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The following player profiles are of Softballers who have completed or partway through a US college scholarship. Please note some players profiled are nationalised New Zealanders or have a New Zealand passport.

Amy Begg
Position(s): Pitcher
Iwi: Ngai Tahu
Place of birth: Christchurch
National team honours: Junior White Sox Non travelling reserve 2013-2014, Junior White Sox 2015-16

University: Morgan State University
City/State: Baltimore, Maryland
Website: Here
Player Bio: Here
Degree: Sociology
Year Started - Completed: 2015-2018

Instagram account: @amyrosebegg
"I am loving the US College experience, from the level of softball, to the lifelong friends I have made. I would highly recommend any Softballer to grab the opportunity if you can, it’s a huge step to leave family, friends and home but I am so glad I took the opportunity because I am having the time of my life. I go to school during the day to gain a University Degree and I also get to do the sport I love, softball. Time management is an important skill I have learnt as training before and after classes and playing while maintaining my studies has been a learning curve. I have travelled to many different parts of the United States going to tournaments and seeing places I would never of if it wasn’t for College Softball. I never would have thought attending a US College was a possibility, let alone a NCAA Division 1 University for 4 years to play softball and earn a University Degree but here I am living my dream!"
Ali Manley

Name: Ali Manley (nee Arnold)
Position(s): Pitcher
Iwi: Ngati Kahungunu
Place of Birth:  Bloomington, Illinois, USA
National team honours: White Sox - 2002-2010; 2 World Series, 2002 Saskatoon, 2006 Beijing
University: University of Iowa
City/State: Iowa City, Iowa
Player bio: All B1G Conference selection; NFCA All-Region selection; 3x team captain
Degree: Bachelor of Science, Sport and Exercise Science
Year started - completed: 2003-2006
Instagram account: @amanley14
Where do you live now: Downs, Illinois
Occupation: Community Health and Wellness at Advocate BroMenn Medical Center
"Growing up, I never dreamed of playing in the US College System, I wanted to play for New Zealand instead. I never played with the aspirations of being recruited by D1 schools, that is something that just came along with playing the game hard and having success at the national level at a young age. I was fortunate enough to field multiple scholarship offers and eventually chose the University of Iowa because I wanted to compete at the highest level and fell in love with the B1G Conference. I wanted to play the toughest schools like the University of Michigan and Northwestern University. The D1 level is not for everyone - the demand on the athlete is extremely intense, but that is what I loved. Weight lifting 4-5 times per week, running and conditioning 3-4 times per week, 3+ hour practices every day, with one day off is what you can expect. For me, it kept me on track, kept me disciplined and helped me stay on path to graduate. There was no time to get distracted and I was there to do a job. You have to have an incredible work ethic, discipline, time management and a competitive drive to keep you going and make it through the 4 years."
Brooke Oakley
Name: Brooke Lockhart (nee Lockhart)
Position(s): Outfield
Place of birth: Dunedin
National team honours: Junior White Sox (2002 Junior World Championship), White Sox (2006 and 2010 World Championships)
University: Southeastern Louisiana University
City/State: Hammond, Louisiana
Player Bio: 2008 Academic All-America 3rd team.
Degree: Bachelor of Science (Mathematics)
Year started - completed: 2004-2008

Where do you live now: Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Occupation: Meteorologist
"The US College System was a great experience for me, and definitely improved my softball skills. Our program was very structured with strength and conditioning training early in the morning, classes before lunch, then softball training in the afternoon. During the season we played over 50 games, many of them as part of road trips. It was hard work, but I also had lots of fun times, and came away with a quality education and plenty of fond memories."
Charryl Moody
Position(s): Utility/Infield (corners).
Place of birth: Christchurch, New Zealand
National team honours: Junior White Sox 2009
University: Columbia College
City/State: Columbia, Missouri
Website: Here
Player Bio: Here
Degree: Associates Degree in Arts (Liberal)
Year Started - Completed: Fall 2015 to May 2017.

Instagram account: |@columbia_softball, or @columbiacougars.

