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Congratulations to the following players who have been selected into the 2017 Emerging Sox U17 Boys Squad.
The squad will be involved in a 3 day camp from 7-9 April 2017 and then two further camps in the term holidays in September and December 2017. This will lead into an Emerging Sox tour which will occur in 2018.

  • This squad was selected by Emerging Sox U17 Head Coach Kurtis Tomkins and Junior Black Sox Assistant Coach Jarrad Martin
  • This squad selected out of the National U17 tournament is all eligible for the 2020 Junior World U19 Championships (born 2001). Any U17 athlete that was not in this age bracket (born 2000) is under consideration for the Junior Black Sox squad that is preparing for the 2018 World Championship. This Junior Black Sox squad will be named next week
  • Athletes that were U15 (born 2002) but played in the U17 championships were left for inclusion in the Developing Sox U15 squad rather than naming them in two squads
  • Detailed information on the Emerging Sox U17 Boys Program will be release direct to the athletes over the coming week. 

New Zealand Emerging Sox U17 Boys Squad 2017
Taine Slaughter (Auckland)
Dylan Tonkin (Auckland)
Max Earley (Auckland)
Brock Evans (Auckland)
Trent Fa'aofo (Auckland)
Keani Williams (Auckland)
Charles Terei (Auckland)
Nathan Tuaineiti-Watson (Auckland)
Jontae MacDonald (Upper South Island)
Cristian Farrow (Upper South Island)
Cody Tanner (Counties Manukau)
Logan Fraser-List (North Harbour)
Sage Shaw-Tait (Hutt Valley)
Kupa Isherwood (Hawkes Bay)
Joshua Cheung (Wellington)
Te Hoera Sullivan (Wellington)
Liam Bassick (Manawatu)
Te Korewa Reihana (Tairawhiti)
Josh Brown (Canterbury)
Caleb Stewart (Canterbury)  

Darren Smith
High Performance Director
Softball New Zealand


7 April, 2016

Ramblers Women’s Team Manager Debbie Townley will support Head Coach Kurtis Tomkins as Manager of the Emerging Sox Boys Team. 

The Emerging Sox Boys Team will compete at the Friendship games in Sydney, Australia this July. Townley has many years in the game through various roles and will bring wealth of experience to the under 17 programme. 


15 Feb, 2016

Head Coach of the New Zealand Emerging Sox Boys Team Kurtis Tomkins has named a 15 man squad to compete in the Friendship Games this June-July in Sydney Australia.
The Softball New Zealand President Lyn Lockhart proudly announces the New Zealand Emerging Sox Boys Team.
Liam Udy-Johns, Manaaki Aranui (Hawkes Bay), Ash Reihana, Jakzon Quinn (Canterbury), Brad Carson (Hutt Valley), Kody Clueard, Andre Hart, Tobias Makisi (Wellington), Huw Davies, Jared Fuamatu, Seth Gibson, Harley Layt-Maynard (Auckland), Joshua Kelly, Caleb Delany (Nelson), Zachary Pene (Waikato)

Non Travelling Reserves
Jayden Britt (Canterbury), Cameron Durkin (Wellington), Waylon Tuhoro-Robinson (Hutt Valley)



2 Feb, 2016

Kurtis Tomkins has been appointed as the new Head Coach of the Emerging Sox Boys team.

A player still in his prime and a current member of the North Harbour NFC team Tomkins brings a new perspective to the programme. Having coached numerous provincial age group teams and player/coach for his Roosters premier men’s side Tomkins offers a modern approach and one that is very much athlete focused.
“I'm excited to take on this new challenge, and to be involved in the development pathways Softball New Zealand have created. I look forward to working with the talent we have in this age group, and bringing fresh ideas to the programme” say’s Tomkins.
Tomkins will take over the reins from Darryl Marino who has since been elevated to Assistant Coach of the Black Sox. Like his predecessor, Tomkins will led the team to the Friendship Games where the team has historically had great success.


