Passing of Megan Tasker

Funeral Ceremony for Megan Tasker
Held on Wednesday 26th September 2018

Introduction and Welcome

On behalf of the TASKER family, I would like to welcome everyone here today to celebrate and to honour MEGAN JENNA TASKER.

This amazing young woman who has left an incredible impact - on everyone she met.

My name is Nicky Edgar, and I feel very privileged to have been asked to lead us through MEGAN’S ceremony today.
Before we begin, a friendly reminder in respect for MEGAN.  Your much-loved MEGAN has finished her journey with us,
and her essence has passed on to a new phase and although you grieve as one, we are grateful that we have been touched by her strong spirit, her love of life and her generous heart.

We don’t get to choose how, or when, or where our physical life ends but we can decide how we are going to live.  And live – MEGAN certainly did.  Spending time with her family these past few days and listening to stories about her there is no doubt that she lived a very full and rich life.  She was a beautiful woman full of life and energy.  A woman who greatly cared and loved her family and friends.  You have to wonder how she managed to fit so much into her life, and yet she always had time for you all.  MEGAN had a way of making you feel special.  Even near the end of her life – she was constantly asking everyone how they were!  

We are sustained by the love, the companionship and the encouragement of those who walk beside us.  MEGAN’S family and partner have walked with her through her journey of her illness.  Tenderly, lovingly as one strong unit.  

So today our thoughts are particularly with MEGAN’S mum and dad Ingrid and Barry, Twin brother Ryan and his wife Ashleigh, Sister Amber and her husband John, and their children Ziara and Yaniah.  Her partner Richard.  Her Aunties, Uncles and cousins, and of course all of her amazing friends.

There will be an opportunity later in the service for anyone who wishes to come forward to say a few words, perhaps to share a memory or a sense of what MEGAN has meant to you.  Please do this if you can as it is our combined experience of MEGAN that will help paint a picture of all aspects of her life.

Finally after shared stories we will give MEGAN back to nature from where she came. MEGAN will then go on her final journey through to Karori where she will be cremated.  

To begin, I’m going to give a brief overview of MEGAN’S life, followed by stories from her family.


On the first day of Spring 1987 Ingrid and Barry became the proud parents to twins.  Firstly Ryan then a few minutes later MEGAN.  Elder sister Amber who was nearly 5 when the twins were born was referred to by them as ‘Mother Hen, or Second Mother’.  When the twins were 1 the TASKER family moved from Johnsonville to Tawa and have been in their family home ever since.  MEGAN and Ryan attended Tawa School, Redwood School, Tawa Intermediate then Tawa College.  MEGAN excelled in everything she did at school, the arts and academia.  But, from a very early ageit was pretty obvious to all
that she had an exceptional talent for sport.  Particularly Softball.  T Ball started for her at age 4 and her determined ‘give anything and everything a go’ attitude to the best of her ability shone through and meant that she achieved the highest honours.  Playing in every age group representative side for Wellington then the huge accolade of representing her country
for the White Sox.  MEGAN’S position was catcher for most of her career, but played at 1st base whenever she was needed.
It wasn’t just softball she played.  MEGAN was a Wellington Rep for football and played for the Tawa, Marist and North Wellington clubs.  At Tawa College she played netball and also represented her school at cross country.  Those of you here that played along side MEGAN would have known her work ethic on and off the field and how strong a competitor she was.
She was pretty hard on herself and I’m told was often grumpy on the field because of this.  Besides school and sport
MEGAN did of course work as well and she got every job that she applied for.  Employers seeing something special in this talented young woman. 

In 2006 she went to Sweden to play softball for a season for the Naelsta team.  She also played in Milan in a Woman’s European premier cup and on finishing the season there she met up with Amber and they travelled around Europe together.  
Then in 2010, the whole family travelled to Holland for Amber’s wedding where MEGAN was one of her bridesmaids.
MEGAN had another overseas stint with softball in Denmark, playing for the Vikings in 2011.  In 2013 MEGAN moved cities and shifted to Christchurch then in July 2017 with her partner Richard decided to take on another adventure and move to Melbourne where her twin brother Ryan was already living.  On her 30th birthday last year MEGAN received the news that nobody wants to hear.  MEGAN was told that an x-ray on her lungs was abnormal and the beginning of this incredibly challenging time for MEGAN and her family began.

As most of you know - Megan was diagnosed with lung cancer only last year. After her initial diagnosis she underwent various surgeries and after being told the cancer had metastasized to her bones - endured every type of treatment and medical intervention available including 4 cycles of chemotherapy and trials of immunotherapy.  Megan WAS a warrior - she fought for her life in spite of the continual bad news, coping, accepting and enduring -always with a positive outlook.  The plan was for Megan to get well enough to go home to New Zealand. But cancer is a nebulous disease that in many instances can be unstoppable.  Tragically - no amount of strength, medical intervention or love could save Megan. After a final admission to Monash Hospital - Megan would finally succumb to the cruel disease that invaded her body - passing away surrounded by her family and their love.

MEGAN we remember your strength and courage, your talent and sporting achievements and your love and support to those around you. Your awesome smile, cheeky grin and how very proud you were of not only your entire family, but also all your friends.  In grief at your passing but in gratitude for your life and for the privilege of sharing it with you, we cremate your body,
for you to emerge as a bright new beautiful star in the night sky that surrounds us. We will always remember you and all that you have given to us in your life and we will value who you were for us.  Eventually in time we will find some solace and things will get a little easier, whilst never ever forgetting you MEGAN, but rather taking comfort in knowing you are with your Oma and Opa and your Tasker grandparents and having a ball always hitting some home runs.

Passing of Megan Tasker
14 September 2018

It is with much sadness we advise the passing of former White Sox player Megan Tasker.


Megan lost her battle with cancer in Melbourne yesterday. Condolences to Megan’s family and all those that were lucky enough to have known her.


Megan’s funeral details are:
11am Wednesday 26th September 2018.
Lychgate in Johnsonville, 7 Johnsonville Rd.

Megan will arrive home from Melbourne tomorrow. If anyone wishes to see her before Wednesday they can call Lychgate Johnsonville and organise a time after Sunday.