Balance is Better

Lara Andrews, New Zealand Softballer, talks about her role as a Sport New Zealand Balance is Better Champion.

The Balance is Better Champions programme aims to ensure all young people receive quality experiences in sport and better prepare athletes to reach their future potential as senior athletes, by putting the needs of the participants and athletes first.



Welcome to the Softball NZ Development section. Our game is played by girls and boys, men and women across the country and our club and school teams are part of almost every New Zealand community.

The Development section offers a wealth of valuable resources to assist players, coaches, officials, parents, teachers, and clubs with information to grow and develop the game of Softball across all levels throughout New Zealand

The resources developed within this section of the website have been designed to help attract new members with a participant focus. Through research and planning Softball NZ has tailored made programmes and products to engage and retain membership.

Softball NZ aligns with the ideologies of the Balance is Better ideologies, which are strongly reflected within our resources.