Marketing and Promo

The Benefits of marketing and promotion can be huge.
Not only can it increase membership and awareness of your club /association, but well planned and effective marketing will help you understand your customer and the marketplace - and lead to informed decisions to help boost your membership.
Marketing can also
  1. Enhance your reputation,
  2. Creates opportunity
  3. Raises awareness
  4. Is value for money
What is marketing and promo?
Marketing focuses on finding out about your new or existing customer and tailoring your activities to their needs.
Promotion is about communicating what you have to offer, the products you have, your values etc to the community (or a target audience).
How does your club/association currently market & promote itself?
Before you start delving into the world of marketing (which can be as simple as you want it to be) find out the answers to the below.
  • How does the club / association currently market itself?
  • Who does the marketing and has a plan been created in the past you can refer to?
  • Is there any marketing, communication and promotional techniques the club prefer to use? 
  • How does the club/association communicate and promote itself to its current members and is this effective and efficient.
  • Have you considered how to involve club members in promoting the club to their friends and family?
  • Does your club/association currently use the media to promote itself or activities and if so has the club/association made useful contacts at local newspapers and radio stations to help regularly promote club activities 

For further information on marketing and promotion, read up on the additional info we provide you in this section of the club tool box around
  1. Making marketing and promo simple
  2. Ways to promote yourself
Please find below links and resources that may assist your club/association.  If you require further ideas or assistance with planning please contact your appointed SNZ Softball Officer 
Resource or link Description
role description for marketing and Promo subcommittee
A template role description that associations or clubs can alter as they wish.
Example marketing plan An example provided on how you could possibly market and promote a club/associations junior opening day.
Sample media release An emotive media release highlighting what to include in your media releases.