Where do you live now: I will live in Atlanta, Georgia, until I can’t, or Trump becomes president, and then it will be back to Christchurch.
Occupation: Still a student, but will be working full time over the summer at the Metro Atlanta YMCA as a day counselor, gaining more experience to eventually become a teacher.
Courtney Gettins
Position(s): Pitcher
Iwi: Ngati Kahungunu
Place of birth: Hastings, Hawkes Bay
National team honours: Junior White Sox 2013-15 and White Sox 2014-16
University: Florida SouthWestern College
City/State: Fort Myers, Florida
Player bio: Here
Degree: Kinesology
Year started - completed: 2015-2017
Instagram account: @courtneygettins
"My college experience here at FSW so far has been amazing. Not only have I had the chance to play a higher level of softball on a regular basis I have been able to do it with two other New Zealand Junior White Sox players.  Being given this opportunity has taught me many things on and off the diamond.  You learn a lot about work ethic, time management and a lot about your self as an individual.  As my freshman year is coming to an end I look back at the year we have had and wouldn’t change a thing.  Moving half way across the world to peruse my dream was the best decision I could have made. I have gained knowledge and been able to look at the game with a different perspective.  What I have learn't I hope to pass on to the National team and to people back in New Zealand to help us improve on the world stage." 
Hailey Breakwell
Position(s): Shortstop
Place of birth: Redwood City, California USA
National team honours: 2016 White Sox
University: Idaho State University
City/State: Pocatello, Idaho
Player bio: Here
Degree: Sports Management
Year started - completed: 2012-2015
Instagram account: @breaky03

Where do you live now: Napa, CA
Occupation: Office Administrator at EJ Sports, LLC. Hitting instructor at Rick Robben Hitting. Plan on attending graduate school in the fall.
"Being a student-athlete was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Being able to earn scholarship at a Division I school to play the sport I love while getting an education was a dream come true. Being a student-athlete is such a valuable experience, that not many people get the privilege of doing. It's definitely not easy but that's what I loved about it. School and softball become your life but I wouldn't have had it any other way. Your teammates and coaches become your family. It's a special thing to be apart of something bigger than yourself and truly learn what it takes to be a successful. The lifelong friends and memories I made while playing softball in college will be with me for the rest of my life. Being a student-athlete and putting in hours on hours of hard work in the classroom and on the field is such a rewarding experience. I learned so many life lessons and really found out that you can accomplish anything you want with hard work and determination. I was fortunate to play against some of the best teams and players in DI softball and also win 3 conference championships while I was at ISU, I will cherish those experiences for the rest of my life. College softball is such a great experience and really teaches you the discipline and hard work that you need to be successful in the real world. If you are willing to put in the work, college softball can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life."
Hayley Davis
Position(s): Pitcher/First Base
Place of birth: Wellington, New Zealand
National team honours: Junior White Sox 2011

Played for two universities:
University: Mississippi
City/State: Oxford, Mississippi
Website: Here
Player bio: Here
Degree: Pharmacy
Year started - completed: 2012

University: Cal State University - San Marcos
City/State: San Marcos, California

Website: Here
Player bio: Here
Degree: Biochemistry (pre-pharmacy)
Year started - completed: 2014
Instagram account: hayleytaylor123
Where do you live now: Oxford, Mississippi
Occupation: I am pursuing my PharmD at the university of Mississippi. I also work at the local middle school as a math tutor and volunteer with their softball program.
"Although I didn't get the softball career I had always dreamt of, going to college on an athletic scholarship brought so much more to my life than I could have ever anticipated. It allowed me to travel the United States, pursue my dream degree/career, and gave me two jobs during college, all whilst having to pay very little out of my own pocket. I have met some of my best friends and had some of my favorite memories all because I chose to work hard in softball and school and attend university on a softball scholarship."
Jorja Loftin
Name: Jorja Loftin (nee Bell)
Position(s): Catcher/First Base
Place of birth: Hong Kong, but I was raised in Auckland
National team honours: Junior White Sox 2002-2004 White Sox 2004-2005
University: Auburn University
City/State: Auburn, Alabama
Player bio: Here
Degree: Bachelor of Science followed by a Juris Doctor Degree
Year started - completed: Started Fall 2004 - Graduated Fall 2007. 
I was in graduate school for my senior season (Spring 2008).
Instagram account: @AU_Kiwi
Where do you live now: Phenix City, Alabama
Occupation: Attorney
"I truly believe that in order to improve and grow as a player you have to play against the best on a regular basis.  To me, that meant playing in the US college system.  The level of softball in Division I and the SEC is a level that I had only seen on the international scene.  In fact, it was not uncommon to be playing alongside, or against, team USA members or even members of other national teams.  To play at that level we trained...a lot.  We had strength and conditioning, individual coaching sessions, film sessions, team practices, and meetings to develop the mental side of our game.  Through all of this, I formed friendships that are more like family, received a lot of under armor gear and softball equipment, and graduated with an education to fall back on when my softball career came to an end.  

Division I is not for everyone though.  You are a student before you are an athlete; however, that doesn't mean there is a lot of time to study.  During the season we would miss a lot of classes and only get one day off a week.  This day off meant we didn't have practice, but we still had to go to class.  

