U15 NZDSX Boys


20 February 2024
The Under 15 Development Sox Management team are excited to announce the following Under 15 Boys have accepted our invite to be part of an enlarged U15 Developing Sox squad, assembling for an National Development Camp with participation at the Easter Classic in Pukekohe, Auckland; Thursday 28th March – Mon 1 April.

Head Coach, Stacy Taylor, is excited to be leading this initiative with support from Assistant Coach, Mereama Matangi and management staff Michael Robinson and Andrew Charnley. "During this camp we will activate softball specific testing to teach players the skills required, providing them with their results so they can continue to measure their own progress. For the tournament two equally balanced teams will be named."

The U15 Development Squad is as follows;
Rylee Cotton (North Harbour)
Jackson Gerbes (North Harbour)
Taine Wilson (North Harbour)
Lyric Cullen-Makiha (Auckland)
Lucas Gibbons (Auckland)
Cruz Hohepa-Masi (Auckland)
Thomas Wildbore (Auckland)
Mikaera Kingi-Hicks (Counties)
Jackson Tapiki (Counties)
Hamiora Tuiri (Counties)
D’Tanyian Posimani (Counties)
Zeb McFarlane (Franklin)
Shane Walker-Haehae (Franklin)
Wiremu Beamsley-Allan (Hawkes Bay)
Renata Pereka-Piwari (Wellington)
Noah Sipeli (Wellington)
Jakoby Marino (Hutt Valley)
Harry Muir (Hutt Valley)
Tyrone Robinson (Hutt Valley)
Kaden Codyre (Canterbury)
Devon Hardy (Canterbury)
Bronson Harper (Canterbury)
Rico Ratu (Canterbury)
Tyler Rush (Canterbury)
Hayvin O’Neil (Central Otago)
Flynn Telfer (Southland)



 DSX U18 Queensland State Championship Stats (Click Here)
 Stats supplied by Andie McDowell (Team Scorer) and Lynette Leathart (SNZ Chief Statistician)

  DSX U16 Queensland State Championship Stats (Click Here)
 Stats supplied by Queensland Scorers Association

5 May 2023

The Boys Development Sox Management team are excited to name three squads for international and domestic events later this year. Two teams will compete in the Queensland State Softball Championships U16 and U18 tournaments. The U16 Championship will take place from September 16-18 at the Ipswich Softball Association, while the U18 event will be hosted by the Suncoast Hinterland Association from September 29 -1 Oct.

"We're excited to continue building on last year's successful Northern Tour with an upcoming South Island tour," says Head Coach Tane Landon-Lane. "Our team comprises a diverse mix of talented Rangatahi who bring enthusiasm and dedication to their game. We're thrilled to work with them and help prepare them for the next level of their softball journey."

U16 Team - Queensland State Championships
Noah Stevens-Togo, Hunter Bailey, Cole McWilliams, Prezley Martin (Counties), Noah Rodgers Hawkes Bay, Tyrone Robinson (Hutt Valley), James McArtney, Genuine Savaliga, Kiharoa Landon-Lane, Renata Pereka-Piriwai (Wellington), Raumana Kumeroa, Rico Ratu, Kadene Codyre, Nokai, Del Malmanche-Taylor, Donte, Tahuhu-Wilson (Canterbury).

U18 Team – Queensland State Championships
Paora Nicola-Cooper (North Harbour), Ciryl Wilson (Auckland), Richard Te Rure, Noah Leaupepetele (Franklin) Joeseph Hill (Counties) Jaden Hita, Flynn Keal, Jaxson
Baldwin (Hutt Valley) Jayden Harris, Nikau Hailwood, Tane Landon-Lane, Nino Mason, Olly Smith (Wellington) Cambell Codyre, Pheonix Wardell-Mao (Canterbury).

Team - Southern Tour
Jackson Gerbes, Zach Atikins, Tai Rhodes (North Harbour), Gabreyl Tahi Tahi, Hekenui Tangaroa (Auckland), Carlos McCabe-Davies (Franklin) Maui Tai, Lynkon Foley, Taika Cross (Hutt Valley) Swayde Paaka, Rylan Stephens, Ethan Brown, Noah Sipeli, Ben Willocks, Eli Jellicoe, Micha Taouma (Wellington), Hiro Fuchingami, Kamaioha Perenara-O'Connell (Canterbury).