29 June, 2015

Draw & Results here


Game 1 v Australia Gold
The NZ Boys development team started the Friendship series with a win over Australia Gold 3-2 at the Blacktown Olympic centre in Sydney. A strong start with Zac Boyd on base and Bailey MacDonald driving him in with a double. The other 2 runs were scored by James Robinson hitting a triple and a home run. Conor Flanagan was very strong on the mound recording 10 strike outs.

Game 2 v Western Civil
The NZ boys development team ran out winners in game 2 with a 9-0 victory. The team again started strongly with Bailey MacDonald hitting a home run with Hemi McCarthy on base. A further run was scored in the 2nd with a walk and 3 perfectly placed bunts. Zac Boyd picked up a 4th with a single and some very good base running. In the 4th inning the team collected 5 more runs including MacDonald collecting his 2nd hit of the game alongside a walk for a 1000 average game. Sam Marley started on the mound and only allowed one person on base before Josh Kelly took over and he also restricted the hitters to one person on base.

DAY 2 : It was a mixed day for the NZ boys development team with a win and a loss.  The team face 2 strong opponents tomorrow in Canberra and Australia Green.

Game 3 v NSW
A tough start to the day with the strong hitting NSW side winning 7-2. After 2 batters it was 2 nil after a walk and a home run. The NZ team let in another 3 runs before scoring 2 of their own with a walk from Josh Grant and being hit home by Joseph Ushaw who also scored on an error.

Game 4 v Queensland 
The team came together to put an improved performance on the park after the loss earlier today. A hard fought and deserved 3-0 victory over a competitive Queensland. Sam Marley was very good on the mound and was well supported by his field. Zac Boyd had a solid game with the bat including a RBI triple to score Harrison Valk. Jordan Tahana and Mardi McBride were the others to cross home plate. 

DAY 3After heavy overnight rain, games were delayed by a number of hours on day 3.  The round robin is now complete and the team has qualified 1st moving into the playoffs.  They will play the winner of the 4th v 5th qualifiers tomorrow afternoon.

Game 5 v Australia Green
After a 6 hour wait the team took on the unbeaten Australia Green side. With some good contact hitting and base running NZ scored 2 runs in the first innings. The same 2 players, Hemi McCarthy and Zac Boyd scored again in the 3rd innings with McCarthy getting his 2nd walk and Boyd hitting a triple. Jordan Tahana scored the last run after a hit and an error from a Joseph Ushaw bunt.  On the mound Conor Flanagan was really strong on the mound giving up just 2 hits and taking 7 strikeouts.

Game 6 v Canberra
The NZ boys development team continued the form shown in the first game to record a 13-1 win. There were strong hitting performances from all. Jordan Tahana provided a highlight with a home run. Zac Boyd, Mardi McBride, and Jordan Tahana all batted a 1000.  On the mound Josh Kelly restricted the Canberra hitters to just 2 people on base, giving up just 2 hits.

DAY 4 : 
The NZ boys development team moved into the playoff phase of the tournament today. With the draw revised due to the wet diamonds yesterday the team only played 1 game today, securing victory.  The team will now play on finals day and are guaranteed a top 3 finish.

Game 7 v Australia Gold
The game was very tight through the first few innings. The Gold team were the first to score a run which seemed to spark the sluggish NZ team into action. Zac Boyd and Mardi McBride got on base through errors and then Brock Attewell hit a home run to take a 3-1 lead for the NZ team.  Jordan Tahana also scored in the 4th inning after a walk a stolen base and a triple from Harrison Valk.  The final 2 runs were scored after James Robinson picked up a single, a stolen base and then a triple from Boyd. Boyd in turn scored on an infield hit from Mardi McBride.  In their final turn at bat Australia pulled a run back through a couple of hits. The final score being 6-2 to the NZ boys development team.  Sam Marley performed well on the mound for the NZ team taking 7 strikeouts and giving up just 3 hits.  

