Social Media Marketing

The use of social media brings both opportunities and challenges for sports organisations, and therefore softball clubs / associations. Social media is an important tool to connect with our audience and the media in order to promote our game.

This guideline provides a process to help create a systematic course of action for the successful use of social media.

The guideline consists of a game plan with specific recommendations on how to develop and maximise social media as an effective tool. The guideline assumes that the clubs / associations are not using social media nor have a formal plan.

The following documents are part of the social media plan of Sofball NZ. They provide a better understanding of the work of Softball NZ and serve as exmaples for clubs and associations:

Social Media Plan: The social media plan of Softball NZ gives baseline numbers and consists of two focuses ("Grow audience" and "Brand and Softball awareness").

Landscape Analysis: This analysis provides a demographic and interests profile of the audience of different platforms (Website, Facebook, Twitter).

Annual Content Plan: This Excel spreadsheet allows to plan when to post different types of contet on different platforms.

Social Media Channel Content: This table determines which information will be published on which platform.