Give Softball a Go promotion

We all know summer is that time when Kiwis like to roll up their sleeves, put on their boardies, slip into some jandals and have a good time with a few laughs. But we want kiwis to think ‘Summer, Sun, Softball’ this coming season.
At Softball NZ we have come up with a slightly different concept to promote our sport nationally,  to help our clubs/associations increase membership and make the public more aware of our sport, without losing that great summer vibe that us kiwi’s love.

While we understand this concept isn’t something new, we have taken a leaf out of some of our other friendly summer sports books, and seen the success they have had with similar promotions...and then tweaked it to suit.
Rather than choose a single day where we ask clubs and/or associations to roll out “Give Softball a Go” nationally, we thought it best to choose a month where “Give Softball a Go” will be promoted (nationally).
Our Give Softball A Go month is - SEPTEMBER.

The rationale behind a promotional month is threefold:
  1. It provides Associations and clubs the opportunity to choose a day within that month that best suits their needs
  1. It allows the opportunity to promote your event over a month and gain greater exposure
  1. It allows clubs the opportunity to run multiple Give Softball a Go days within the month without any added pressure of doubling up on promotions.


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Registration Form Give Softball A Go registration form.
Give Softball a Go Planning Tips and Ideas Planning tips and hints that will show potential new members what your club or association has to offer.