Simple marketing and promo

Making marketing and promotional communications simple

Taking into consideration information on how your club/association currently markets and promo’s itself, you can now start to mold an effective marketing campaign.  Look to include the following steps:
  • Identify the target audience e.g. current members, potential new members, schools, parents, children etc.
  • Understand the needs and interests of each target audience. This may require you to undertake some research (a survey, talk to your local Regional Sports Trust etc.)
  • Determine why you want to communicate with your target audience e.g. raise awareness, increase knowledge and understanding, create a desire or preference for your programs, elicit a response or action
  • Design the message you want to send out, it’s content, structure, and format. Get you’re your message noticed above other competing messages you need to show what makes you unique or appealing (i.e. what you offer that no-one else does)
  • Establish if you have a budget to use
  • Select the media or communication channels you are going to use. Example: mainstream or trade print (magazines, newspapers, direct mail); broadcast (TV, radio); electronic (Internet, social media, email,);display media (noticeboards, posters, signs)
  • Measure the results e.g. responses, new members, more spectators
  • Manage the process.