Smokefree Policy

Softball New Zealand smokefree policy

For National Fastpitch Championship, Men’s and Women’s Open Clubs

SNZ are committed to making our marquee events Smokefree / Auahi Kore

SNZ encourages members and visitors to be smokefree because:
  • It is a positive health choice for us all to make
  • We provide healthy environments for everyone to enjoy
  • We support people who want to give up smoking
  • We support non-smokers, especially our children and youth, by removing the pressure to start smoking
  • We want to protect our members from the harmful effects of second-hand smoke
  • We wish to comply with the Smoke-free Environments Act 1990.

Please respect our policy:
  • By not smoking in any area of the Softball venue or in the community while wearing a Softball uniform
  • By not smoking in (state any other smokefree areas or situations, e.g., not smoking in representative or club uniform)
  • By reminding smokers not to light up in our smokefree areas and support friends and family who are giving up
  • If you smoke, please do so in designated smoking areas outside of the ballpark and out of uniform.
Please detail the designated area in which smokers are permitted to smoke.

Signage is displayed to remind members and the public about the smokefree status of this marquee event.

This policy is effective from commencement of the 2010/11 Softball season.

All members and visitors to the specified Softball venues must comply with these requirements.

Softball New Zealand

Authorised by:
Softball New Zealand
Date: 11/06/2010

Purpose of the smokefree policy

1. Purpose
This procedure covers how SNZ will (1) address smoking and (2) create an environment which supports the Softball community to remain smokefree.

2. Rationale
Smoking is the single most preventable cause of premature death and ill-health in our society. The vast majority of people who smoke initiate smoking by the age of 18 years. Passive smoking also affects the health of non-smokers. Everyone has the right to breathe clean air, and non-smokers are in the majority. Children who receive consistent messages, see non-smoking role models, and grow up in a smokefree environment are less likely to smoke. Our sport can reduce smoking uptake among its own and has a role to play in working towards a smokefree society.

  • The smokefree policy applies to anyone entering the Softball venue.
  • SNZ will display appropriate signage within view at the Softball venue. The purpose is to ensure that all people entering the Softball venue are fully aware the park is considered smokefree.
  • Employees and volunteers will be regularly reminded of this smokefree policy. Prospective employees and volunteers will also be given or shown a copy of this procedure.
  • While the purpose is not to create confrontation, any person seen smoking within the Softball venue should politely be asked to refrain from doing so or move outside the ballpark to a smoking area.
  • All areas of the Softball venue are smokefree with the exception of designated smoking locations outside of the ballpark clearly communicated prior to and throughout the tournament.
Smoking is not permitted by any representative in a Softball uniform either at the Softball venue or in the community.

3. Promotion of smokefree
Supporting our membership to remain smokefree requires intervention in social and cultural aspects of the playing environment. This procedure outlines how SNZ will promote a smokefree environment.

  • Smokefree messages, information and skills will be incorporated into the SNZ Code of Conduct and related resources.
  • Membership will be informed of the SNZ’s smokefree status and the smokefree procedure and messages will be promoted to the softball community (e.g. via Softball Enews).

4. Self review and consultation
The SNZ management will undertake a review of the policy accordingly. Management will seek input into this policy from the membership and Auahi Kore/Smokefree