Passing of A C Williams

Passing of AC Williams
02 September 2010

The relationship between Softball New Zealand and A C Williams spanned almost
40 years.

1966 and 1968 Hosted the New Zealand Men's team in Arizona when they were en route to the Men's World Series.s World Series.

1970 Managed a team from Prescott which toured throughout New Zealand.

Quote from NZ Annual Report following tour .”….without the efforts of A C Williams to bring this merry band of hikers to New Zealand we would not have had such a pleasurable tour.

1971 Brought the Arizona All Stars Women’s team to New Zealand.

1974 Organised a tour of Western US players to tour New Zealand.
While in New Zealand attended and spoke at a Council meeting of Softball New Zealand.

Hosted the NZ Women’s team and organised a series of matches for them.

1975 Hosted NZ Men while they were on North American tour and organised games for them in Prescott, Phoenix and Tucson.

1978 Hosted New Zealand Women’s team and organised games throughout the state when they were en route to World Series in San Salvador.

1987 Invited as Guest Speaker to Softball New Zealand’s Fiftieth Jubilee celebrations.

Throughout his association with New Zealand softball A C Williams has been the face of softball in the United States.

In the early years New Zealander players, used to arrive in the States, ring him and ask for advice, a bed or a team to play for. A C Williams was always prepared to organise a team and accommodation at short notice. He has been the “father figure” for many New Zealand softballers over the years including our best ever pitcher – Kevin Herlihy.

It was difficult for the game to get support in our own country and to have teams willing to tour here or host us abroad during those early years of our international development. “AC” was our best point of contact during that time and the person most willing to give us a helping hand in developing the game in the South Pacific.

His invitation to Softball New Zealand’s Fiftieth Jubilee celebrations was in recognition of what high regard he was held in New Zealand softball circles and also in recognition of the part he has played in the success of our players internationally.