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SNZ Scorers


26 August 2023: Beginner, Introduction, and Understanding Modules
There are several training modules available for our scorers. All but one are in PDF format. If you would like a PowerPoint copy, please contact Lynnette Leathart via her email.

The modules available are:
15 August 2023: Updated Scorer's Manual
Our Scorers' Manual has been updated. You will find the 2023 version here 

20 June 2023: Retirement of Coralie Davies

Coralie Davies, one of the first badged scorers in Manawatu, retired from scoring recently. Coralie is a dedicated scorer who has given outstanding service to Scoring in Manawatu. In honour of this, Carolie was awarded their first-ever life member on June 14th.


Coralie has been involved in many softball roles since she was a child. She is still a member 64 years after joining the Bramac Softball Club. Coralie gained her Scorer's badge in 1982. Since then, she has scored yearly as a club, national and international tournament scorer. Coralie was the White Sox scorer for several years. Included in her significant service are the roles of the Chief Scorer for Manawatu and Central Deputy Chief Scorer for the Softball NZ Scorers' Association. 


The SNZ Scorers Panel acknowledged Coralie's contribution by sending flowers on behalf of all scorers. To read the full citation for Coralie's life membership, click here.

22 August 2022: New SNZ Rulebook
You can view an online copy or purchase a hard copy from SNZ, your local association or a club. If purchasing from SNZ, contact Eugene Gilbert by email, at 021 537079, or (04) 5600 392. They cost $11 each, and postage will be added.