20 September 2022

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2 August 2022

The Development Boys Sox concluded their camp at Scots College, Wellington recently including four teams of Rangatahi between 12 to 17 years. The camp included classroom activities, skills sessions, fitness, and due to rain simulated indoor games.

The boys were fortunate to have Joel Evans and Darryl Marino from the Golden Homes Black Sox talk about their experiences. The management would also like to acknowledge all the resources, coaches, and support received during the camp. The boys learnt a lot and hopefully were inspired to work hard to reach their potential.

A Development team will compete in the U16 Queensland Champs from the 17th - 19th September 2022, and a second Development team will compete in the Queensland U19 Champs from 30th September to 2nd October 2022. During the last week of December two teams will tour the North Island with additions that couldn't make the camp to play various regional teams from Wellington through to North Shore.

Our management team is excited to work with this group of talented Rangatahi to help prepare them for the next level. We are also looking for opportunities to enter these teams into tournaments such as the Easter Classic in Auckland and then repeat the process in 2023 with an end of year Southern tour.

DSX Boys Head Coach – Tane Landon-Lane
Development Sox U15 Boys Team - Queensland U16 State Championship - Cyril Wilson, Noah Stevens-Togo (Auckland), Swayde Paaka, Kiharoa Landon-Lane, Renata Pereka-Piwari (Wellington), Lincoln Te Tai (Southland), Riley Codyre, Hiro Fuchigami, Rico Ratu, Raumana Kumeroa, Donte Tahuhu-Wilson (Canterbury), Joseph Hill, Richard Te Rure (Counties Manakau), Genuine Savaliga (Hutt Valley)

Development Sox U15 Boys Squad - Northern Tour - Lachlan Ferguson, Tyrese Kennedy, Charlie Telfer (Southland), James McArtney, Rylan Stephen, Ethan Brown, Noah Sipeli (Wellington), Tyrone Robinson, Maui Tai (Hutt Valley), Cameron Schmidt (North Harbour), Cairo Iosefo, Dane Jorgensen (Canterbury), Chaise Austin, Caleb Paki-Campbell, Liam Marshman (Western Bay of Plenty), Shantayne Rangiuia-Herbert (Manawatu), Boston Jones (Waikato), Kaleb Wade (Counties Manakau)

New Zealand Development Sox U15 Boys Team – U19 Queensland State Championship - Nikau Hailwood, Jayden Harris, Tane Landon-Lane, Zach Fairless, Carter Lowther, Nino Mason, Olly Smith (Wellington), Tai Rhodes (North Harbour), Lachlan Omalley, Blake Holt, Jayden Fitzgerald (Canterbury), Paora Cooper-Nicola (Waikato), Cohen-Jones Taylor (Auckland), Noah Leaupepetele (Franklin)


28 March 2022

Tane Landon-Lane has named his first squad as Head Coach of the Developing Sox Boys programme.

48 players have been included in an off-season training programme followed by a camp (in October). The camp will involve classroom sessions, benchmark testing and skill work along with the selection of four teams to partake in an inhouse mini tournament.

Landon-Lane say’s “It has been a tough year managing Covid and opportunities for our Rangatahi. The majority of this year’s squad had been selected to attend a camp in 2021 and the cancelled Easter Classic tournament.”

“The Development Sox management team are working with Softball NZ to look at opportunities to excite and engage our up-and-coming athletes. The focus for the Development Boys programme is tautoko (support) our up-and-coming Rangatahi to learn, grow and excel on and off the diamond” he says.

