NZ Junior Black Sox


11 September 2023

Due to an unfortunate injury, Nopera Tangaroa has withdrawn from the New Zealand Junior Black Sox World Cup squad.

Nopera, a pitcher of considerable talent and based out of the Hawkes Bay where he is coached by his father and Black Sox legend Chubb Tangaroa, has been replaced in the squad by Jaden Hita (Hutt Valley).

Hita a young hurler based out of the Hutt City United Club, will join the Junior Black Sox for their assault on the WBSC U18 Mens Softball World Cup in Hermosillo, Mexico, November 11-19.


14 April 2023

Jarrad Martin, Head Coach of the Junior Black Sox, has announced the final 16 players who will represent New Zealand at the XIV U-18 Men's Softball World Cup 2023 in Mexico. Congratulations to all the athletes and team management for their selection.

JBSX Team WC Naming-690


3 February 2023

Head Coach Jarrad Martin is pleased to announce the 2023 Temperzone New Zealand Junior Men’s World Cup squad.

“The impact of Covid has hampered the campaign and selections but it’s pleasing to finalise the squad and get some certainty on the path forward for these promising young men. Although it’s been a ‘roller coaster’ ride we’re incredibly pleased with how the wider squad has coped throughout our campaign to date, and we’re equally pleased with the talent that is emerging with our juniors.

We challenged these young men to make it incredibly hard for us to leave them out of this selection, and to give the management group a ‘headache’ when decisions are finalised for this squad, and I can hand on heart say we got the ‘headache’ we were looking for and what a great ‘headache’ to have. The final naming of the team will see three of the named players as non-travelling reserves.

With any selection process the best scenario you can wish for is to have more talent than there are positions, and this was certainly the case with this squad. On behalf of the management team, we thank all our young men and their whanau for their participation in the campaign to date. It’s been a long and windy road, but we are really pleased with the calibre of talent we have available to us. The future of our game looks very bright.”

Jarrad Martin MNZM
Head Coach
Temperzone New Zealand Junior Black Sox

Shiloh Rice, Max Russell (Auckland), Katene Huriwai (Franklin), Cohen Bailey, Brandon Bristowe (Counties Manukau), Nopera Tangaroa (Hawke’s Bay), Lennox Easthope, Zahr Shaw-Wallace, George McCarroll, Josh Kennedy (Hutt Valley), Ciaran Bolger, Arron Gollan, Joe Simpson-Smith (Wellington), Hunter Simpson, Hapene Kumeroa, Connor Stanley, Jacob Neale, Jayden Potts, Fletcher Due (Canterbury)


24 April 2022

The Temperzone Junior Black Sox Management Team have reviewed the JBSX wider training squad selections as a result of a change in age eligibility for the U19 WBSC World Cup in 2023.

The change in eligibility allows players born in 2004 (U19’s) to now, be considered for national selection.

Extending the age eligibility of the playing group has meant the JBSX have had to make some tough calls on selections with a number of new players being added to the group, and some players previously selected have not been included in the new group.

The JBSX are still over a year out from the World Cup and wish to make it clear they will be keeping their options open with regard to final selection and wish to emphasise that players should continue to work hard on building their game.

A 33 man squad has been named for two camps over the July and October school holidays. Selected players have been grouped into three teams; teams recognised after three softball greats in Dale Eagar, Carl Mossman, and Terry Nunns. Eagar, Mossman and Nunns contributed significantly to the junior men’s programme in the 1980’s where they led New Zealand to world titles in 1985 and 1989. Eagar led the ‘85 and ‘89 campaigns as Head Coach, while Mossman (‘85) and Nunns (‘89) undertook the Assistant roles.

Temperzone Junior Black Sox Training Squad:

Shiloh Rice, Kristian Marsters (Auckland), Katene Huriwai (Counties Manukau), Josh Kennedy, Jaxon Baldwin (Hutt Valley), Kyan Mill-Cameron, Arron Gollan (Wellington), Hunter Simpson, Jayden Potts (Canterbury), Phoenix Wardell-Mao (Otago), Jarrod Rowe-Kenny (Southland)

Roy Tatupu, Nathan Ruhe (Auckland), JP Gerbes (North Harbour), Nopera Tangaroa (Hawkes Bay), Luca Mollison, Joseph Smith-Simpson, Ciaran Bolger (Wellington), Dane Gill (Marlborough), Matt Lowe (Nelson), Max Sargeant, Campbell Codyre (Canterbury)

Max Russell (Auckland), Tamihana Tonga (Franklin), Cohen Bailey (Counties Manukau), Lennox Easthope, Zahr Shaw-Wallace, George McCarroll, Jayden Hita (Hutt Valley), Jacob Neale, Fletcher Due, Connor Stanley (Canterbury), Josh Forrester (Otago)



17 February 2022

Softball NZ had been advised by WBSC on Sunday, February 13 that the scheduled 2023 U18 Mens Softball World Cup has now been ratified with an age eligibility extension to U19.

A communication oversight occurred between WBSC and its 5 Continental Confederations that resulted in International Federations not receiving this vital communication.

Softball NZ has received an official apology from WBSC Oceania president Mr. Rex Capil for the inconvenience and embarrassment this has caused.

Softball NZ has engaged in significant communication with WBSC, WBSC Oceania, Softball NZ Board and Junior Black Sox management over recent days to inform them of the communication oversight.

In essence athletes born in 2004 are now eligible for selection to the 2023 WBSC Mens U18 Softball World Cup. Softball NZ had recently ratified and announced an initial 24-man squad for the 2023 aged appropriate event and will continue to work with Head Coach Jarrad Martin on this matter moving forward.


9 February 2022

Junior Black Sox Head Coach Jarrad Martin has named a 24-man Junior Black Sox squad towards the WBSC World Cup in 2023.

Martin say’s “The rescheduling of the U18 Junior Men’s World Cup to 2023, forced a change to the Junior Men’s programme. The change has meant we have had to select a completely new group of athletes, as the previously selected group are no longer eligible to play.

We’re clearly disappointed for the playing group that had previously been selected, but we’re pleased we have identified a group of talented young men who I'm sure will provide the same "punch" as their older counterparts.

The squad has been selected based on past performances and represent players we believe have the ability to perform at the next level. Whilst this group has a lot of forward goals to achieve, there are still opportunities for other players who perform well outside this group to be considered for future selection.

Over the next 2 years, we have the challenge of determining who will be the final 16 players to compete at the next World Cup. This is a great opportunity for these players to give it their best shot over the coming months, but to also enjoy the journey of what it takes to be an Elite athlete. Congratulations to all of the athletes who have been selected.”

