• A game designed to be played competitively and recreationally by those over the age of 35
  • Covers 3 age groups for men and women
  • A popular international game with world masters every four years
  • Rules are the same as international Softball rules as governed by the world body, WBSC-SD.



Masters is a very popular version of softball for those over the age of 35+. Masters events are played domestically and internationally.

Tournaments often accommodate men and women and typically cover three age divisions +35, +45 and 55+ across three grades, as below.
  • A Grade (Competitive) - Men and Women: 35+ and 45+
  • B Grade (Recreational) - Men and Women: 35+ and 45+
  • Open - Men and Women: 55+

For teams, the category you compete in is based on the age of the youngest team member by a particular date.

The expected number of competitors at the 2017 World Masters Games is 1800. For more information on this event click here.

New Zealand Masters Games
The largest multi-sport event in New Zealand.  5,000+ participants who will enjoy more than 50 different sports and world class nightly entertainment in the Games Village located in Whanganui’s CBD. Click here for more info.
  • Slow pitch - 4 to 5 Feb, 2017
  • Fast pitch - 6 to 7 Feb, 2017

Click here for the poster.

Masters rules are the same as the Softball with some minor adjustments.

Major Sox (Adult)