DAY 5 :  It was a long day for the boys team with 3 games in a row.  Unfortunately it proved to be a game to many as the NZ boys lost the final to the Australia Green team 9-2.

Game 8 v Australia Green - Major Semi
In the first game of the day the NZ team started well when Mardi McBride was hit home by a Bailey MacDonald double. They scored again in the 2nd through Zacquary Knight and Harrison Valk when James Robinson hit them >home. Unfortunately that was the last of the scoring. The Australian team scored 2 in the 3rd, and then 2 at their last at bat snatching victory.  Conor Flanagan pitched well for the NZ team and was able to contain the Australian hitters most of the game.

Game 9 v Western Civil
With a 2nd life the NZ team had to face Western Civil for a chance to play in the final.  Western civil showed they wanted to play in the final scoring a run in the first. A triple to Zac Boyd in the first resulted in a run to the NZ team when he scored on a fielders choice . They scored again in the 2nd through Zacquary Knight and Jordan Tahana being driven in by James Robinson.  Western civil weren't giving up scoring 3 runs off a huge home run to take a 4-3 lead. The NZ team tied the game again with Mardi McBride scoring on a Bailey MacDonald hit. Pitcher Sam Marley shut Western civil out for the remainder of the game. In their last bat the NZ team scored 3 runs with Boyd, McBride, and MacDonald. The final score being 7-4 to NZ.  Sam Marley was great on the mound for the winning team giving up just 4 hits.

Game 10 v Australia green - Final
Sam Marley started the game on the mound again and looked strong taking 2 strikeouts in the first inning. Hemi McCarthy hit a triple for the NZ team in the first and scored on a deep fly ball by Zac Boyd. Marley again shut out the Australian team in the 2nd however a home run in the 3rd tied the scores. McCarthy returned the favour and hit a home run for NZ to give them a 2-1 lead. From there the NZ bats struggled to find the gaps and the Australian bats fired. They scored 1 in the 4th, 5 in the 5th and another 2 in the 7th to take an unassailable 9-2 win. Sam Marley and Josh Kelly were used on the mound and both gave huge efforts.

All in all 2nd place was a very good effort against opposition that were U19, including the basis of the Australian U19 team. The NZ development team was completely U17 players. 
Three NZ players were named in the All tournament team, Zac Boyd, Bailey MacDonald and Jordan Tahana. MacDonald was also named MVP.


30 April, 2015

Due to unforeseen circumstances Greg Newton has withdrawn from the Boys Development Team to the Friendship Games. At short notice Dominic Richards has stepped up to replace Greg for the June-July tour to Australia.
Dominic has coached several Hutt Valley teams and a former Hutt Valley Cardinals player.


11 March, 2015

Congratulations to the following players selected for the NZ Boys Development Team to compete at the Friendship Games in Sydney June, 2015:
Conor Flanagan          North Harbour
Brock Attewell             North Harbour
Hemi McCarthy           North Harbour
Harrison Valk              Auckland
Zachery Knight            Auckland
Jordan Tahana            Auckland
Sam Marley                 Wellington
Zac Boyd                     Wellington
Bailey MacDonald       Wellington
Mardi McBride             Nelson
Joshua Grant              Nelson
Joshua Kelly               Nelson
James Robinson         Auckland
Joseph Ushaw            Auckland
Kody Clueard              Wellington
Team Management:
Head Coach Darryl Marino, Manager Tina Marino and Assistant Coach Greg Newton.


The NZ Development Boys Softball Team won the International Friendship Series, at Blacktown, Sydney at the weekend. This talented U17 group bounced back from a loss in game one to win 8 games in a row to secure the title with a 12-2 victory against the highly fancied home side, Australia Gold - click here for more 


  • New Zealand Boys Development results - her

The  New Zealand Boys Development team to play in the Friendship Games in Sydney in June and July this year is primarily an under 17 years team looking towards the future for the Junior World Champs in 2016 and 2018.