2022 Junior Black Sox Squad:
Tyler Amrein, Jason Gerbes, Jack Baker (North Harbour), Roy Tatupu, Max Russell (Auckland), Kees Van Der Hayden, Katene Huriwai, Cohen Bailey (Counties), Tamihana Tonga (Franklin), Nopera Tangaroa (Hawkes Bay), George McCarroll, Lennox Easthope, Brooklyn Te Kawa, Karipori Wanoa, Zahr Shaw-Wallace, Zion Van Nistelrooy, Jaxon Baldwin (Hutt Valley), Arron Gollan, Ethan Grant, Rico Morris (Wellington), Patrick Heywood, Jayden Potts, Hapene Kumeroa, Brodie Helem, Nokai De Malmanche-Taylor, Cambell Codyre (Canterbury), Phoenix Wardell-Mao (Otago), Thomas Jennings, Jarrod Rowe-Kenny (Southland)



5 November 2020

The New Zealand Junior Black Sox have named their first squad since the conclusion of WBSC U18 World Cup in Palmerston North last February.  
Newly appointed Head Coach Jarrad Martin has named a wider pool of players with the ultimate aim of advancing from 5th place in Palmerston North to the podium of the 2022 World Cup.   
“We have selected these 27 athletes based on past merits and are looking forward to seeing them in action this summer. Our plan would be to extend our squad to about 40-50 players once we have seen them play in their respective regional tournaments. Players who aren’t in the squad are not excluded from future selection as we want to give every athlete of age the opportunity to achieve their dream!” Say’s Martin. The Junior Black Sox selectors will be present at Softball NZ Regional 18 tournaments scouting talent next January.    
“Although we have excluded the Developing Sox from this initial squad, they have their programme to progress with, but by no means are they not on our radar. We are excited to be able to work with the next group of young men over the next 24 months. Whilst it is unknown where the next championship is to be held, we have a ton of work to get through with this group.” He says. 
New Zealand Junior Black Sox Training Squad 2020 

Cassidy Brown (North Harbour), Shiloh Rice, Logan Carr, Kristian Masters, Nathan Singleton, Campbell Puaha, Te Rua Withers (Auckland), Haimona Maruera (Manawatu), Bonham Edwards (Hawkes Bay), Josh Kennedy, Jacob Laban, (Hutt Valley) Ciaran Bolger, Kyan Mill-Cameron, Trevon Hall-Taputu, Joseph Simpson-Smith, Luca Mollison (Wellington), Matt Lowe (Nelson), Dane Gill (Marlborough), Josh Forrester (Otago), Jacob Neale, Hunter Simpson, Max Sargent, Fletcher Due, Connor Stanley (Canterbury), Regan Cross (Southland), Brandon Bristowe, Ashton Tauariki (Queensland).  


2 June 2020

Bevan Matene is the new Junior Black Sox U18 Men’s Assistant Coach and will lead the next wave of talent through to the 2022 world cup with Head Coach Jarrad Martin.
Matene who served as the team’s Battery Coach over the previous three world championship campaigns in USA 2016, Canada 2018 and Palmerston North 2020 will link with cousin Martin, and newly appointed Team Manager Alf Robson, who are all from Taranaki.  
“I feel very honoured and privileged to be the Assistant Coach for this team.  I am looking forward to working with and a long side the management team but importantly strengthening our young athletes to be the best they can be for the 2022 World Cup.  As Jarrad has said “it’s about these athletes achieving their goals and aspirations” Matene says.
A four-time world champion with the 1989 Junior Black Sox, 1996, 2000 and 2004 Black Sox, Matene has a wealth of experience to offer not only from a softball perspective but through his professional background at New Plymouth Boys’ High School.  Matene is the Head of Faculty for the Arts and Languages, Head of the Mâori Department, and the Hostel Master - Head of Carrington House for the hostel students.


25 May 2020

Alf Robson has advanced to Team Manager of the U18 men’s programme through to the 2022 world cup.
Robson, who served as the Assistant Manager for the Junior Black Sox under Wayne Small and former Head Coach Thomas Makea since 2016, is looking forward to taking the learnings from his previous experiences with the group through to the 2022 World Cup.

Robson has more than 30 years involvement in the game as a player, coach and administrator, and has operated at Senior Management level with extensive experience in Operations and Human Resource Management.

Robson and Head Coach for the Junior Black Sox Jarrad Martin have a long standing relationship, both growing up in Waitara in Taranaki, and being immersed in the game at a very young age. Robson believes they share similar philosophies about player and team development. 

“It’s always an honour to represent your country and the opportunity to work alongside Jarrad again, who is a legend of the game, is going to be exciting and challenging” Robson says.

“I’ve always had a passion for our game and as a Management and Coaching group we have an important role to play in shaping our young men for the future. The challenge for us remains unchanged. We have a small window of time to convert a group of our most talented individuals into a team of great young men. If we achieve this, we will achieve success.”


30 April 2020

Former Black Sox captain and International Hall of Famer Jarrad Martin is the new Head Coach of the Junior Black Sox.

Martin, who served as the Assistant Coach under Thomas Makea since 2014, will spearhead the Juniors through to the 2022 World Cup.

Together Makea and Martin coached the Juniors through four campaigns, winning two silvers and a bronze medal.

A man with an impeccable playing record at the highest level, Martin is keen to return the Juniors to the top of the podium, a position no Junior Black Sox team has held since 1989.  

Martin, who was the winning pitcher of the victorious ‘89 team, went on to pick up another three world titles with the New Zealand Black Sox and 113 test caps in the process.

“I am looking forward to the opportunity to be able to coach this next wave of young athletes through to the 2022 World Cup,” Martin says. 

“It is about doing what we need to do to bring out the best in every athlete who is eligible for selection over the next two years. 

“For me it is about the players/kids. I've achieved my dreams in our sport and now it is time for these kids to achieve theirs.”
Applications for the Team Manager and Assistant Coach will be advertised shortly.


18 February 2020

Non travelling reserve Hunter Simpson has been called into the Temperzone Junior Black Sox only days out from the WBSC U-18 World Cup in Palmerston North.
Simpson (Canterbury) replaces Oscar Clark who broke his hand in the first game of the National Fastpitch Championship against North Harbour last Thursday.
Simpson who was already playing for Southern Pride moved to the JBSX roster for the remainder of the tournament.
Hunter’s grandfather, Barry Simpson from Otago, played for New Zealand during the unbeaten internal tour in 1973.
The WBSC U-18 World Cup commences in five days with the JBSX taking on the Japanese team.



22 January 2020

Temperzone Junior Black Sox (JBSX) coach Thomas Makea has named his squad for next month’s WBSC U18 Men’s World Cup to be held on home soil in Palmerston North.

Teams from around the world will converge on Palmerston North for the week long World Cup event. Coach Makea along with playing legends Jarrad Martin and Bevan Matene, have named an exciting young team looking to emulate past successes of great New Zealand softball teams.

Makea said that the past 12 months and recent U18 Nationals have given his management team a lot of confidence heading into the World Cup.

“We have set goals and observed these athlete’s over the past 12 months, which culminated at the just completed U18 Nationals. They displayed their skills, but also a lot of enthusiasm, passion and intensity to their games, which is something that the management team was pleased to see.”
“We have selected a well-balanced squad with a lot of these players able to play multiple positions which helps in the make- up of the defence. The team will be working hard over the next few weeks so they are well prepared to take on the world.”

“One of the young men, Brandon Bristowe based in Queensland, his father Mike was an Auckland rep for many years. We saw Brandon when the JBSX toured Queensland and were impressed with his form from that tourney, we followed his progress throughout the remainder of their season where he put up some impressive stats.”

The U18 Men’s World Cup kicks off on Saturday 22 February, with the Temperzone JBSX opening the tournament against Japan, the silver medallist at the last World Cup. The final will be played on Sunday 1 March.
This World Cup event will be screened live on Sky Sports.

