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This page shows the most common groups of forms and then the full library below.

Chief Scorer Tournament Forms

The resources required for being a Chief Scorer at a tournament are linked here.

Exam Papers and Answers

Since 2020 the theory exams are online. However, you will still find the previous in-person exams useful for studying. Click here for more details.


You will find the scorer related manuals here.

Panel Meeting Minutes and Bulletins

You will find Panel meeting minutes and bulletins linked here.

Document Library
Here you will find the full library of documents we use.
Beginners' Scorer Manual 

Check List For Examinees
Code of Conduct

Electronic Scoring Policy including accreditation guidelines
Emergency Contact form
Examinations Process
2020 Online Theory Exam Information
2021 Online Theory Exam Information
2022 Online Theory Exam Information

2016 Exams
Theory Exam 2016
Theory Exam 2016 Answers
Theory Refresher Exam 2016
Theory Refresher Exam 2016 Answers

2017 Exams
Theory Exam 2017
Theory Exam 2017 Answers
Theory Refresher Exam 2017
Theory Refresher Exam 2017 Answers

2018 Exams
Theory Exam 2018
Theory Exam 2018 Answers
Theory Refresher Exam 2018
Theory Refresher Exam 2018 Answers

2019 Exams
Theory Exam 2019
Theory Exam 2019 Answers
Theory Refresher Exam 2019
Theory Refresher Exam 2019 Answers
Game Allocations Template

iScore Guide

National Scorer Appointment process
National Scoring Pathway
National Team Appointments List

Panel Minutes August 2008
Panel Minutes June 2009
Panel Minutes September 2009
Panel Minutes July 2010
Panel Minutes September 2012
Panel Minutes August 2015
Panel Minutes September 2016
Panel Minutes September 2017


Regional Deputy Scorer Application 2022
Regional Deputy Scorer Job Description 2022

Scorers' Bulletin June 2018
Scorers' Bulletin February 2018
Scorers' Bulletin September 2016
Scorers' Bulletin August 2015
Scorers' Bulletin August 2013
Scorers' Bulletin September 2012
Scorers' Bulletin June 2012
Scorers' Bulletin October 2010
Scorers' Bulletin March 2010
Scorers' Bulletin November 2009
Scorers' Bulletin October 2009
Scorers Examination Application
Scorers Manual
StatTrak Manual

Tournament Allowance Form
Tournament Application Form 2019/20
Tournament Application Form 2022/23
Tournament Appointments 2019/20 (version 1 dated 01 January 2020)
Tournament Appointments 2022/23 (dated 7 September 2022)
Tournament Chief Scorers Report Template
Tournament Guide


Uniform Brochure
Uniform Order Form
Uniform Sizing Charts