There is a good spread of players from the country in the team including Hawkes Bay and Canterbury as well as traditional strongholds of the Auckland and Wellington regions.

NZ Boys Development Team 2014 (Friendship Games, Australia)

Murphy Albright (Hutt Valley), Callum Bishop (Canterbury), Seth Bougeois (Auckland), Brodie Boyce (Counties Manukau), Danny Brown (Wellington), Callum Lewis-Carson (Hawkes Bay), Kalin-Lee Felise (Auckland), Siona Gray (Wellington), Bailey Hamilton (Canterbury), Kemara Hauiti-Parapara (Wellington), Joseph Kohlhase (Auckland), Reily Makea (Wellington), Philip Manning (North Harbour), Jarome McKenzie (Auckland), Sean Mulholland (Wellington), Jayden Stratford (Wellington), Gino Timoti (Counties Manukau).


18 July, 2012
The Boys & Girls Development teams returned recently from the Youth International Cup in Sydney, click here for the stats for both the boys and girls teams.


5 July, 2012
Here is a summary of the boys games so far at the International Youth Cup being held in Sydney.
Day 1 Monday
Game 1 v NSW Metro dia 1 at 11am
Metro scored in the first innings scoring their 2nd batter after being walked through a misread in the outfield. Metro scored another 3 runs in the 4th and one more in the 6th.
Dickinson(Aus u19 lefty) on the mound for Metro established dominance from the outset giving up 3 hits to Love, Bennett and Aranui. Radford starting giving up 2 hits,3 walks striking out 8 of the 16 BF
Drage finishing the game with 3 hits,no walks striking out 4 of the 10 BF. A big wake up call for the boys early in the tournament.
NSW Metro-5 SNZ Dev-0
Game 2 v Australia u17 Gold dia 1 at 1pm
There was definitely a change of intensity as the boys delivered their pre game Haka lead by Tiwana Aranui. They blasted their way with a 5 run rally with the starting line up all making an appearance in the box. Single Line drives from Bennett, Love, Drage, Stockford and a double from Peden was a start that put a smile on Coach Reyland. Australia managed a run in their 1st turn.
Our 3rd turn saw lead off Harris tag a triple over 7 scoring on a pass ball. The Aussies came back with 3 powerful hits scoring twice. 6-3 to the Boys.
With a change on the mound 3 up 3 down for the kiwi boys. A change on our mound allowed another run in for the Aussies with an Auto. Score 6-4
The boys replied with devastating effect with both Bennett and Love again scoring following a single to 7 and triple pass 9 respectively.8-4 with the Aussies last turn at bat to come.
Johnston striking out the 1st 2 batters then giving up an auto on a change up pitch. Showing a lot of composure securing the win with another strike out. First win 8-5
Drage with 5 Ks, 1 BB giving up 4 hits, 1 HP from his 15 BF. Johnston had 5 Ks,no walks with 2 hits from his 8 BF.
First win 8-5
Day 2 Tuesday
Game 3 v Adelaide Shore dia 3 at 9am
The 1st 6 batters from both sides failed to make base accounting for the 1st 2 innings. In th third innings the Boys let loose. Bennett, Matakatea, and Harris all belting triples scoring 4 runs woke up the scorer. The oppo replied with 3 solid line drives scoring 2. Our 4th turn AB showing no return. Adelaide with 3 more hits in the 5th but unable to convert. The score 4-2 to the Kiwi boys. Proving pivotal in the lead off spot Bennett again ignites a rally which enforces the mercy rule. Bennett singles to 8, Matakatea repeats to 7 (on the full halfway up the fence) and Harris drives another out to 8 culminating in a further 5 runs. Johnstone starting this one pitching to 16 batters striking out 7,no walks giving up 3 hits. Radford came on to finish pitching to 6 ,3 strikeouts and 3 hits.
Final score 9-2 in 5 innings
Game 4 v NSW Country dia 3 at 11am
Bennett enjoying his spot at the top of the order leads off with a powerful drive out to 7 for a base hit followed by Love with another single out to 7 and Peden dissecting 8 and 9 for a stand up triple bring in 3 runs in our 1st turn AB. NSW Country were unable to deal with the accurate pitching from Reuben Paraha opening his campaign at this tourney. Paraha pitched 4 innings,5 Ks,no walks,with 1 hit for the 15 batters well backed up in the field with only 2 errors. The 2nd AB for the Kiwis saw both Stockford and Bennett score again after each hitting a triple.
The 3rd inning saw Elson climb into one for a triple and Cummings hitting solid for a double to 8. Add 3 more runs.
The 4th allowed the team to score 4 runs to stop the game early.T he Country team allowed runners on base through errors and walks with one booming double from Stockford hitting the fence on the full never more than 10 metres off the ground.
The final score  12-0 in 4 innings