Temperzone Junior Black Sox
WBSC U18 Men’s World Cup

Oscar Clark
Ryan Earley
Liam Jardine-Ngauamo
Harrison Wildbore
Traye Wildbore

North Harbour
Levi Wilson
Te Kirika Cooper-Nicola

Hawkes Bay
Elijah Mataira
Kahurangi Beamsley-Allan

Hutt Valley
Jonathan Little
Caleb Taylor
Dallas Clifton

Dylan Jackson
Ciaran Bolger

Jacob Davidson

Brandon Bristowe

Non Travelling Reserves
Jayden McCabe-Priestly (Counties Manukau)
Hunter Simpson (Canterbury)
Kotiti Patea (Canterbury)
Jamieson Graham (North Harbour)



21 January 2020

The top young softball players in the world will compete in 50 games over nine days at the revamped Colquhoun Park in Palmerston North, New Zealand.

LAUSANNE, Switzerland — The World Baseball Softball Confederation today announced the game schedule for the new WBSC U-18 Men’s Softball World Cup, to be staged from 22 February to 1 March in Palmerston North, New Zealand.  

In a Europe versus Americas matchup, world No. 11 Denmark and No. 21 Guatemala will officially open the tournament on 22 February, at 11 a.m. local time. All 12 teams will be in action on opening day, with host New Zealand facing the new leader in the men’s softball world rankings, Japan, following the Opening Ceremony.

With five top-ten teams in the recently updated Men’s Softball World Rankings, Group A features the defending champions and world No. 5 Australia, along with No. 2 Argentina, No. 4 Canada, No. 7 Czech Republic, No. 10 South Africa and No. 17 Singapore.

Group B includes host and world No. 3 New Zealand, No. 1 Japan, No. 6 USA (wild card), No. 8 Mexico, No. 11 Denmark and No. 21 Guatemala.

Following a five-day Opening Round, the top three squads from each group will advance to the Super Round. The two teams with the best record after the Super Round will play in the World Championship Game on 1 March, while the third- and fourth-place teams will play for the bronze medal.

Tickets, including daily passes, for the WBSC U-18 Men’s Softball World Cup can be purchased through international online ticketing service, Ticket Rocket.

The official website of the U-18 Men’s Softball World Cup has been launched in six languages, including English, French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Traditional Chinese.

This will be the first U-18 tournament for softball, after changes were made last year to the WBSC Softball World Cups. This event replaces the Junior Men’s Softball World Championship (U-19), held for the last time in Prince Albert, Canada, in 2018.

Corresponding with the launch of the new U-18 Softball World Cup, continental qualifiers were staged in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe to determine the field of nations and path to the world title.

Broadcast and live-stream coverage will be announced in future news releases.


20 December 2019

Alf Robson will rejoin the Temperzone Junior Black Sox programme as the team edges closer to their WBSC World Cup in Palmerston North next February. Robson will undertake the role of Assistant Manager where he will work alongside Team Manager Wayne Small. Like Elder, Robson is a familiar face within the Junior programme having been involved in a number of previous JBSX campaigns.


22 October 2019


Liam Jardine Ngauamo, Hunter Simpson, Reuben O'Neill, Karl Gollan

Caleb Taylor, Jacob Lee

Dallas Clifton, Levi Wilson, Traye Wildbore, Oscar Clark, Jake Tibbitts

Jacahn Iraiah Tereapii Roberts, Brendan Kopu-Lowerson, Te Kirika Cooper-Nicola


Carlos Amai-Tatu, Kahurangi Allan, Danyon Sievers, Dylan Jackson

Jacob Davidson, Joe Simpson-Smith

Fletcher Due, Ryan Earley,Ciaran Bolger, Jayden Priestley

Harrison Wildbore, Elijah Ky-mani Mataira, Jono Little


24 July, 2019

The Temperzone Junior Black Sox will continue their preparation towards the U18 Boy’s World Cup when they travel to Australia this October to compete in the Queensland U18 State Championships.  The Queensland State Championships  will be held in Toowoomba over the period 4-6 October and will involve top U18 club teams from across the state.
Thomas Makea has named 15 athletes in his squad, which looks considerably different to the team that competed in the  Easter Classic Tournament in Auckland.
"This team provides the opportunity for another group of wider training group athletes to come into the Junior Black Sox environment and showcase their skills" said Coach Makea. It is hoped that these athletes take this opportunity and make the most of it. 
The wider training group will assemble again at the end of October for a tournament and training camp.
Temperzone Junior Black Sox to attend the Queensland U18 State Championships:

Levi Wilson, Te Kirika Cooper-Nicola (North Harbour) Carlos Amai-Tatu, Oscar Clark, Ryan Earley, Liam Jardine-Ngauamo, Brendan Kopu-Lowerson, Jacob Lee, Harrison Wildbore, Yorel Alapaki (Auckland), Elijah Mataira, Kahurangi Beamsley-Allan (Hawkes Bay) Dallas Clifton, Jonathan Little (Hutt Valley) Dylan Jackson (Wellington)

Team Management
Thomas Makea, Head Coach, (Wellington), Jarrad Martin, Assistant Coach (Taranaki), Wayne Small, Manager (Wellington)


11 June, 2019

Temperzone Junior Black Sox Head Coach Thomas Makea has extended his squad to 31 with the naming of an additional 15 players. The 31 man squad will include players previously not selected for the Easter Classic Tournament in Auckland. SNZ congratulates all squad members on their selection.

Additional squad members:
Jacob Lee, Harrison Wildbore, Carlos Amai-Tatu, Brendan Kopu-Lowerson, Ryan Earley, Liam Jardine-Ngauamo, Oscar Clark, Traye Wildbore, Yorell Alapaki (Auckland), Elijah Mataira, Danyon Sievers (Hutt Valley), Jake Tibbitts, Karl Gollan (Wellington), Hunter Simpson (Canterbury)

16 man squad previously named in the Auckland Easter Tournament:
Te Kirika Cooper–Nicola, Levi Wilson (North Harbour), Jaydon McCabe -Priestly (Counties Manukau), Kahurangi Beamsley-Allan (Hawke’s Bay), Jachan Roberts, Joseph Simpson-Smith (Manawatu), Jonathan Little, Caleb Taylor, Dallas Clifton (Hutt Valley), Dylan Jackson, Ciaran Bolger (Wellington), Fletcher Due, Lopeti Sumner, Jacob Davidson (Canterbury), Reuben O’Neill (Southland), Te Urewera Potini (Queensland, Australia)


5 March, 2019

Thomas Makea has named his first team as Head Coach of the Junior Black Sox who will compete in the upcoming Auckland Easter Classic Tournament.

The Juniors will take on two U17 Australian sides and two Auckland representative teams over the 15th - 23rd of April.
“We are 12 months out from the World Cup in Palmerston North and we will roll out the first 16 players to get a closeup view of these guys in action. The Easter tourney will be the first of several tourney’s the Junior Black Sox will participate in where other athletes will come in and show their skills”, says Makea.

In addition Junior Black squads will compete in a number of preseason tournaments later this year.
The final 17 man squad for the WBSC Junior World Cup in Palmerston North will be selected at the conclusion of the National U18 Boys Championship Jan 2020.

