Softball is in an exciting period where our sport is getting more recognition in our media and on National TV thanks to the success of the Black Sox, our new sponsorship deals, a more strategic approach to our media profile, and coverage of International matches held in NZ with thanks to SKY TV. 
Even though SNZ  is getting more coverage than in the past, we are constantly looking for ways to increase our brand awareness and coverage of our sport to reach a larger domestic audience.
At a regional level it comes down to associations and clubs knowing how to access the media, so you can get your voice heard and our message across.
Many softball clubs/Associations have been successful in gaining positive media attention to increase the profile of the sport at a community level, but it does take some planning, preparation and persistence.
So how can you educate news reporters and editors about Softball issues, and get them to increase the profile of Softball?
The following downloads will assist your club/Association in getting a story or event covered by the media. They will provide you information that will help you to access mainstream, community and online media. These resources will include tips on how to get your club/Association perspectives into the news; and how to create your own communications strategy, organise media events, write news releases, and pitch story ideas to the press.
Resource or link  Description 
Accessing the media Information on accessing mainstream media, assessing community media and ideas on where to create more media presence on the internet
Writing a news release A “what to include” in a news release along with an example
Writing a news story Tips on what you can write about, what type of news story is it, and How to structure your article

The above documents have been sourced from Media Awareness Network.