Day 3 Wednesday
Game 5 v Australia U17 Green dia 2 9am
Australia batting first, got off to a good start with the lead off being walked then their No.3 hitting one out of the park. 2-0
Bennett leading off carrying on his good form drove one through to CF. Unfortunately the next 3 batters couldn't score him only making 3rd on a fielders choice.
The Aussies added another 2 runs with another walk followed by another Automatic. In our 2nd bat Connor Peden was the only base runner with no support. Australia added one more run in the 6th.
Unfortunately with 8 errors in the field the final score was 5-0.
Game 6 v Western Civil(Melbourne) dia 2 1pm
WC hitting first started strong with 2 hits, a walk, scoring 2 runs.
Our reply was immediate with Bennett in his lead off spot crushing one over the centre field fence. Rice and Love both hitting singles at 2 and 3 in the order but we were unable to convert. 2-1 to WC
The Kiwis 2nd turn at bat saw Matakatea and Cummings both get on base with solid hits but were left stranded. Errors again allowed WC base runners in the 3rd however not able to convert.
The Kiwi boys looked more convincing with Love and Aranui striking 2 unplayable blows over the fence and with 2 other batters walked and a line drive through to the fence from Elson another 3 runs were recorded, the boys leading 4-2 after 3 innings. Both teams added another run in the 5th. Our fifth run from another drive from Rice and Bennett scoring from a Love sacrifice hit.
Paraha pitched to 21 batters striking out 5, walking 2, surrendering 4 hits. The final score 5-3 to the Boys.
Game 7 v Namadgi Dragons(Canberra) dia 1 3pm
The Dragons in the box first scored 1 run with no reply from the NZ boys. We scored in the 2nd with a monster from Peden over the LF outfield fence, 1-1 all.
The Dragons scored a further 3 runs in the 3rd complicated by errors and defensive decisions. The New Zealanders answered with 3 hits from Matakatea, Rice, and Harris with 3 walks scoring 3 runs. Scores all tied up 4-4 all after 3 innings. ND scoring again following a lapse in defense with 2 hits, 2 errors and a walk.
The 4th innings for the Kiwis produced another run again with Bennett at the fore hitting a double scoring from a Love sacrifice and error. In the 5th and last innings ND again maintained pressure with 2 hits, the 2nd hit a towering automatic homerun over centerfield bringing in another baserunner. Score 7-5 to ND.
Under the pump with time gone lead off Aranui was walked. Peden made 1st on a fielders choice. Peden scored from a line drive out to 9 by Stockford. Matakatea hit another drive out to 9 which was spilt which lead to a tag play at home plate on Stockford, the tying run,  Bugger!
Johnston started on the mound taking on 13 bats with 3 strikeouts, no walks, 1 HP and 2 hits. Radford replaced Johnston in the 3rd taking on 14 batters giving up 4 hits, 1 walk striking out 2. The final score with a close finish 7 -6 to the Dragons.
Round robin play left us with 4 wins from 7 games, finishing 4th in the standings. Playoffs start today where the Boys play the Aus U17 first, then if they get over that hurdle they play the top qualifier. It’s two days worth of playoffs and hopefully the Boys can repeat what they did last year by making the final and maybe going one step further.