The 16 man squad for the Auckland Easter Tournament are:
Te Kirika Cooper–Nicola, Levi Wilson (North Harbour), Jaydon McCabe -Priestly (Counties Manukau), Kahurangi Beamsley-Allan (Hawke’s Bay), Jachan Roberts, Joseph Simpson-Smith (Manawatu), Jonathan Little, Caleb Taylor, Dallas Clifton (Hutt Valley), Dylan Jackson, Ciaran Bolger (Wellington), Fletcher Due, Lopeti Sumner, Jacob Davidson (Canterbury), Reuben O’Neill (Southland), Te Urewera Potini (Queensland, Australia)


14 January, 2019

Thomas Makea is back at the helm of the New Zealand Junior Black Sox team.

Makea who has led the team since his initial appointment in 2013 will go again for glory with the world cup only 18 months away.

Makea has the honour of two silvers and a bronze medal to his name through 3 campaigns; Canada (2014 and 2018) and USA (2016).

Makea say’s I am very honoured to be given this opportunity to be named as the Head Coach of the U18 junior men’s programme. After three stints at the helm of the U19’s team I still feel that I have more to offer to young up and coming softballers around the country. I am looking forward to working with this younger group and helping to develop not only good ball players but good young men. I have been working closely with Developing Sox and will have a good chance to see these guys in action in Christchurch at the U18 nationals in a couple of weeks’ time”.

Makea will name his first 2020 World Cup training squad in early February.

Small re appointed Junior Black Sox Team Manager Wayne Small is back in black and will work once again with Thomas Makea in an attempt to capture the illusive gold medal for the Junior Black Sox.

Small a former Black Sox Manager has been Makea’s right hand man since 2013 sharing the highs and lows along the way.
“I am once again, excited to be named manager of the New Zealand Junior Black Sox” say’s Small.  “Having managed this team since 2013 it has been with a great sense of pride that we have maintained our spot on the medal podium” he says.


Click here to go to the XII WBSC Junior Men's Softball World Championship

Sun 8 July, 6.30am Hong Kong 10-0, 4 Innings (W) BOX
Mon 9 July, 11:30am United States 11-1, 4 Innings (W) BOX
Tue 10 July, 1:30pm Czech Rep 8-1, 5 Innings (W) BOX
Wed 11 Jul, 2:00pm Canada 5-8 (L) BOX
Fri 13 Jul, 11:00am Guatemala 10-0, 4 Innings (W) BOX
Sat 14 Jul, 11:30am


4-6 (L)

Sun 15 Jul, 6:30am Mexico 8-0, 5 Innings (W) BOX
Sun 15 Jul, 2:00pm Canada 5-2, (W) BOX
Mon 16 Jul, 6:00am
Japan 2-5 (L) BOX
Mon 16 Jul, 

Australia vs.
6-1 Australia

Download Complete Schedule



23 July, 2018

Temperzone Junior Black Sox World Championship Team Statistics - Download 


The World Baseball Softball Confederation has announced that all 54 games of the XII WBSC Junior Men's Softball World Championship 2018 in Prince Albert, Canada, will be live-streamed and available to audiences worldwide for free through the Official WBSC YouTube Channel at  



5 July, 2018

The NZ Junior Black Sox made their way to Prince Albert in Saskatchewan yesterday, the venue for the 12th Junior Men’s Softball World Championship.

The team finished the first leg of their tour in Kitchener Toronto after playing 12 games over nine days for eight wins, three losses and a draw, including two soft losses to Australia in exhibition games yesterday, after soundly beating Australia 9 – 1 in the semi-final of the Hill United Tournament in Oshweken in the weekend.

Overall Coach Thomas Makea is pleased with how the team is progressing with some strong hitting on display against some very strong opposition.

The team is scheduled to play one exhibition game against South Africa today and two further games against a masters invitational side tomorrow night.

The teams bid for the World Championship starts on Saturday at 12.30pm against Hong Kong (5.30am Sunday NZT). All games will be livestreamed at



29 June 2018

Temperzone Junior Black Sox – One draw one win
The Temperzone Junior Black Sox made a 3 hour road trip to Duncan McClellan park to face the Owen Sound Select U23’s in two tight games.
Canadian locals paid tribute to Assistant Coach and World Softball Hall of Famer Jarrad Martin, acknowledging his service to the game. Jarrad through the first pitch last night to kick things off.
In the first game the team lead 4-2 to the bottom of seventh inning when the home side rallied to tie the game up 4-4 to conclude the game. Auckland’s Huw Davies hit a two run homerun to give the Junior Black Sox the two run advantage earlier in the game.
Pitchers Josh Kelly and Taine Slaughter were steady throughout.
The second game was also a tight encounter which was only broken in the bottom of the seventh when Brock Attewell stepped up and put the ball over left centre field fence to steal the game from the locals.
Coach Thomas Makea remains happy with the teams progress as the team continues to build for the World Championships in July.
Alf Robson, Assistant Manager


27 June, 2018

The Temperzone NZ Junior Black Sox got off to a solid start in their warm up tour in preparation for their World Championship bid in Prince Albert in Canada in July.

Arriving in Canada on Saturday the team hit problems with the majority of their luggage getting lost in transit. Manager Wayne Small said it was an unfortunate distraction which initially caused unnecessary distress to some of the playing team, however he was proud with how the team rallied in spite of the challenges this caused.

Fortunately the bulk of the luggage was located yesterday and delivered four hours before the first game of the warm up tour against Canadian club side Ponsonby Sting last night.

The team got off to a great start scoring two runs in the first inning. Ponsonby leveled the score in the first with a homerun hit over centre field by Ponsonby’s lead off batter. NZ went on to win the game 8 – 4 with some impressive hitting from Harrison Valk, Brad Carson and Jarred Gillard. Brock Attewell also hit a homerun in the 5th inning to put the team out to a 5 run lead. Taine Slaughter pitched well for NZ with Brad Carson closing the game out for the Junior Men’s side. Coach Thomas Makea was pleased with the way the team performed particularly given it is their first competition game since March in New Zealand. Although happy with the start Coach Makea says there is still a lot of things to work on.

The team go on tonight to play a double header against Owen Sound Selects who are one of the top men’s teams in Canada. Alf Robson, Assistant Manager.

Alf Robson
Assistant Manager





The Temperzone New Zealand Junior Black Sox would like to thank the Management and Staff at Lifestyle Sports Tawa for their outstanding support and assistance with our team footwear requirements.
Management worked hard to ensure our requirements were met and at a very competitive price.
Do not go past Lifestyle Sports Tawa for your next sporting attire purchase.


19 February 2018

Supporters Travel Packages available - Prince Albert, Canada 6-16th July 2018.



8 February 2018

In recent days I have received numerous communication surrounding the WBSC announcement outlining their realignment of World Championship events.

This decision was somewhat inevitable due to the conflict of the Women’s World Championship in the same year as the Olympic Games cycle.

Whilst Softball NZ may not entirely agree or otherwise with the decision, it is none the less ratified by WBSC and has immediate effect post current appointed cycles.

The most noise surrounds the U19 Boys event as post the 2018 Championship a hiatus of 3 years to 2021 before the next event is scheduled.