Developing Sox Boys 2022 Squad
Tai Rhodes, Cameron Schmidt (North Harbour), Ciryl Wilson, Cohen-Jones Taylor, Joshua Totara-Kopua, Kyle Cross (Auckland), Noah Stevens-Togo, Richard Te Rure, Joseph Hill, Kaleb Wade (Counties), Noah Leaupepetele (Franklin), Chaise Austin, Caleb Paki-Campbell (Western Bay of Plenty), Boston Jones, Paora Nicola Cooper (Waikato), Shantayne Rangiuia Herbert (Manawatu), Mason Carey, Maui Tai, Lynkin Fooley, Tyrone Robinson (Hutt Valley), Genuine Savaliga (Hutt Valley), Cooper McCuan, James McArtney, Rylon Stephen, Nikau Hailwood, Carter Lowther, Tane Landon-Lane, Swayde Paaka, Nino Mason, Jayden Harris, Kiharoa Landon-Lane, Renata Pereka-Piriwai (Wellington), Lachlan Omalley, Dane Jorgensen, Fergus Simcott, Donte Tahuhu-Wilson, Hiro Fuchingami, Raumana Kumeroa, Rico Ratu, Blake Holt, Jayden Fitzgerald, Riley Codyre (Canterbury), Lachlan Ferguson, Tyrese Kennedy, Charlie Telfer, Lincoln Te Tai (Southland), Cairo Iosefo (Otago)

(Not considered – due to Junior Black Sox Squad inclusion)
George McCarroll (Hutt Valley), Nokai de Malmanche-Taylor, Jayden Potts, Cambell Codyre (Canterbury), Phoenix Wardell-Mao (Otago).


6 May 2021

As a result of the U15 Regional Tournaments last January the following athletes have been named in the 2021 U15 Developing Sox Squad.

Plans for the New Zealand U15 Developing Sox Camp are underway for the second week in the October school holidays (Wednesday 13th-Friday 15th) in Wellington, more information to follow.

U15 Developing Sox Boys Squad 2021
Tai Rhodes, Cameron Schmidt (North Harbour), Ciryl Wilson, Cohen Jones-Taylor, Kyle Cross, Joshua Totara – Kopua (Auckland), Noah Stevens – Togo, Richard Te Rure, Joseph Hill, Kaleb Wade (Counties), Noah Leaupepetele (Franklin), Chase Austin, Caleb Paki-Campbell (Western Bay of Plenty), Shantayne Rangiuia – Herbert (Manawatu), George McCarroll, Jaxson Williams, Lynkon Foley (Hutt Valley), Cooper McCuan, Nikau Hailwood, Tane Landon–Lane, Carter Lowther (Wellington), Lachlan O’Malley, Cambell Codyre, Dane Jorgensen, Nokai de Malmanche-Taylor, Jayden Potts, Fergus Simcott, Blake Holt, Jayden Fitzgerald, Raumana Kumeroa (Canterbury), Phoenix Wardell–Mao (Otago).

Please note: Athletes who participated in the Developing Sox teams during the recent Auckland Easter Classic, have not been considered as they have been seen in action.

Wayne Nichols – Coach
Kelvin Roberts - Assistant Coach
Megan Earley - Manager


11 April 2021

The Developing Sox Boys Squad assembled in Auckland for the Easter Classic. With 34 boys in the squad, three teams were entered to play in the tournament and were named after some of our biggest Black Sox legends, honouring both the past, present, and future.

Team Evans - Current Captain
Team Sorenson - Previous Captain and current Coach
Team Nukunuku - Previous Captain and highest capped player

Whilst being in a tournament the squad was also in camp with many learning experiences and opportunities on and off the diamond. Team Nukunuku finished 1st, Team Sorenson 2nd and Team Evans 3rd in the tournament with Katene Huriwai being named as Top Batter and MVP, along with Ethan Grant as Top Pitcher, who were both from Team Nukunuku.

They are all an incredibly talented squad of youth players with bright futures in our game of softball.

Congratulations to the following 15 who have been selected from the squad of 34 players as the official U15 NZ Developing Sox Team.

Tyler Amrein - Northcote, North Harbour
Jason Gerbes - Northcote, North Harbour
Jack Baker - East Coast Bays, North Harbour
Roy Tatupu - Ramblers, Auckland
Max Russell - Ramblers, Auckland
Brooklyn Mariu-Apiata - Southern Pioneers, Counties
Katene Huriwai - Southern Pioneers, Counties
Cohen Bailey - Patriots, Counties
Tamihana Tonga - Pukekohe, Franklin
Nopera Tangaroa - Fastpitch, Hawkes Bay
Karipori Wanoa - HV Dodgers, Hutt Valley
Zahr Shaw-Wallace - Hutt City United, Hutt Valley
Zion Van Nistelrooy - Hutt City United, Hutt Valley
Arron Gollan - PK, Wellington
Ethan Grant - Island Bay, Wellington

Hopefully, we get the chance to play together at some stage in the near future.

