list and approved logo can be found at the WBSC website see appendix 2A Bat

Specifications for approved bat standards.
A bat compression test machine must be present at all championships and all pets must pass the WBSC compression standard set by the WBSC. Failure to meet any of the criteria above will result in the bat not being permitted for use at the championship. Bats approved for use will be marked and any bat used that is not so marked will be considered a legal bat.
The participating national teams official delegation will be composed of 17 players and a maximum of 9 delegation staff e.g. head of delegation (1), team manager (1), team coaches (4), team doctor (1), team physiotherapist (1), team video operator (1).
Total maximum 26 members
Note: The LOC will provide a maximum of 26 accreditations for official team delegation members. In addition accreditations will be issued upon request to the National Federations President or his/her designee and to all WBSC Hall of Famers that can present their HOF cards
Extra ticket packages for families and guests can be purchased online at …
Only credential personnel (staff, delegation members, translators, uniformed players, and uniformed coaches) will be allowed to stay in the dugout. a maximum of 26 will be permitted. there are no exceptions to this rule. it shall be the responsibility of the Technical Commissioners assigned to the game to make sure unauthorized persons do not occupy the dugout and that all the authorized persons stay inside the dugout during the game. more than this number of people in the dugout will not be permitted, and National Teams in violation of this rule subject themselves times from the Technical Commission.
All National Team delegations shall plan to arrive in Palmerston North City, New Zealand by 20 February 2020.
Tournament practice sessions for all national teams will be scheduled prior to the start of the tournament. Detailed practice schedules will be set in accordance with the arrival date and time of each national team. In case of bad weather, practices will be...
Bus transportation will be provided for all pre tournament practices and warm up games between hotels and practice venues.
Medical assistance and accident insurance coverage will be provided for all delegation’s members and tournament officials during the tournament and will cover all official events and games. All participants must comply with the official insurance policy.

The National Federations participating in the championship shall secure general liability and medical insurance for all delegation’s members. The National Federations shall be solely responsible for obtaining and for the cost of such insurance. the general liability insurance shall name WBSC as an additional 3rd party insured, and a certificate of such designation should
be provided to the WBSC no later than the date of submissions of the National Team roster. WBSC, including its related entities, will not be responsible for, nor will any payments be made an account of, any player or other delegation member’s injuries or death.
WBSC and the host committee planned to print a tournament program and your close cooperation is urged. all national teams will be requested to upload the preliminary teams roster no later than 1 February 2020. An open number of players can be uploaded; however, it would be preferable to have a maximum of 22 players.

At least 5 days before the pre-tournament technical meeting the number of players on the management system shall be narrowed down to17 players, changing the status in the system, from PTR (provisional) to FTR (final). Eventual changes to the team roster can be done until the start of the pre-tournament technical meeting. WBSC data management system website link:

The Access to the WBSC data management system will be provided (by separate communication) to all participating National Teams.
Every single data requested in the WBSC data management system needs to be uploaded, as it will be necessary to produce your accreditation and the official a tournament program: Full name, date of birth, positions, height, throw/ bat, passport numbers etc. Head shots of each player and coaches please contact the WBSC office if you need assistance -
All National Team delegations shall plan to arrive in Palmerston North City, New Zealand by 20 February 2020.

WBSC as the world governing body for the sports of baseball/ softball, commits to provide a framework within which all the people involved with the baseball/ softball global community can feel protected via official reporting channels.
This framework is pursuant to Olympic Agenda 2020, Recommendation 18: Strengthen support to athletes, and the 2015 7th IOC International Athletes Forum.
Recommendation 2D: development of educational materials on all issues of athlete welfare, including non discrimination, prevention of harassment, and abuse in sport. it has been established by the athletes’, the athletes’ entourage, medical and scientific and women in sport commissions of the international Olympic committee (the IOC).

This framework is supported by article 1.4 of the IOC code of ethics which states:
Respect for the universal fundamental ethical principles is the foundation of Olympism... these include... respect for international conventions on protecting human rights insofar as they apply to the Olympic Games’ activities and which ensure in particular... rejection of all forms of harassment, be it physical, professional or sexual, and any physical or mental injuries.
WBSC is adopting this framework in the spirit of creating a coherence of messaging within the Olympic movement stake holders. Safeguarding refers to the process is and mechanisms of ensuring that sports and sporting events are safe settings for all and in which human rights are fully respected a complete definition of harassment and abuse can be found in the IOC consensus statement: harassment and abuse (non-accidental violence) in sport (annex 1), paper which WBSC fully supports. Any form of discrimination, physical or sexual abuse and sexual harassment a completely incompatible with the intrinsic values of sports. within WBSC there is zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment irrespective of gender, ethnic background, religious faith, sexual orientation and disability.
Visit the WBSC website the more information related to the policy and the management of reports and procedures for addressing instants of harassment and abuse;
Visit the safe sport section on the Olympic athletes’ hub for more information related to all the IOC prevention of harassment and abuse in sport initiatives.
For reporting any incident of any form of discrimination, physical or sexual abuse and sexual harassment, please contact the WBSC (a dedicated WBSC official will also be attending the event and will be available; The contact details will be communicated soon).
Headquarters | Maison du Sport International
Av. de Rhodanie 54
CH-1007 Lausanne | Switzerland
T +41 21 318 8240
F +41 21 318 8241

All matters pertaining to an alleged incident of harassment and abuse, in a particular report of harassment and abuse, personal information of the concerned persons, other information gathered during investigations and results of investigations (confidential information) shall be regarded as confidential.
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