All Championships post 2018 will be branded as World Cups.
To this end I can assure you that work is already underway to identify pinnacle events for this age-grade that are both meaningful and valued for our high performance pathway.

Discussions with the European President Mr. Gabriel Waage in so far as an official entry to the 22U European Championship in 2019, and the possibility of a 6 team Challenge Cup event in 2020 to prepare the group for the World Cup in 2021, are very real prospects. Australian U23 State Championships and a robust domestic programme will also be designed to ensure all identified and selected athletes have an opportunity to perform not only in a world leading programme, but to ultimately compete for higher honours.

The Men’s World Cup (Championship) will be held in New Zealand in 2021 and immediately followed with a realignment event in 2022.

For any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Tony Giles
Softball NZ


11 January 2018

Head coach Thomas Makea says hitting and fielding should be the Temperzone Junior Black Sox team's strengths as they bid for a gold medal at the 2018 world under-19 men's softball championships in Canada.

Makea and his co-selectors have named their 17-strong squad for the tournament in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan from July 7 to 15.

It will be the third consecutive under-19 world championships for Makea and his assistant-coach Jarrad Martin - two former Black Sox greats with four senior world championships gold medals.

Three players are backing up from the 2016 silver medal winning Junior Black Sox squad in Midland, Michigan - Canterbury pitcher-outfielder Reilly Makea, Auckland catcher-outfielder Harrison Valk and North Harbour infielder Kaleb Rona.
"Those three guys have got the experience of playing in a world championships and all of them play major roles in their club sides as well,'' Thomas Makea said. "We are really looking for those guys to step up and show the way.''

Two-Queensland-based Kiwis, outfielder-first baseman Ryschaan Thompson and outfielder Sheldon Waller have been selected.  Makea said the pair had only been in Australia a few years and were keen to pledge their allegiance to New Zealand. "We took them to the under-23s tournament in Aussie last winter and they really stood out.''

The Junior Black Sox selectors agonised over the final selections because of the depth of talent available.
"It's always a tough job,'' Makea said. "You pick 13 or 14, but 15, 16 and 17 are the hard positions to fill. You're looking for team guys who can fill a role, here and there.''
He is happy with the balance of the squad and said it "looks better every time I look at the names there''.
"We've got very good defence, both in the infield and outfield and very strong hitting with a lot of guys who can put the ball in play and hustle it out and put a lot of pressure on the opposition. "We're targeting that battery area as one of the things for us to iron out. 

"We're probably a little bit behind the eight-ball in the pitching compared to 2016, but they'll be doing a lot of work in the next few months.''

Makea was hopeful some of the 2018 pitching group could "step up and fill the role'' that Daniel Chapman performed in 2016.
Reilly Makea, Nelson's Josh Kelly, Wellington's Brad Carson and Auckland duo Taine Slaughter and Seth Gibson have been named on the pitching roster with Valk and Wellington's Tobias Makisi as the specialist catchers.

Battery coach Bevan Matene, a former Black Sox catcher, will oversee their development.

Thomas Makea expects defending champions Japan, who have "always been a pretty top-notch side with good pitching'', Canada, Argentina and Australia to be among the Junior Black Sox's main rivals at Prince Albert.
The Junior Black Sox will play together at the National Fastpitch Championships senior representative tournament at Albany from February.

Softball NZ CEO Tony Giles is proud to formally announce the New Zealand Temperzone Junior Black Sox Team to compete in the WBSC XII Jr. Mens Softball World Championship, 7-15 July, Prince Albert, Canada.


Brad Carson (Hutt Valley) Pitcher/Infielder
Kody Clueard (Wellington) Infielder
Huw Davies (Auckland) Infielder
Seth Gibson (Auckland) Pitcher/Infielder
Jared Gillard (Hutt Valley) Outfielder
Andre Hart (Wellington) Outfielder
Josh Kelly (Nelson) Pitcher/Infielder
Reilly Makea (Canterbury) Pitcher/Outfielder
Tobias Makisi (Wellington) Catcher/Infielder
Floyd Nola (Auckland) Outfielder
Tyrell Packer (Hutt Valley) Outfielder
Kaleb Rona (North Harbour) Infielder
Taine Slaughter (Auckland) Pitcher
Ryschaan Thompson (Queensland) Outfielder/First Base
Harrison Valk (Auckland) Catcher/Outfielder
Sheldon Waller (Queensland) Outfielder
Kereama Watene-Te Hau (Hutt Valley) Infielder


Brock Attewell (Auckland)
Max Earley (Auckland)
Dimitri Perez (Hutt Valley)


Head coach: Thomas Makea (Canterbury)
Assistant-coach: Jarrad Martin (Taranaki)
Battery coach: Bevan Matene (Taranaki)
Manager: Wayne Small (Hutt Valley)


17 Nov

The following athletes have been named to participate in the North Island Classic 1-3 Dec 17 in Hastings.
This tournament will be the last time for those selected athletes in the wider training group to show their abilities outside of National Under 19 and Under 23 Championships.

Taine Slaughter, Malcolm Murray-Scott, Max Earley, Brock Evans, Brock Attewell, Blake Wardrope, Jared Fuamatu, Leighton Hiko-Smith (Auckland), Jayden Britt (Canterbury), Jayden Dowd (Hawkes Bay), Jared Gillard, Brad Carson (Hutt Valley), Liam Bassick (Manawatu), Hemi McCarthy (North Harbour), Campbell Gill (Marlborough).


3 July

Click here for progress of the Major Sox and Temperzone Junior Black Sox in Redlands Australia.


2 May

Temperzone Junior Black Sox Head Coach Thomas Makea has named a 20 man team to compete at the Australian U23 Championships in July. The team is the first to be named in preparation for the next Junior World Championships in Prince Albert, Canada 2018.

The team will gather for a camp at the Trentham Military Camp, Upper Hutt, 2 – 5 June, Queens Birthday weekend.

Makea plans to name two further squads to compete at the North Island Classic in December.

The Temperzone Junior Black Sox Team – Australian U23 Championships, Redwoods, Queensland
Brock Clint-Samuel Attewell, Huw Davies, Seth Gibson, Zac Pene, Blake Wardrope (Auckland), Dylan Fraser-List, Hemi McCarthy (North Harbour), Ihaka Tangaroa (Hawkes Bay), Brad Carson, Dimitri Perez, Tyrell Packer (Hutt Valley), Andre Hart, Tobias Makisi, Kody Clueard (Wellington), Josh Kelly, Caleb Delaney, Will McDonald (Upper South Island) Ash Reihana (Canterbury), Sheldon Waller, Ryschan Thompson (Queensland).
Team Management

Thomas Makea (Head Coach), Jarrad Martin (Assistant Coach), Bevan Matene (Assistant Coach), Alf Robson (Manager)


14 February

Congratulations to the following players who have been selected in the Junior Black Sox wider squad for the World U19 Championships to be held in Prince Albert, Canada in July 2018.

Below is an overview of the JBSX program and the squad will receive communication on a detailed program in person from JBSX Manager Wayne Small over February.

