US Student-Athletes



The following player profiles are of Softballers who have completed or partway through a US college scholarship. Please note some players profiled are nationalised New Zealanders or have a New Zealand passport.
Name College Years Degree (or currently studying)
Lace Tangianau Angelina College 2021  
Beth Reid Florida Southwestern State 2021 -  Bachelor of General Studies
Veronica Elsis Barton Community College 2021 -   
Briana Henson Western Nebraska Community College 2020 -  Nursing
Denva Shaw-Tait Eastern Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania 2019 -  
Marama Makea Lake Land College, Illinois 2019 - 2021 Psychology
Pallas Potter Florida South Western, Florida 2019 -  
Reegan Leppien Eastern Arizona College, Arizona 2019 -  Associate of General Studies Degree
Brittany Terrey Indian Hills Community College, Iowa, then Salt Lake Community College, Utah 2018 -  Associates of Arts
Kelley Renner University of California, San Diego 2018 -   
Mikayla Lewin Chipola College, Florida
Florida Tech, Florida
2018 -  Associates Degree, Major:  Engineering
Mereana Makea South Florida College, Florida 2017 - 2018  
Courtney Gettins Florida Southwestern State College then University of Alabamba, Alabama 2016 - Psychology
Pania Monk Eastern Arizona College, Arizona 2016 - 2017  
Amy Begg Morgan State University, Baltimore 2015 - 2018 Sociology
Cassie Siataga Midland College, Texas 2015 -  
Charryl Moody Columbia College, Missouri 2015-2017 Kinesology
Danica Ferriso Midland College, Texas 2015 -  
Ellie Cooper Florida State University, Florida 2015 - 2017 Sport Management
Emma Houkamau Eastern Arizona College, Arizona 2015 - 2016  
Kayla Rangiawha South Florida College, Florida 2015 - 2017 Physiotherapy
Loran Parker Eastern Arizona College, Arizona 2015 - 2016 Bachelors of General Studies
Mikayla Wirehiko South Florida College, Florida 2015 -  
Tyneesha Houkamau Midland College, now at Colorado Mesa, Colorado 2015 - 2017  
Erika Avery University of Ave Maria, Florida 2013 - 2014  
Courtney Maihi Colorado Mesa University, Colorado 2012 - Accounting
Hailey Breakwell Idaho State University, Idaho 2012-2015 Sports Management
Hayley Davis Cal State San Marcos University, California 2012-2014 Biochemistry
Kingsley Avery University of Ave Maria, Florida 2012-2016 Humanities and Liberal Studies
Kyrsta Hoani Tallahase Community College, Florida 2012-2014 Business/Sports Management
Rita Hokianga Eastern Arizona College, then West Texas A&M, Texas 2012-2015 Bachelors of General Studies
Taylor-Paige Stewart University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin 2012-2016 Neurobiology
Te Reo Powhiri Matatuia Nova Southeastern University, Florida 2012 - 2015 Exercise and Sport’s Science. Human Movement and Sport’s Science
Nyree White Stanford University, California 2011 - 2016 Psychology, BA
Lara Andrews University of Delaware, Delaware 2009-2013 Human Development and family Studies
Melanie Gettins Iona Community College, New York 2008-2011 Accounting
Stefanie Smith California State University Long Beach, California 2005-2012 Comparative World Literature- Classics
Brooke Lockhart Southeastern Louisiana University, Louisiana 2004-2008 Bachelor of Science (Mathematics)
      Bachelor of Science followed by a Juris Doctor Degree
Jorja Bell (Loftin) Auburn University, Alabama 2004-2008  
Ali Manley University of Iowa, Iowa 2003 - 2006 Bachelor of Science, Sport and Exercise Science
Megan Cross Southern Oregon University, Oregon 2003-2006 BSc: Health Promotion & Fitness Management, Minor: Business
Leslie King Cal State San Marcos University, California 1981-1985 Physical Education
Venita Hokai Arizona State, Arizona 1981-1985 Applied Science degree in Administration of Justice
Debbie Mygind Cal State Fullerton, California    

Check out Kayla Rangiawha training with Centurion Athletic Performance NZ.
Kayla is currently studying and playing for Florida South Western State College in the US.

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