Kiwi Sox (Primary & Intermediate Schools)


Kiwi Sox is an exciting product designed by Softball New Zealand to ensure more Kiwi children are able to play the great game of Softball.

Kiwi Sox is a 2 tiered program introducing participants (children, teachers, parents and coaches) to the fundamental skills of Softball and its various forms of the game. Each tier consists of 8 sessions.
  • TIER 1  Aimed at primary school children, 5–8 years
  • TIER 2  Aimed at primary and intermediate school children, 9–12 years

OUR AIM: Provide more opportunities for Kiwi kids to get active through Softball - Anytime, Anywhere.
: Increase the number of hours that primary and intermediate aged children engage in physical activity.
By engaging primary and intermediate school aged children, we want to boost Softball as a sport of choice by providing a positive, fun and exciting experience. Kiwi Sox is flexible and simple so those who haven’t been involved in Softball before will still understand it and find it enjoyable.
Kiwi Sox Objectives
  • To increase the opportunities for primary and intermediate aged children to play Softball in school, after school or in a club/association setting
  • To increase basic Softball skills in an enjoyable environment focusing on fun, participation, modified games and activities
  • To provide a positive introduction to an individual’s long term involvement in Softball
  • To provide a platform so teachers and children can engage in Softball in the classroom or at home
  • To promote Softball as a sport that can be played anytime, anywhere

FREE Kiwi Sox resource for teachers!
The Kiwi Sox resource is free to teachers interested in delivering this great resource at a Primary or Intermediate school. To receive this resource please email SNZ with your name, name of school and school postal address.


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Foundation Courses - For Beginning Coaches, Parents or Teachers
Induction-unit.jpg For Primary, Intermediate or Secondary School Teachers - Free

A 1 1/2 hour practical course for TEACHERS wanting to know the basic fundamentals of SOFTBALL.

This unit covers off equipment; playing positions; batting order; pitching; catching; throwing; fielding; hitting & bunting; base running; basic game strategy; softball jargon; correcting common errors & simple rules.

This is a FREE COURSE FOR TEACHERS. Participants receive accreditation, a certificate of recognition and the workshop booklet will be forwarded by email.

FREE KIWI SOX RESOURCE - All teachers completing the Induction Unit will receive this wonderful resource.

t-ball-unit.jpg Coach T-Ball Unit - $10.00

For T-Ball Coaches, Parents or Teachers

The Coach T-Ball Unit is the first step on the Softball New Zealand Coach Pathway. The 1 hour practical unit is ideal for someone with little or no experience of coaching who wants to learn how to teach T-Ball to children. The unit provides information on basic coaching guidelines and skills and drills specifically for T-Ball.

Participants receive accreditation, a course booklet and certificate of recognition.



Phase 1 of the Softball New Zealand Coach Accreditation Programme is available online with additional modules to be added. To access the online format please register for a login and password by emailing SNZ.