Passing of Michael Mulholland

Mike started playing softball for the Marist in Wellington before transferring to the Island Bay Softball Club in 1961. Two of Mikes brothers L and Peter Mulholland played for Island Bay in the 1950s. He played third base for Island Bay until he retired from the game and became a softball umpire. Mike qualified for his NZSA Umpires Badge in 1970. One of the national tournaments he attended was in Hastings.

He umpired at the IVth Men’s World Championship in Lower Hutt in 1976 alongside fellow New Zealander Dave England. In 1978 he accompanied the N Z Women’s team to the IVth Women’s World Championship in El Salvador as NZ’s umpire. Mike also went to Australia as umpire at the South Pacific Classic, 1985.

From 1984 until 1990 Mike was Chief Umpire for the Hutt Valley Softball association.
From 1986 until 1988 Mike was Softball New Zealand’s deputy Chief Umpire.
In 1986 Mike umpired at the VIth Women’s World Championship in Auckland, New Zealand.
Around 2008 Mike moved to the Wairarapa and joined up with the Giants club, umpiring their home games. Later he moved to a lifestyle block north on Masterton, near the Mount Brice Bird reserve.

He passed away on the 7thy February 2024.