The 2017-18 overview of the program is as follows:


  • February - Wider Training Group named
  • 2-5 June - Wider Training Group Training Camp - Wellington
  • August (TBC) - Japan Tour
  • 8-10 Dec (TBC) - North Island Classic


  • 4-7 Jan (TBC) – Under 19 Championships
  • January - World Championships Team named
  • 26-28 Jan (TBC) WC team participate in Vic Guth
  • 15-18 Feb (TBC) WC team participate in NFC
  • 18-20 May (TBC) Final Training Camp, Waiouru
  • 23 June - 6 July – Kitchener and Prince Albert, Canada - Preparation tour
  • 7–15 July Junior Men’s World U19 Championship - Prince Albert, Canada

Junior Black Sox U19 Men’s Wider Training Squad is as follows:

  1. Dylan FRASER-LIST - North Harbour
  2. Hemi McCARTHY - North Harbour
  3. Kaleb RONA - North Harbour
  4. Brock ATTEWELL - Auckland
  5. Huw DAVIES - Auckland
  6. Brock EVANS - Auckland
  7. Max EARLY - Auckland
  8. Seth GIBSON - Auckland
  9. Jared FUAMATU - Auckland
  10. Zac PENE - Auckland
  11. Harrison VALK - Auckland
  12. Harley MAYNARD - Auckland
  13. Blake WARDROPE - Auckland
  14. Malcom MURRAY-SCOTT - Auckland
  15. Taine SLAUGHTER - Auckland
  16. Leighton HIKO-SMITH - Auckland
  17. Hekemaru NEHA - Waikato
  18. Xavier KINGI - Tarawhiti
  19. Liam BASSICK - Manawatu
  20. Ihaka TANGAROA - Hawkes Bay
  21. Liam UDY-JOHNS - Hawkes Bay
  22. Jayden DOWD - Hawkes Bay
  23. Brad CARSON - Hutt Valley
  24. Jared GILLARD - Hutt Valley
  25. Ricky MANULAIATEA - Hutt Valley
  26. Dimitri PEREZ - Hutt Valley
  27. Tyrell PACKER - Hutt Valley
  28. Waylon TUHORO-ROBINSON - Hutt Valley
  29. Kereama WATENE TE HAU - Hutt Valley
  30. Andre HART - Wellington
  31. Dylan JACKSON - Wellington
  32. Tyler SMITH - Wellington
  33. Tobias MAKISI - Wellington
  34. Kody CLUEARD - Wellington
  35. Josh KELLY - Upper South Island
  36. Caleb DELANEY - Upper South Island
  37. Campbell GILL - Upper South Island
  38. Will McDONALD - Upper South Island
  39. Ash REIHANA - Canterbury
  40. Reilly MAKEA - Canterbury
  41. Sheldon WALLER - Australia


XI Jr. Men's Softball World Championship, Midland, Michigan - USA
July 24 - 30, 2016 

2016 JR MENS Middle-174

Click for draws and results

Game Schedule (in NZ times)

Time (NZ)

Time (NZ) Matchup Win/Loss Media  Recap
July 25 New Zealand vs Canada W 3-1 Streaming Recap
July 26 New Zealand vs Israel W 17-0 (4 innings) Streaming Recap
July 26 New Zealand vs Japan L 1-0 Streaming Recap
July 27 New Zealand vs Mexico W 11-1 (6 innings) Streaming Recap
July 28 New Zealand vs South Africa W 16-1 (4 innings) Streaming Recap

Play offs
July 29 New Zealand vs Argentina W 3-2 Streaming Recap
July 30 New Zealand vs Japan L 3-0 Streaming Recap
July 31 New Zealand vs Canada W 12-7 Streaming Recap
July 31 New Zealand vs Japan L 2-1 Streaming Recap

New Zealand finish 2nd.

Live Streaming
Live streaming will be available throughout the entire tournament at no cost to viewers! From first pitch until the Gold Medal moment, fans never have to miss out on the action!

Build up tour, 09-23 July -  Ashland, Ohio / Midland, Michigan

Progress reports from Assistant Manager, Alf Robson

JBSX Campaign Schedule

  • 09 July – Depart Auckland to Ashland, Ohio
  • 09-11 July – Acclimatisation / Light training
  • 11-15 July – Build up tour (2 games per day)
  • 16 July – Travel Cleveland to Midland (Northwood University)
  • 17 July – Free day, possible travel to Niagra Falls
  • 17-22 July – participate in exhibition / training games
  • 24-30 July - XI Jr. Men's Softball World Championship

Email the JBSX a message of support

Keen to support the JBSX on their World Championship campaign? Then click here to send an email directly to the team. All good luck messages will be printed and placed on the walls of team accommodation.



10 June, 2016

Temperzone Junior Black Sox player Jackson Watt has been forced out of the upcoming World Championships in Midland, USA. A broken arm at team training has meant the talented outfielder will miss his second Junior Men’s World Championship and the opportunity to lead the team as vice-captain.
Jackson will be replaced by Callum Lewis-Carson from Hawkes Bay.


7 June, 2016

PLANT CITY, FL (USA) -- The World Baseball Softball Confederation today announced the official game schedule for the 11th edition of the WBSC Junior Men's Softball World Championship, to be held 24-30 July in the United States, in Midland, Michigan.

View full game schedule

The 13-nation international youth softball flagship event will feature 52 total games, beginning with a 36-game round-robin, followed by 10 playoff games (double page playoff system). Six placement games will also be staged to determine the final standings.

Junior National Teams from all regions of the globe (Africa, Asia, Europe, North- Central, and South Americas, and Oceania) will unite on the two competition fields at the historic Emerson Park and Currie Stadium.

All 13 nations will be in action on opening day, with world No. 7 United States and the African nation of Botswana officially setting off the world championship tournament on Sunday, 24 July at 09:30.

Opening ceremonies will begin at 18:30 at the main competition field, which will be followed by host United States meeting the two-time defending champions, Argentina.

The gold medal world championship final will be contested at Currie Stadium at 19:00 on 30 July, while the bronze medal match will be staged at 13:30.

Pools and Tournament Format
The 13 national teams competing have been delegated to their respective pools and will begin the world championship tournament with a single round-robin.

Pool A: Argentina, Australia, United States, Czech Republic, Denmark, Botswana, and Venezuela

Pool B: New Zealand, Japan, Mexico, Canada, South Africa, and Israel

The top four teams from each pool will advance into a double-page playoff system. Argentina will head to Midland as the two-time defending U-19 world champions, after having captured gold medals in 2012 and 2014 in Whitehorse, Canada, and Parana, Argentina. Current men's softball world No.1 New Zealand claimed the silver medal in 2014. Asia powerhouse -- Japan -- earned the bronze medal in Whitehorse and the silver medal in Parana. Host Team USA has finished in fifth place at the last two editions of the junior men's world championship. The full game schedule of the 2016


4 Feb, 2016

The Temperzone New Zealand Junior Black Sox have named a 17 man squad to compete in the WBSC-SD Under 19 Men’s World Championships in Michigan, USA this July. The team will look to go one better than two years ago in Whitehorse, Canada where they finished second to a formidable Argentinian side.

The team will commence their campaign through a series of events including a four day build up tour of Ashland, Ohio involving a number of exhibition games.

“Team players have been in good shape throughout the national age grade representative tournaments, furthermore they have stepped up and out performed in some of the country’s top men’s club tournaments. The progression thus far leads nicely into the requirements of playing at the world championship level.” Say’s Head Coach Thomas Makea.

