The size and activities of the sport and club will determine the kind of facilities needed.

A small club with just one team is unlikely to need the same scale club facilities as a large club with many teams.

Or maybe you are an association who needs to upgrade their facilities.

Whether it is to build a new or provide upgrades to your Association pavilion, or to resurfacing your diamonds, they all take time, planning, consent and money.

Things to start think about when building/upgrading or expanding your facilities:

  • What is your Associations needs facility wise? (list accordingly)
  • Why does your Association require these new facilities or upgrades?
  • Is this a project with high priority?
  • Does all of the committee agree with this project
  • Has a subcommittee been formed to work on this project and if so who are these people?
  • Have you created a budget
  • Are the costs attainable with fundraising and sponsorship contributions
  • Have you met with the Council to see if your facility or upgrade fit into their local plans or if they have an additional playing area they can designate to you?
  • Have you applied for consent?
  • Have you created a timeline of events

Profile an Association/club that has undergone an upgrade, new build, new diamonds or has relocated or found new playing grounds.


Information on things to consider about facilities

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