NZ Dev Sox Boys Pic-208-385

Wayne Nichols (Head Coach)
Kelvin Roberts (Assistant Coach)
Megan Earley (Manager)
Brooke Rowland (Scorer)


3 March 2021

The New Zealand Developing Sox Head Coach Wayne Nichols is pleased to announce a squad of 35 players ahead of this weekend’s Easter Classic Tournament at Rosedale Park.

The squad will assemble for camp this Thursday before playing in the Easter Classic Tournament commencing on Friday.

Nichols say’s “It’s a great opportunity to bring this group of athletes together to see how they perform on the big stage. Unfortunately, we have been unable to travel to Australia, but this is an opportunity for these athletes to showcase their talent in front of the national selectors. Looking forward to getting to know this group over Easter. The coaches are excited about the talent at this level and look forward to working with athletes who are excelling in their grade”.

Easter Classic Developing Sox Boys Squad 2021
Tyler Amrein, Harry Common, Jason Gerbes, Jack Baker (North Harbour), Max Russell, Roy Tatupu, Kyle Roberts, Jayden Whittle, Sam Blamires, Tamihana Tonga, Caule Withers (Auckland), Katene Huriwai, Brooklyn Mariu-Apiata, Cohen Bailey (Counties Manukau), Lucas Hopkins, Kees van der Heyden (Waikato), Nopera Tangaroa, Cassius Solomon (Hawke’s Bay), Boston Scoon-Walter, Ihaia Mulholland, Jayden Harris, Ethan Grant, Zachary Fairless, Arron Gollan, James Morrison, Caleb Stephen, Max Tofts, Nino Mason (Wellington), Karipori Wanoa, Zahr Shaw-Wallace, Zion Van Nistelroy (Hutt Valley), Patrick Heywood, Hapene Kumeroa (Canterbury), Jarrod Rowe-Kenny, Thomas Jennings (Southland).


27 January 2020
The New Zealand Developing Sox U15 Boys coaches are pleased to announce a squad of 36 players.
Selected players will attend a camp including the Easter Classic Tournament in Auckland.
Following the Easter Classic, a 15 man team will be named to compete in the U18 Queensland State Championship in Toowoomba this October. 
Head Coach Wayne Nichols and Assistant Kelvin Roberts are excited about the talent at this level and looking forward to working with athletes who are excelling in their grade. 
New Zealand U15 Boys Developing Sox Squad:
Tyler Amrein, Harry Common, Jason Gerbes, Jack Baker (North Harbour), Max Russell, Roy Tatapu, Kyle Roberts, Jayden Whittle, Sam Blamires (Auckland), Brooklyn Mariu-Apiata, Katene Huriwai, Caule Withers, Tamihana Tonga (Counties Manakau), Lucas Hopkins, Kees Van der Hayden (Waikato), Nopera Tangaroa, Cassius Solomon (Hawkes Bay), Boston Scoon-Walter, Jayden Harris, Ihaia Mulholland (Manawatu), Karipori Wanoa, Mana Dudley-Kiikoro, Zahr Shaw-Wallace, Zion Van Nistleroy (Hutt Valley), Ethan Grant, Zachary Fairless, Aaron Gollan, James Morrison, Caleb Stephen, Max Tofts (Wellington), Brody Helem, Patrick Heywood, Hapene Kumeroa, Liam Ruki (Canterbury), Jarrod Rowe-Kenny, Thomas Jennings (Southland).


