Club Tool Box

The SNZ Club Tool Box has been created to help support and develop our Softball clubs and associations. The Tool Box is an easy to use section where a range of knowledge, information, resources and links (softball specific and general) has been provided to assist in the development of your club or Association.

The Club Tool Box will be updated with new information and material regularly as we hope to arm you with as much useful information as possible, so please continue to check for further updates.

We wish you all the best.

The SNZ Team

It's not OK has released a free toolkit called "Not our game" to help sports clubs and teams play an active role in preventing family violence.

Read more about what you can do in your club at

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Litefoot is a charitable trust led by top sportspeople . Their purpose is to inspire New Zealanders to be environmental champions.

To find out more about litefoot and to find out the benefits to your club (via liteCLUB) check out the relevant page in our club tool box “litefoot & liteCLUB”.

Currently only 3 % of our softball clubs are tapping into this service and we want more to be involved!! 

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Exult is one of New Zealand’s leading training providers for the community sector. Our mission is to provide training and support that inspires, equips and re-energises community organisations and we pride ourselves in providing practical resources in everyday language. We believe that people (and organisations) thrive when they are given real support without all the ‘fluff and jargon’ – so that’s what we do. Our vision is to see every non-profit working at their full potential.

We celebrate passionate people, strong communities, and the change that can occur when one person decides to make a difference.

So what do we actually do?  Well, we specialise in the business end of running an organisation - over the last 8 years literally thousands of people have taken part in our workshops and seminars across New Zealand. These cover a wide range of topics such as Sustainable Funding, Self-Management for Non-Profit Leaders, Secret of Sponsorship, Shoestring Marketing, Governance and Encouraging Innovation.  We can even design something specifically for you!
We also offer a range of consultancy services, speak at conferences, provide mentoring and produce a quarterly publication- Tonic Magazine – which is the go to magazine for all things non-profit!  For more information about our services and how we can help you, check out our website, have a  look at our Facebook page  or email

We would love to hear from you!
Rosie, Kerri and the Exult Team