Day 4 Thursday
With an 8 team playoff series NZ Boys Dev team found themselves playing in the 5th/6th game.
Game 8 v Australia U17 Gold dia 3 at 9am
Australia batted 1st with their 2nd AB hitting out to 7 without coming home. NZ's turn 3 up 3 down. The next 3 innings remained scoreless with the Kiwi pitcher giving up 1 hit and 1 walk and the Aussie pitcher surrendering 2 walks. The highlight for the NZ defense Connor Peden blasting 2 cannons to Matakatea at short tagging 2 attempted steals with perfect throws.
To the top of 5 and the Aussie lead off crushed a massive hit over the centre outfield fence. They managed another hit and a walk but unable to capitalize, 1-0 the Australians. The Kiwis no response with their 5th innings turn at bat 3 up and 3 down. To the 6th and Australia again putting their lead off on base with a solid drive to 7 but the next 3 batters all struck out.
Into the 6th and Pinch hitter Aranui was brought into the game. Ball 1 ,then a foul tip and then Boom! a stand up double smashed into the fence 5 metres to the left of LF. Aranui to 3rd base on a wild pitch then Drage hitting Aranui in to square the game up. Needing another run to win struggling in the box we were unable to score Kahukura running for Drage.
Score 1-1 all and time up so into the tie breaker.
1st Aussie batter K, 2nd batter pop foul caught, 3rd batter K. With our lead off making contact the fielders choice moved our runner to 3rd base. Then Matakatea hitting a long foul fly to 9 and unbelievably the fielder making the catch allowed the winning run in on the tag up. Exciting win 2-1 to the Kiwi boys. Paraha started with the ball against 18 batters striking out 4,1 walk giving up 4 hits. Johnston taking over in the 5th faced 8 batters, striking out 6 and the 1 hit.
Game 9 v NSW Metro dia 3 at 3pm
Both teams started tentatively for the 1st 3 innings with neither side bothering the scorer. Matakatea crashing a ball through to the 8/9 fence for a slide in double in his first turn at bat. Mets claiming 3 hits during this period for no result. To the 4th and Bennett making base on an error then stealing 2nd. Peden with 2 down hitting a single moving Bennett.
Still 2 down and Stockford making 1st on another error and Bennett in the Book. Rice comes in and hits crisply for a single to 8 scoring Peden. Mets still struggling only making base from a hit pitch and 3 further hits without scoring in the remainder. The next turn bat for the boys failed to add to the score with only Harris thrashing one through to 8.
Our last turn at bat Started positively with Aranui hitting solid in the leadoff spot followed immediately by Peden with a well placed drive to RF for a double scoring Aranui. Rice able to make 1st with a dribbler to 4 utilizing his express pace which failed to score Peden. Final score 3-zip to the NZ Boys. Paraha starting pitching to 13 bats for 1 strike out,no walks giving up 3 hits. Johnston finishing throwing to 12 bats ,3 strike outs surrendering 2 hits.
Game 10 v Western Civil dia 3 at 7pm (this game decided one of the tournament finalists)
Western Civil from Melbourne boasting 5 National u19 rep players to play the Junior worlds in November batted 1st in the drizzle with their lead off hit by the 2nd pitch. An error allowed their 2nd batter on base. Their 4th batter then hit solidly to the 7 outfield fence, 2-0 to WC. Harris leading off got a ride to 1st then Drage drops a great bunt and forces an error. Love steps up and snots a clean drive to the CF fence at a hundred miles an hour scoring Harris and Drage with a stand up double, 2-2 all.