The opportunities that come from playing softball in the USA are endless.  You get out what you put into it.  My career at Auburn was truly a dream come true.  War Eagle!"
Kayla Rangiawha
Position(s): Catcher, 1st base
Iwi: Tainui
Place of birth: Wellington, NZ.
National team honours: Junior White Sox
University: Florida SouthWestern State College
City/State: Fort Myers, Florida
Player bio: here
Degree: Physiotherapy
Year started - completed: 2015-2017

Instagram account: @kaylarangiawha
"Playing Softball in America has been a dream of mine for many years. Not only have I been able to play the game I love, but I am able to complete my studies at the same time. I have been privileged to attend Florida South Western with a great bunch of players who share the same drive and passion. Over my first year here I have been able to increase my knowledge and skill levels giving credit to my incredible coaches who know the game inside and out. Experiences like this not only teaches you skills on the field and in the classroom, but you learn a lot about yourself as a person. I have enjoyed every single moment, and I am extremely blessed to be able to participate in this experience."
Kingsley Avery
Position(s): Center fielder, lead off slapper
Place of birth: Auckland, New Zealand
National team honours: Junior White Sox and White Sox (three World Series) and one to come!!
University: Ave Maria University
City/State: Florida
Player bio: here
Degree: Humanities and Liberal Studies
Year started - completed: 2012-2016

Instagram account: @KingsleyAvery
Where do you live now: Moving back to NZ pre-world series but may travel to Italy and NYC for different opportunities in the next year.
Occupation: Aspiring Screenwriter, Novelist and Poet.
"Playing Softball overseas for Ave Maria University gave me four of the most exciting, diverse and challenging years of my life. Not only did I get the opportunity to grow in the game I love but I also gained a community of life long friends, a top notch education, and many enriching experiences.
As an aspiring writer, there was nothing better for me than to grow in knowledge of the liberal arts, be put out of my comfort zone, and gain a different appreciation for the world, life and the game of softball.
I was so proud to be an ambassador of my country but also to be divulged in another way of life. I committed to Ave
Maria within two weeks of looking at it, and that leap, a risk and intuition, was one of the best decisions I have ever made."
Krysta Hoani
Position(s): Pitcher/Outfield
Iwi: Ngapuhi/ Ngaiterangi
Place of birth: Auckland, New Zealand
National team honours: Junior White Sox 2011 and White Sox 2012
University: Tallahassee Community College
City/State: Tallahassee, Florida
Degree: Business/Sports Management
Year started - completed: 2012-2014
Instagram account: @krystahoanii
Where do you live now: Auckland, New Zealand
Occupation: Specialist Furniture Representative - OfficeMax
"Junior College has been a huge eye opener towards my softball career. The school work and training ethics are extremely amazing and incomparable to what we get offered here in New Zealand. Practicing 5-7 days per week, 5am weights, Road tripping hours away to play double headers - to having study hall everyday is something I will cherish immensely. It has not only taught me life lessons on and off the field but it has now set me up with friends for life. I will always look back on my 2 years experience in the USA and be thankful it was well worth it." :) x
Lara Andrews
Position(s): 3rd, Outfield and catcher
Iwi: Ngati Ruanui
Place of birth: Lower Hutt
National team honours: Junior White Sox 2007 and White Sox 2005-08 and 2009-2016 

University: University of Delaware
City/State: Newark, DE
Player bio: Here
Degree: Human Development and family Studies
Year started - completed: 2009-2013
Completed master’s degree: 2013-2015

Instagram account: lara_andrews

Where do you live now: Still pursuing my Doctorate at the same institution
Occupation: PhD Student

"Pursuing your dreams means sacrifice and hard work. Sometimes you will have to do things you don’t necessarily want to do, or push yourself harder than you thought you could possibly work. But that’s the beauty of this journey. I guarantee you will learn more about yourself and your own values. You will gain experiences on and off the field which will both equally contribute to making you a better all-round person and a better all-round player. The hardest thing in life is to make a discussion to leave your home and your family, however, I promise you - it is at least worth a try. Because at the end of the day you can ALWAYS come home."
Loran Parker

Position: Pitcher
Place of birth: Auckland
National team honours: Junior White Sox training squad, Junior White Sox non travelling reserve
University: Eastern Arizona College
State: Arizona
Player bio: Here
Degree: General studies
Year started - Completed: 2015 -
Instagram: @lo_lo_nz
Video: Here

Occupation: Still in college
"My experience in the US college system has been one of the most challenging but rewarding experiences. It was hard to leave home at first but being immersed in the sport I love 24/7 made it easier. Being part of the softball team gave me an immediate family who I could go to whenever times got hard. I am lucky enough to have come to a nationally ranked program and gone to the national tournament my first year and am on the way to achieving this again my second year. If I can I would like to stay in the states and transfer to a bigger university."
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