Modified & Recreational (Life Stages)

Softball New Zealand recognises the importance of providing opportunities for all New Zealander's to engage in Softball in a way that brings them satisfaction, good health, fun, recognition and provides valuable learnings to all participants playing some form of the game. 

The Modified and Recreational framework has been developed in collaboration with Sport NZ – Physical Literacy philosophy and in line with the SNZ Player Pathway. It has been developed in a way that provides associations, clubs and schools with a means of reference to develop a consistent and co-ordinated approach to all softball programs in both modified and recreational forms.



As we travel through life our motivation and ability to be active changes. It changes due to our environment and the commitments we have during different life stages. Therefore as a sport it is important we deliver consistent, quality experiences meeting the needs of participants through competitive, modified and recreational softball.

To encourage ongoing participation for all SNZ has packaged a number of softball products in a varied and interesting way. Modifying Softball to foster skill development and to emphasise the social and fun aspects will help to ensure interest and allow satisfaction for all participants.


How should we present Softball?

People need to feel they are getting a fair go in their Softball. Modified rules, games and equipment assist in doing this and help people to experience success.


Softballers may choose not to specialise in Softball and prefer to play recreational Softball. Recreational participation may be an option during or after specialising in Softball.

This is a desirable option for young people and may lead to the ultimate goal of life-long participation. The main aim is to have fun through playing Softball and spending time with friends.

Training can be in the form of games aimed at maintaining and improving basic Softball skills and technical proficiency.

Some young people in the recreational participation phase look for a competitive Softball experience, while others prefer competitions focusing on social outcomes and fun.

The following recreational games are now available:  

The modified games identified in this framework have been created for youngsters from a very young age to those in their more senior years. The games have been developed following consultation with coaches and associations around New Zealand. Games have been modified to provide a more suitable playing field dependant on the age and capability of the player. The rules are recommended for associations and clubs to incorporate in their own leagues. 

By providing modified games of softball, everyone is in an environment where they can experience a measure of success and are therefore more likely to remain in the game or move to a more competitive level of the game.

The following modified games are now available: