Tee Sox (5-8yrs)


Tee Sox is about Discovery, Fun and Participation. It is a time our young chargers learn the Fundamentals skills of softball in a safe and supporting environment. Tee Sox represents simple and fair playing rules, rotation of positions and equal playing time. SNZ has developed a number of resources to promote and support the Tee Sox concept.

These environments and experiences will influence our ongoing choices to engage in physical activity and sport. Variety, enjoyment and skill development are crucial, along with a positive, supportive, empathetic, environment that enables us to learn and be challenged at our own individual pace.

Dream of being one of the world champion Black Sox? It all starts with joining the Tee Sox.

Tee Sox is Softball New Zealand’s programme for 5 to 8-year-olds, designed for them to learn the basic skills of softball in a safe and supporting environment.

The Tee Sox season runs from October to March and is all about discovery, fun and participation.

T-Ball is a natural and longstanding introduction to softball. Removing the element of pitching and making hitting easy, it’s assessable and fun for both girls and boys.

With Tee Sox we’ve created a modified version of the game with a softer ball, rotation of positions and equal play time for all kids. This means youngsters are in an environment where everyone can experience a measure of success and are more likely to have fun and remain in the game.

There’s a strong focus on learning through play – throwing, fielding and the tricks of hitting a ball with a bat – but it’s also about enjoyment and social interaction. Games are usually completed in 45 minutes and there is often a family atmosphere around the grounds and in the clubhouse, making Tee Sox a great introduction to the club environment for kids and their families.

Softball is a great family game and there are also opportunities for mum and dad to play socially – just ask your local club.

From age 8 children progress from Tee Sox to Rookie Sox, which provides an easy transition to softball and the introduction of pitching.


FOCUS: Fun and participation Tee-Sox-763
TECHNICAL SKILLS: Fundamental softball skills:
  • Base running
  • Throwing
  • Catching with glove
  • Striking
  • Ground fielding
TACTICAL: Simple rules
  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Speed
  • Playing with others
  • Introduce fair play concepts
  • Encourage positive attitudes and the importance of making a good effort
  • Using imagination
  • Simple rules and ethics
  • Introduction to T- Ball
  • Rotate positions
  • Equal playing time
  • Use 11inch flexi ball
  • Up to 45 minutes
  • Modified equipment and activities
  • Appropriate skill progressions
  • High levels of activity
  • Positive environment
  • Emphasis on learning through play



iCoach is a series of ten instructional coaching videos, aimed at parents who are new to coaching softball, and provide tips, warm-ups and games for each week of training. Check it out!

Coaching Resources available to purchase from Softball New Zealand, all prices are GST inclusive. Postage extra.

T-ball-passport.jpg T-Ball Skills Passport Set - $12 per set

Resources to help the beginner or parent coach teach the basic fundamentals of the game for T-Ball age players (6-9 years). The set comes with a Coach Guidelines Booklet, 12 x Players Passport Booklets & Black & Gold Stickers to reward the child when a simple skills test is achieved correctly.
  T-Ball Frequently Asked Questions

Download here
rules Tee Sox & Rookie Sox Rules + Modified Games

This resource includes playing rules and modified games suited towards Tee Sox (5-8yrs) and Rookie Sox Sox (9-12yrs).
Games and rules have been provided to create a more consistent and suitable playing field across New Zealand for these key age groups. The rules are recommended for you to incorporate in your own leagues. 

Download here



Foundation Coach - Stage 2, Phase 1

Phase 1 is about sharing your knowledge and experience, making softball fun and giving everyone a go.
The foundation coach will play an important role in making sure players learn to enjoy softball and other physical activities. Phase 1 is designed to help you as the coach get started in coaching. It covers basic yet important information to help the coach understand individuals and the team through the fundamentals.

t-ball-unit.jpg Coach T-Ball Unit - $10.00

For T-Ball Coaches, Parents or Teachers

The Coach T-Ball Unit is the first step on the Softball New Zealand Coach Pathway. The 1 hour practical unit is ideal for someone with little or no experience of coaching who wants to learn how to teach T-Ball to children. The unit provides information on basic coaching guidelines and skills and drills specifically for T-Ball.

Participants receive accreditation, a course booklet and certificate of recognition.

Phase 1 of the Softball New Zealand Coach Accreditation Programme is available online with additional modules to be added. To access the online format please register for a login and password by emailing SNZ.