The team is showing strong signs in all key areas of the game including ‘softball smarts’ which is particularly pleasing for the four time men’s world champion.

“As a team we need to be ready for whatever is thrown at us. We are expecting another strong showing from current world champions Argentina and also hosts USA who have 7 returning from their last campaign.” Makea says.

The Softball New Zealand President Lyn Lockhart proudly announces the Temperzone New Zealand Junior Black Sox Team.

Daniel CHAPMAN, Joseph KOHLHASE,  Jarome McKENZIE,  Jordan TAHANA,  Harrison VALK, (Auckland), Callum BISHOP, Bailey HAMILTON, Reilly MAKEA, Jackson WATT (Canterbury), Adam WOON, Jacob ZURCHER (Hawkes Bay), Kaleb RONA (North Harbour), Zachary BOYD, Alex LUNDON, Samuel MARLEY, Dante MATAKATEA, Jayden STRATFORD (Wellington).

Non-travelling reserves: Callum Lewis-Carson (Hawkes Bay) and Jack Nehoff-Bates (Canterbury).

Black Sox short stop Cole Evans was unavailable for selection due to personal commitments.

The full Temperzone New Zealand Junior Black Sox World Championship Itinerary is:
  • Dean Schick Tournament, 26-28 Feb, North Harbour.
  • Southern Cross Challenge, Easter weekend in Christchurch. 
  •  Final Training Camp, Waiouru 20-22 May 16.
  • World Championship build up tour, Depart NZ 09 July to Ashland, Ohio.
  • WBSC-SD 19 Men’s World Championships, 22-30 July.


23 Oct, 2015

The Temperzone Junior Black Sox team has been named for the North Island Classic softball tournament, which will be held in Hastings over the weekend 04-06 December. 
This tournament provides a platform for world championship hopefuls to impress Junior Black Sox coaches and management. The team will be made up of members from the wider training group, as well as other athletes of interest. 
Management are hoping to have as many squad members as possible at the tournament, either with their respective clubs or as pick-up players. "We want to give these players as much opportunity as possible to enable them to be considered for selection", says assistant coach Jarrad Martin. 
The final team for the world championship will be named following the age grade nationals and the annual Vic Guth tournament. 
The Junior Men's World Softball Championship will be held in July of next year in Midland, Michigan, USA. 
The Temperzone Junior Black Sox team for the North Island Classic:


8 Sept, 2015

The Temperzone Junior Black Sox concluded their European Super Cup campaign in Prague, Czech Republic, placing 11th out of 23 teams from nine countries.

The Kiwis impressed many with their high and mature level of play. They performed well through the round robin and even claimed an upset win over Argentina’s ace pitcher, Juan Potolicchio.

New Zealand’s three wins in the round robin was enough to see the team qualify for the Super Cup bracket. The team then suffered two consecutive losses and ended their tournament with an 11th place finish.

The Junior Black Sox looked skilled on the bases throughout the tournament, recording the most stolen bases in a single game (5 against Radotinsky). Although it was apparent there is still much left for the team to work on ahead of the 2016 ISF Junior Men’s World Championships in Midland, Michigan, USA.

Coaches, Thomas Makea and Jarrad Martin, will soon name the team to play in Ramblers’ U23 tournament later this month. “It will allow us to give other players, who didn’t travel to Prague, the opportunity to put their hand up for selection”, said Martin.

The final team for the 2016 world championship will be named at the completion of the U19 National tournament in January.


26 Aug, 2015

The Temperzone Junior Black Sox had a shaky build-up prior to featuring in the European Men's Super-Cup in Prague, Czech Republic this week. 
The side played two warm-up games against the Czech Republic U23 team, who beat the Kiwis in both and left the New Zealand coaches seeking improvements. The New Zealand management noted that there were some small mental errors that cost them, but that these were to be expected after travelling for many hours. 
A third match was secured against a local men's team. It was an "entertaining match", with coaches, Jarrad Martin and Thomas Makea, "using all of their tricks". The Kiwis took the game 15-10 as a result of impressive base running and solid hitting. Callum Bishop and Bailey Hamilton had good outings, both with automatic home runs. 
The European Men's Super-Cup began on Monday, with the Junior Black Sox playing two games. They beat Pioneers (Netherlands) 9-1, but fell to Radotin (Czech Republic) 5-6 in closely fought match. 
Earlier today the Kiwis faced JA Team Enjoy from Italy and claimed a 4-2 win. Bailey Hamilton leads the team hitting with 4 hits to his name. Pitcher, Joshua Merritt, had a total of 15 strikeouts in 7 innings pitched. 
New Zealand has two games tomorrow against teams from Denmark and France at 12.15pm and 4.45pm local time. 


19 Aug, 2015

The Temperzone New Zealand Junior Black Sox depart for Prague, Czech Republic later today. The team will compete in the 2015 European Men's Super Cup from 24-29 of August. 

The tournament will provide some critical international experience for the young athletes ahead of the 2016 ISF Junior Men's Championship to be held in Midland, Michigan, USA. 

There will be plenty of tough competition featuring in Prague, including Black Sox Brad Rona playing for the Stenlose Bulls, Canada's Kyle Linton, and some big Argentinian names. Assistant coach and Black Sox legend, Jarrad Martin, believes this tournament will be tough for the team, but a necessary learning experience. "There will be lots of international players that have recently been playing in the ISF world champs and the ISC’s, but it will be good character building for the boys", says Martin. "This will provide us the opportunity to find our leaders and leadership groups within the team. We want to give these players as much opportunity as possible to enable them to be considered for selection."

On return to New Zealand, the coaches will also select a team for the U23 tournament to be played at Ramblers Softball Club, Auckland in late September this year. Martin mentioned that the coaches want to include players who did not have the opportunity to travel to Europe. 

The final team for the 2016 world championship will be named at the completion of the U19 National tournament in January.

The final three days of the Super Cup will be broadcasted for free via the official website,

Other key links:



Jason Tanirau's softball career is on a roll — broken arm and all.  ... More


For the tournament draw and information, click on the images below. 

SUPER DRAWEuro Super Draw


6 March, 2015

Through recent discussions with the European Softball Federation, SNZ is pleased to announce the Temperzone NZ Junior Black Sox will compete in the 2015 European Men’s Super-Cup, August 24-29, in Prague, Czech Republic. The opportunity provides another exciting pathway to develop talented players on the international stage and help prepare the team towards the World Championships in Midland, Michigan, USA, 2016.
Congratulations to the following 18 players who have been selected by JBS management to attend the Men’s Super-Cup.
Seth BOURGEOIS (Auckland)
Bailey HAMILTON (Canterbury)
Joshua MERRITT (Wellington)
Phillip MANNING (North Harbour)
Jarome McKENZIE (Auckland) 
Joseph KOHLHASE (Auckland)
Murphy ALBRIGHT (Hutt Valley)
Mardi McBRIDE (Nelson)
Callum LEWIS-CARSON (Hawkes Bay
Jayden STRATFORD (Wellington)
Jason TANIRAU (Hutt Valley)
Dante Matakatea (Wellington)
Reilly Makea (Wellington)
Jackson Watt (Canterbury
Alex LUNDON (Wellington)
Callum BISHOP (Canterbury)
Marshall LAYT-MAYNARD (Auckland)
Kaleb RONA (North Harbour)
Non travelling reserves
Brodie BOYCE (Counties)
Sean MULHOLLAND (Wellington)
SNZ is also pleased to announce that Bevan Martin (Battery Coach) and Alf Robson (Assistant Manager) have been appointed as part of the Temperzone NZ Junior Black Sox Management team to attend the ISF World Junior Men’s Championships to be held in Midland, Michigan, USA 2016.


