Passing of Charles Corlett

Passing of Keith Gerrie

Keith Gerrie played for North Island teams on three occasions, 1957, 59 and 60, and played for New Zealand against the Rest in 1955, 58 and 61 as a first basemen.
Keith played for the Miramar Club and represented Wellington for many years.  Keith was a life member of the Miramar Club and also for Wellington. Keith was responsible for a huge influx of children softballers at Miramar Softball Club when they had 24 Saturday morning teams.
Keith did the announcing of softball games on TV for many years.
Keith was also a New Zealand Councillor for over 20 years and a Distinguished Service award with Softball New Zealand.
Keith was the main driver for the development of Haitaiti Park, Wellington.
Keith worked for lighting firms outside Softball and he was involved in the designing and lighting of all the first softball fields to put in lighting. 
After moving to the North Shore Keith started up kids softball and took the first North Shore, as it was known then, to a National tournament where they finished up in the playoffs.
As you can see Keith was very involved with softball and had a big influence in the game.