Umpiring plays an important role in supporting our elite athletes to excel on the world stage and encouraging our local communities to participate, compete and enjoy softball.

Over the years the national umpiring program has made significant progress in umpire development but there is much more to be done.  We must ensure our umpiring workforce are properly qualified and have the skills and tools to work with all levels of athletes in our sport. 

Below you will find the Softball New Zealand Umpire Pathways Framework which is an informative resource for officiating in the sport - from the novice to being an international umpire.  Underpinning the Framework are the Annual Rules Test Policy and the Grading System Policy. 

Take your time to read through the Framework as it will provide you with all the information you need to become a skilled and properly trained umpire.

We recommend you discuss your career plan with your Local Association Chief Umpire in the first instance and then with your Regional Director should you require further advice.

Good luck!

SNZ Umpires' Pathway Framework
SNZ Level One Workbook
SNZ Level Two Workbook
SNZ Level Three Workbook
SNZ Annual Rules Test Policy
SNZ Grading System Policy