• Perfect for young and old, male and female
  • Indoor games 30-40 mins - schools
  • Indoor games 45-60 mins - competitive
  • Lite flight balls or flexi balls are used
  • Teams of up to 12 players per side
  • Played at school or after work
  • Great for fitness all year round

Arena softball is a variation of traditional softball. The rules of the game are somewhat different and it's played inside. Because of this, you can play it year-round and the games are never rained out. Arena softball is a great sport and a good way to get some exercise and spend time with friends or co-workers.

An entire field where every hit is in play no more standing in the outfield with no action. Balls are played off the wall. Outfielders have the ability to throw runners out. Double plays...and even triple plays, are always within reach. Everyone stays with the action.

It's a game for the young and not so young, for men and women and it's a game that everyone can play, no matter what your skill levels are. It's a game that people love instantly, and come back to play again.


Two variations of Arena Softball are available for download, Arena Schools and Arena Competitive.



Tee Sox (5-8yrs) | Kiwi Sox (Primary & Intermediate Schools) | Rookie Sox (9-12yrs) | Emerging Sox (13-18yrs) | Major Sox (Adult)