3 July, 2019

For the draw and results click here

Tournament Statistics  23/07/2019 
Batting Statistics                                          
2019 NZ Emerging Sox Boys                                          
Jacob Neale-16 9 19 17 2 0 0 0 0 8 3 0 0 10 3 0 0 1 0 7 .579 .471
Matthew Lowe-23 10 24 18 5 1 0 0 0 8 3 0 2 9 4 0 0 1 0 8 .609 .444
Fletcher Due-17 9 22 18 3 1 0 0 0 8 1 1 1 9 2 1 1 1 0 6 .571 .444
Campbell Puaha-22 8 16 8 7 0 0 1 0 3 0 0 0 4 1 0 0 0 0 6 .688 .375
Joseph Simpson-Smith-19 8 21 14 5 0 1 1 0 5 1 2 1 7 0 1 0 1 0 8 .571 .357
Kyan Mill-Cameron-8 9 26 20 5 1 0 0 0 7 1 0 1 8 6 3 0 2 0 10 .560 .350
Jacob Laban-25 10 24 20 3 0 0 1 0 7 1 1 0 2 5 1 0 3 0 13 .583 .350
Bonham Edwards-14 8 18 9 8 0 0 1 0 2 1 0 0 4 4 0 0 0 0 8 .611 .222
Min 16 PA's                                          
Logan Carr-7 8 15 13 0 0 0 2 0 6 2 1 0 8 3 0 0 0 0 7 .533 .462
Trevon Hall-Taputu-9 5 10 9 1 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 2 4 0 0 0 0 4 .400 .333
Luca Mollison-13 4 7 6 1 0 0 0 0 2 1 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 2 .429 .333
Connor Stanley-6 7 15 11 4 0 0 0 0 3 0 1 0 2 4 0 0 0 0 5 .467 .273
Hunter Simpson-12 6 11 9 1 0 0 1 0 2 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 2 0 3 .545 .222
Shiloh Rice-10 7 11 8 3 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 3 1 0 0 0 0 3 .364 .125
Ben Forbes-18 8 9 7 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 0 1 0 0 4 .125 .000
TOTALS 10 248 187 49 4 1 7 0 65 15 6 5 70 42 6 2 11 0 94 .541 .348
Pitching Statistics                                          
2019 NZ Emerging Sox Boys                                          
Player G BF W L IP SO BB R ER H 2B 3B HR WP HB Bk ERA        
Hunter Simpson-12 8 95 5 0 23.2 29 7 8 1 19 1 1 0 3 0 0 0.30        
Min 74 Batters Faced                                          
Connor Stanley-6 1 19 1 0 4 5 2 4 0 2 1 0 0 0 0 1 0.00        
Luca Mollison-13 4 44 1 1 9 13 6 8 6 8 1 0 1 1 0 0 4.67        
Fletcher Due-17 1 5 0 0 1 2 0 1 1 2 2 0 0 1 0 0 7.00        
Jacob Neale-16 2 23 1 1 3.1 3 4 12 12 11 2 1 2 0 0 0 25.20        
TOTALS 10 186 8 2 41 52 19 33 20 42 7 2 3 5 0 1 3.41        
Fielding Statistics                                          
2019 NZ Emerging Sox Boys                                          
Player G PO A E PB SB CS FA                          
Jacob Laban-25 10 11 3 0 0 0 0 1.000                          
Jacob Neale-16 9 3 6 0 0 0 0 1.000                          
Connor Stanley-6 6 4 4 0 0 0 0 1.000                          
Logan Carr-7 7 1 1 0 0 0 0 1.000                          
Joseph Simpson-Smith-19 8 32 4 1 4 5 0 .973                          
Fletcher Due-17 9 30 1 1 0 0 1 .969                          
Kyan Mill-Cameron-8 9 5 6 1 0 0 0 .917                          
Matthew Lowe-23 6 24 2 3 1 1 1 .897                          
Campbell Puaha-22 5 4 3 1 0 0 0 .875                          
Hunter Simpson-12 8 0 5 1 0 0 0 .833                          
Shiloh Rice-10 5 2 2 1 0 0 0 .800                          
Bonham Edwards-14 7 4 5 3 0 0 0 .750                          
Trevon Hall-Taputu-9 9 3 0 1 0 0 0 .750                          
Luca Mollison-13 4 0 2 1 0 0 0 .667                          
Ben Forbes-18 4 0 0 2 0 0 0 .000                          
TOTALS 10 123 44 16 5 6 2 .913                          


28 May, 2019

Developing Sox Head Coach Wayne Nichols has named his final roster to travel to Brisbane in July for the friendship series at Redlands Softball Association.

“After an excellent weekend with 33 young softballers on show, we have the pleasure of naming 15 athletes that will represent New Zealand at the Friendship Series in Brisbane in July. It was exciting to see the talent available at this age group and the enthusiasm they showed over the weekend. Megan, Kelvin and I can’t wait to get the athletes together and compete against Australia‘s best”, says Nichols.

New Zealand Developing Sox Boys Team
Logan Carr, Shiloh Rice (Auckland) Campbell Puaha (Counties), Bonham Edwards (Hawkes Bay) Joseph Simpson-Smith (Manawatu), Jacob Laban (Hutt Valley), Kyan Mill-Cameron, Luca Mollison, Trevon Hall-Tatapu (Wellington), Matthew Lowe (Nelson), Benjamin Forbes, Conner Stanley, Fletcher Due, Hunter Simpson, Jacob Neale (Canterbury).

Non Travelling Reserves
Terua Withers (Counties), Nikau Barbarich (Canterbury)


29 March, 2019

New Developing Sox Head Coach Wayne Nichols has announced a 36 man squad for a 3 day camp in Upper Hutt this May.

The squad will undertake benchmark testing, drugfree education and a series of trial games over the course of the weekend.

Nichols says “Kelvin, Megan and I are looking forward to working with these athletes and introducing them to the Softball New Zealand pathway. These players are the next group to be exposed to the high performance system following on from previous successful squads under Stephen Ratu.”

The team to travel to Sydney for the Friendship Games in July will be named following the camp.

Developing Sox U15 Boys Squad
Jason Porokoru Urikore Taurerewa Gerbes, Elijah Heta (North Harbour), Shilo Rice, Logan Carr, Nathan Singleton, Braxton Tafford, Kristian Masters (Auckland), Terua Withers, Campbell Puaha (Counties), Maui Hunt (WBOP) Joseph Simpson-Smith, Haimona Maruera, Barclay Cribb, Boston Scoon-Walter (Manawatu), Nopera Tangaroa, Bonham Edwards (Hawkes Bay), Amazing Tohiariki, Josh Kennedy, Mana Dudley-Kiikoro, Jacob Laban (Hutt Valley), Luca Collinson, Ciaran Bolger, Kyan Mill-Cameron, Trevon Hall-Taputu (Wellington), Matthew Lowe, Dane Gill (Marlborough), Hunter Simpson, Jacob Neale, Dylan Stark, Fletcher Due, Max Sargeant, Nikau Barbarich, Connor Stanley, Ben Forbes (Canterbury), Joshua Forrester (Otago), Regan Cross (Southland).

Developing Sox Assistant Coach Named
Kelvin Roberts will support Nichols as the Assistant Coach of the Developing Sox through to August 2020. The Ramblers stalwart and former Auckland men’s representative has a wealth of coaching experience with boys in this age group and will prove a worthy asset to the campaign.


17 September, 2018

Follow the DSX Boys team as they compete at the U17 Queensland State Championships.


19 July, 2018

Developing Sox Boys Coaches Stephen Ratu and Wayne Nichols have named a 17 man team as a result of a successful training camp in Lower Hutt last weekend.


The 3 days encompassing bench mark testing, anti-doping education, skill development and scrimmage games provided an ideal environment for player development and an opportunity for coaches to name their final team.


The team will travel to Australia in September to complete in the U17 Queensland State Championships an event they won in 2016.


New Zealand Developing Sox U15 Team to compete in the U17 Queensland State Championships, 22-24 Sept:

Carlos Amai-Tatu, Jacob Lee, Maclain Roberts, Ryan Earley (Auckland), Jayden McCabe-Priestley (Counties) Rakai Henare (Hawkes Bay), Jacahn Roberts (Manawatu), Dallas Clifton, Tyler Robb (Hutt Valley), Jake Tibbitts, Karl Gollan (Wellington), Matthew Lowe (Marlborough), Dru de Lautour, Finn Mounty, Harrison Bruhns-Croy, Liam Potts, Mason Woodford (Canterbury).



Stephen Ratu (Head Coach), Wayne Nichols (Assistant Coach), Megan Earley (Manager).


15 May, 2018

Wayne Nichols has been reappointed as the Assistant Coach of the DSX U15 Boys team for the next two years. Nichols will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the campaign given his longevity in the game.

The DSX squad will assemble for camp at Fraser Park 13-15, July.


20 April, 2018

Softball New Zealand are pleased to release the naming of the Developing Sox Boys squad.

A 25 man squad has been named by Head Coach Stephen Ratu to assemble for camp at Fraser Park 13-15, July.

The squad for 2018 is:

Daniel Warman (North Harbour), Carlos Amai-Tatu, Jacob Lee, Ryan Earley, McLean Roberts (Auckland), Jayden Priestley, Ned Ru (Counties Manukau), Chleo Reihana-Davis (Tairawhiti), James Eru Povey-Potae (Waikato), Rakai Henare (Hawkes Bay), Joseph Simpson-Smith, Jachan Roberts (Manawatu), Dallas Clifton, Tyler Robb, Jacob Laban (Hutt Valley), Karl Gollan, Jake Tibbits (Wellington), Matthew Lowe (Nelson), Harrison Bruhns-Croy, Haruya Fuchigami, Liam Potts, Mason Woodford, Finn Mounty, Dru de Lautour (Canterbury), Eli Meuli (Southland).

Developing Sox Boys Manager

Softball NZ is very pleased to announce Megan Earley as the newly appointed Team Manager. Earley a current Auckland Softball Association Board Member will bring a wealth of knowledge, along with organisational skills to the team. A volunteer who is part of our softball fabric has managed numerous Auckland representative and club teams over her many years in the game.


5 April, 2018
Former Black Sox catcher Stephen Ratu will continue his tenure as the DSX Boys Head Coach. The Canterbury U15 Boys and Red Sox Coach will lead selected players into camp for further development before the team embark on a planned tour to Australia in August to compete in the NSW U17 Stage Champs. Ratu who played for the Golden Homes Black Sox at the 2015 world championships in Canada will continue to be a huge asset to the male programme offering instrumental support to our future chargers.


Thank You Sponsors
The New Zealand Boys Development Sox Management Team wish to thank the following sponsors who have generously supported the boys in their inaugural year to attend the Queensland State U17 Softball Championship and ask the community to support these businesses where possible.


6 July 2016
Support the Developing Sox as they compete in the Queensland State Championships, 16-20 September - Sydney, Australia

Manager Report

28 June 2016

NZ Boys Development Sox, coaches and management recently converged on Hamilton for the inaugural NZS Boys which has been designed to identify young talent and develop them into high performance athletes.
Stage 1 of the development program was a 5 day camp in Hamilton including a 4 game mini tournament (including the final) against two Aussie Sparks touring sides and a combined 15/17 age group Waikato team.
Focus for this part of the program was to establish or commence process in the following areas.
  • Turning 15 individual athletes into a high performance sports team
  • Outline the 4 key focus areas of the programme
  • Introduction to Drug Free Sport
  • Develop individual and collective goals under a SMART framework
  • Establish team Pillars
  • Encourage and develop a positive team culture

The Team embraced the work required to achieve the camp focus points and with hard work and determination managed to exceed expectations.
Team Pillars, goals and positive culture were established early which set the standard of commitment allowing the group to focus on the 8 dimensions of high performance development.

  • Purpose, Identity and Shared Objectives
  • Mutual Trust and Respect
  • Role Clarity and Acceptance
  • Commitment and Support
  • Directed Action
  • Continued Excellence
  • Vitality and Resiliency
  • Collective Potency

This was no “holiday camp” there was plenty of hard work required in the class room and on the diamond which was fully embraced by each and every team member.

  • Completed individual player fitness assessment – YOYO Intermittent Recovery Test.
  • Attended an introduction to Drug Free sport Seminar
  • Learnt the history/origins and actions of the Haka – Ka Mate
  • Training – offensive, defensive and strategy (on the diamond and in the classroom).