4 March, 2015

A 36 man squad has been identified as part of a wider training group for the 2016 Junior Men's World Championship in Midland, Michigan, USA. The Temperzone Junior Black Sox Management team have named the group in advance of two significant international tournaments this off season. In an unprecedented event, a JBS team will head to Europe to compete in the 2015 European Men’s Super-Cup, August 24-29, in Prague, Czech Republic.  The New Zealand Development Team will head to the Friendship Games, 27 June - 4 July,  in Blacktown, Australia.
Murphy ALBRIGHT (Wellington) Joshua KELLY (Nelson) Samuel MARLEY (Wellington)
Brock ATTEWELL (North Harbour) Joseph KOHLHASE (Auckland) Joshua MERRITT (Wellington)
Callum BISHOP (Canterbury) Zacquary KNIGHT (Auckland) Sean MULHOLLAND (Wellington)
Seth BOURGEOIS (Auckland) Marshall LAYT-MAYNARD (Auckland) Gavin PEATTIE (Nelson)
Brodie BOYCE (Counties) Callum LEWIS-CARSON (Hawkes Bay) Riley POWER (Nelson
Zachary BOYD (Wellington) Alex LUNDON (Wellington) Kaleb RONA (North Harbour)
Dallas BROWN (Hawkes Bay) Bailey MACDONALD (Wellington) Jayden STRATFORD (Wellington)
Danny BROWN (Hutt Valley) Mardi McBRIDE (Nelson) Jordan TAHANA (Auckland)
Kalin-Lee FELISE (Auckland)  Hemi McCARTHY (North Harbour) Joseph TANGULU (Auckland
Conor FLANAGAN (North Harbour) Jerome McKENZIE (Auckland)  Jason TANIRAU (Hutt Valley)
Joshua GRANT (Nelson) Reily MAKEA (Wellington)  Adam WOON (Hawkes Bay)
Bailey HAMILTON (Canterbury) Phillip MANNING (North Harbour) Jacob ZURCHER (Hawkes Bay)

junior-WC lifestylesports temperzone(copy)

World Championship Tour Updates
World Championship Game Times - NZ Date & Time
  • vs Australia - 12 July @ 10am (TJBS won 5-1)
  • vs USA - 13 July @ 8:30am (TJBS won 4-1)
  • vs Denmark - 14 July @ 12:00pm (TJBS won 18-0)
  • vs Canada - 15 July @ 2:30pm (TJBS won 12-6)
  • vs Japan - 16 July @ 7:00am (TJBS won 2-1)
  • vs Argentina - 16 July @ 12:00pm (TJBS lost 6-0)
  • vs Czech Republic - 17 July @ 11:00am (TJBS won 6-2)
  • vs Singapore - 18 July @ 11:00am (TJBS won 6-2)

Next up
  • vs Mexico - 19 July @ 11:00am
  • 20 July - Playoffs Commence
NOTE: The above dates and times are NZ dates and times, will differ to Canada World Champ Dates & Times
Pre tour
  • Temperzone JBS in Kelowna - 3 July
  • Pre game interview, click here to listen
  • Interview with Thomas Makea, click here to listen
  • Temperzone New Zealand Junior National Men's Fastball Team Vs Kelowna Major Men's Fastball All – Stars, King Stadium Kelowna. Pre Game chat with Gordon Hynes, an excellent interview. Click her to listen
  • World Championship Game Schedule released for U19 Junior Men's Softball World Championship... click here
Junior Black Sox To Start World Champs Against Australia
11 July

The Temperzone Junior Black Sox softball team commence their hunt for the Junior World Championships title in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada tomorrow with a 3pm local time (10am NZ time) clash against a strong Australian team.

Coached by Black Sox legends Thomas Makea and Jarrad Martin the team is regarded as a good shot at the top four, but will need to be on its game in the Trans-Tasman clash followed a day later by a game against the United States.

The Junior Black Sox finished fifth at the last world championships.

Assistant coach, Martin was in the last New Zealand team to win the junior world championships. Martin pitched the team to victory in the 1989 world championships in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Martin will be up against Fabian Barlow as the assistant coach for Australia who also played for the Junior Black Sox in 89.
fastball new zealand king stadium overview(copy)
King Stadium, Kelowna
fastball new zealand coach thomas markea being interviewed(copy)
Thomas Makea being interview by Dennis Walker
fastball new zealand adele dewar(copy)
Temperzone Junior Black Sox will fellow kiwi Adele Dewa. Adele sang the NZ anthem prior to the doubleheader in Kelowna.

Nov, 2013

You can take the boy out of Hawke’s Bay, but you can’t take the Bay out of Black Sox legend Thomas Makea.

The now-retired softball legend will be back in the region where he spent much of his career next month and he’ll be bringing his Junior Black Sox squad, preparing for next year’s ISF World Championship in Canada.

The U19 men will contest the prestigious Just Softball North Island Classic at Hastings from December 6-8, an important opportunity for players to impress Makea and a coaching staff that includes fellow Black Sox great Jarrad Martin.

“We’re still looking at our players,” says Makea. “We’ve put them through tests and seen what they are like as young men.

“Now, this is an opportunity for us to see what sort of skills they have against very good competition and good teams.

“We’ve named a team for this event, but there are also guys in the wider training squad playing for their club teams, so this is a chance to see about 30 players in action. It will be their second-to-last shot to show us what they can do in a tournament environment.”

Makea has named 17 players for the event, which will draw many of the country’s best club teams from around the North Island. As well as the tournament schedule, though, he also hopes to stage an intra-squad game among his squad members.

Their last chance to impress will come at the national U19 championships at Hutt Valley in January, with the world championship roster to be announced afterwards.

While Makea typically plays down the significance of his return to the Bay in his new role, tournament organiser Craig Waterhouse is overjoyed to have attracted such distinguished company.

“We still think of Thomas as a local boy,” says Waterhouse, who had also hoped to host the Australian juniors and a test series between the trans-Tasman rivals.

“Having him and his team here will be a big boost for the tournament and a big boost for the area.”
The Junior Black Sox squad for the North Island Softball Classic is:
Reuben Paraha (Auckland), Blake Radford (North Harbour), Eruera Drage (North Harbour), Connor Peden (North Harbour), Jacob Oxley (Auckland), Luke Bowers (Nelson), Cole Evans (Auckland), Taylor Nau (Auckland), Toa Tauranga (Waikato), Callum Bishop (Canterbury), Maddix Rice (Auckland), Bradley Bennett (Auckland), Bailey Hamilton (Canterbury), Jackson Watt (Canterbury), Sean Sorenson (Auckland), Hoani Iva-Keen (Otago), Billy Neehof-Bates (Canterbury)




Official Website

Live Streaming