Growing Membership

Growing your membership.

This area of our website is to assist clubs who aspire to be well run, welcoming and successful.
Clubs or associations that are proud to promote themselves to the local community and beyond generally have a higher level of success in terms of membership numbers.

All clubs and associations rely on a dedicated group of people and resources, to enable them to exist. However a club/association will have difficulty surviving if the membership isn’t continually growing and if the club/association isn’t marketing itself as a safe, enjoyable, competitive or social.

This section of the SNZ Club Tool Box covers the below concepts to growing your club/association;
  1. Attracting new members.
  1. School club links
  1. Retaining your existing members by reducing member turnover, This includes
  • Some key points to retaining members
  • Increasing the level of participation by existing members
  • Focusing time and attention on profitable members
Please find below links and resources that may assist your club/association.  If you require further ideas or assistance with planning please contact your appointed SNZ Softball Officer 
Resource or link Description
Template: Parent club guide
Most parents want their children to enjoy the sports of their choice.  These template guidelines provide you with key information when selecting a club /association playing opportunity for your child.  It provides the parent with ideas of questions to ask, and ensure that both the parent and the child understand the way the club works, and the clubs roles and responsibilities.
Template: Young person’s club guide
This is a template that provides you an outline of what a young person can I except from the club/association?
Edit as necessary
Template: Equity policy
This template provides you some principles for equal opportunity for members