With every camp there are always memorable moments and this camp was no exception.

  • The team were formally presented with their New Zealand team uniform by coaches Dennis Clueard and Stephen Ratu after an empowering speech about the “Mana and history” that comes with the privilege of donning the NZ Sox uniform from ex Black Sox Craig Wallace.
  • Each Haka. The boys did the Haka with pride and passion on every occasion (including practise) and I’m sure those supporters that were privileged to witness one would contest to them being “memorable”.

Mini Tournament

An opportunity for the coaching staff to create pressure within our own environment and to see how players individually and collectively responded, mix players in and out of preferred positions and for the players to become comfortable in a New Zealand jersey.

The management team didn’t go into these games with a sole focus on the result (winning). In fact, this was last on the list. They used the opportunity to see what “we” have, and more importantly to identify areas we could improve on in the build-up to Australia. From this perspective a lot was learnt with individual and regional training plans now implemented to target areas where improvement is required. Potentially to those looking on from the outside  some “interesting” things during the games were done, but again - more focused was put on isolated situations to see what players could achieve, irrespective of game situations and game outcomes.


  • NZ (6) – Waikato Combined (1)
  • NZ (15) – Aussie Sparks (0)
  • NZ (6) – Aussie Sparks (6)
  • NZ (7) – Aussie Sparks (0) FINAL

Wilkinson Named Team Manager

15 February 2016

Softball New Zealand would also like to congratulate and announce Andrew Wilkinson as the Manager of the Developing Sox Boys team which will compete in a series against the Aussie Sparks in Hamilton, 23-24th April and then in the Queensland State Championships in McKay later this year.

New Zealand U15 Boy's Developing Sox Team 2016

21 January 2016

The following players have been named by New Zealand Developing Sox Head Coach Dennis Clueard and Assistant Coach Stephen Ratu to compete against the touring Aussie Sparks in Hamilton over 23rd and 24th of April. The team will also contest the Under 17 Queensland State Championships in MacKay this September.
The Softball New Zealand President Lyn Lockhart proudly announces the New Zealand Developing Sox Boys team.

1.Dylan Tonkin – Auckland
2.Trent Fa’aofo – Auckland
3.Yorel Alapaki – Auckland
4.Keani Williams – Auckland
5.Max Earley – Auckland
6.Brock Evans – Auckland
7.Dylan Jackson – Wellington
8.Liam Bassick – Wellington
9.Braydan Hampton – Wellington
10.Joshua Cheung – Wellington
11.Sage Shaw-Tait – Hutt Valley
12.Jontae Macdonald – Marlborough
13.Christian Farrow – Marlborough
14.Tyler Mounty – Canterbury
15.Caleb Stewart - Canterbury
16.Josh Brown – Canterbury
17.Te Korewha Reihana - Tairawhiti
Congratulations to all those selected and the very best for your upcoming events.

Premium Beverages Ltd
Premium Beverages Limited is a New Zealand Owned and Operated business offering only the highest quality beverages from our selected range of products. 
PBL is proud to be the importer of Nippy's branded products and have recently added Roasted Addiqtion Coffee and Evil Child Drinking Chocolate to our range within New Zealand.
If you would like to know more about Premium Beverages Limited please do not hesitate to call us on 0508 374 657 or send us an e-mail.

Tenga Pickering Contractors
Tenga Pickering Contractors Ltd is a locally owned and operated excavation work contractor in Porirua Wellington located at 3 Broken Hill Rd. Phone: 027 444 7215
Specialising in earth works Tenga Pickering Contractors have the specialised equipment to manage Sub divisions, excavations, grading, land development, site clearing, drains, driveways, footpaths and roads.

Rutherford & Bond Toyota
Proud to provide you with excellent service designed to satisfy all your vehicle requirements. 
Your one-stop shop for all things related to your vehicle. Whether your car needs a tune up, or you are looking for a replacement car we can help.
We offer new and used Toyota vehicles, and with our on-site Parts and Service Centre, you don't have to go far to get what you want.
Our aim is to meet and exceed the needs and requirements of every customer.