• A modified game of softball played competitively and socially around the world
  • Standard 12 inch Softball used
  • The ball is pitched slowly with an arc of between 1.8 and 3.6 meters from the ground.
  • 10 players on defence at one time (One additional outfielder)
  • Various classes available to meet the needs of competitive and social play
  • Played from 13 years and up.

Slo-Pitch is a derivative of Softball where the ball is pitched slowly (underhand) to the batter. The emphasis of the game is on hitting and to encourage the batter to put the ball in play. There is no bunting or stealing and the game is played on a softball diamond with an extended home run fence.
Slo-Pitch is "one of, if not" the most popular recreational game in North America today. Millions of players across the continent pick up a bat and glove and play this modified game of softball through community and business leagues.
The game is played in many forms from both genders to mixed, and from social to competitive.
The Battle of the Border between Canada and USA is an annual affair between the national men’s teams. Team USA has won six of the last seven meetings, most recently defeating Team Canada 22-7 last year in Midland, Michigan, 2015.


Slo-Pitch softball is played by sets of rules dependent upon the particular league, level of play, and class of program. As such, it would be an incredible feat to list every Slo-Pitch rule; however, similarities exist across all levels of play.

The Slo-Pitch rules provided are mainstream covering a wide range of levels. Download the SNZ Slo-Pitch rules here.



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