Today's New Age Umpire requires a unique set of skills and resources to officiate at all levels of the game.  As an umpire you must be able to demonstrate great rules knowledge, quick decision-making, an ability to explain and defend decisions and a willingness to keep the game moving at a steady pace.  You are in a position that requires you to be impartial at all times but be seen to have a positive impact and be a good role model to children, young adults, players, coaches, spectators and administrators.

SNZ's Umpiring Programme offers the opportunity for both males and females to realise their potential as a New Age Umpire and meet great people along the way.  Whether you want to umpire junior grade or senior grade, there is a career path for you.  All you need to become an umpire is an interest in the sport and a willingness to be involved.  It can be a rewarding career with great personal achievements and lifelong friendships.

Why don't you browse around the site and tap into the many resources we have to help assist you in becoming a New Age Umpire.