WC replied immediately with their lead off giving no one a chance clearing the fence by a clear margin, 3-2 to them. Kiwi boys 3 up,3 down. Top of 3 and the 2nd NZ pitcher introduced. The WC boys were not complaining, 1st batter singled to LF. Next batter, long fly to CF -out. 3rd hitter -Boom over the LF fence and then 4th hitter Boom again over the same fence. This lead to the introduction of the Kiwis 3rd pitcher. Strike out, strike out.
With solid contact Drage dissects 7 and 8 followed by a Bennett walk but no other contributions, WC 6-2. Top of 4 the next 3 for WC failing. Peden driving out to 7 for a double. Then with a grounder by Mataktea to 5 the sharp WC infield were able to trap Peden in a run down in a fielders choice play. With 2 down we didn't score again. Top of 5 WC again failed.
Rice leading off made 1st on an error then Harris dropping the perfect bunt down the 1st base line. Drage hit by his 3rd pitch loading up the bases. Unfortunately we only scored Rice with a forced run by the pitcher walking Peden. A missed oppurtunity. WC didn't go away leading 6-3 in their last AB. Scoring 2 more from a bunt, a base hit to CF, a walk, an error, and a wild pitch. 8-3 down and our last chance we didn't take it.
Paraha started with the ball facing 10 batters, 2 hits, no walks, 1 HP, striking out 2. Johnston pitched to 4 batters,3 hits. Radford closing against 16 giving up 2 hits,7 strike outs, walking 2 and 2 wild pitches.
A tough day at the office! Final score 8-3 to Western Civil
Day 5 Friday-Finals day
Game 11 v Namadgi Dragons dia 4 at 11am
Namadgi Dragons from Canberra hosting 5 Queenslanders all in the Australian u19 side to go to the Junior world series in Argentina started in the box 1st with 3 cracking drives to the outfield scoring 2 runs. The Kiwis with 2 base runners from 2 walks were unable to convert. ND no movement on the scoreboard for them.
Matakatea blazed his 3rd pitch to RF leading off. The next batter failed then Rice hits a solid drive but straight to 4 who gets Matakatea at 1st unable to tag up in time. Top of 3 ND again unable to convert 1 hit and 1 walk into a run. Still 2-0 to the dragons, Harris into the box with 2 down drives one out to LF. Peden steps up and blasts one out of the park, 2-2 all. Drage drives one pass the pitcher then Love crushes one over the fence as well. 4-2 to the NZ Boys.
With a pitching change to start the 4th innings Namadgi scored another with the lead off being walked, a wild pitch and a fielding error. 4-3 to the Kiwis. Pinch hitter Aranui introduced with 2 down claimed a walk followed by a clean hit to Bennett but no-one else could contribute. To the 5th and the Dragons brought out the long stick. 2nd batter drove a triple. 3rd batter singled to RF, 4th hitter smacked one to CF, the 5th walked and with 2 down another clean drive to RF by the 7th batter - 4 runs to the total.
With our last chance to add to our score and score at 7-4 to the oppo we started with enthusiasm with Peden forcing an error then Love moving Peden with another solid contact to LF. Unfortunately thats all that was left in the tank. Final score 7-4 to the Namadgi Dragons.
Paraha started Pitching to 15 stiking out 4,1 walk, giving up 4 hits. Radford came on facing 8 for 3 K's, 1 walk,2 hits. Johnston closing to 5 batters, for 1 K, 1 walk, and 2 hits.
Congratulations Boys! Finishing 3rd is a great result considering the company you kept this week. All the supporters who made the trip have enjoyed watching their young men do what they do best. You all conducted yourselves on and off the diamond in a manner that has made us all very proud Kiwis. Well done Dave, Andrew, Mel and John. The future of our game is in good hands. Also I would like to thank Carolyn for making the game score sheets available for these daily reports. What a week!
Cowley Harris


 3 July, 2012

The International Youth Cup started off in freezing weather, however good softball weather!  The boys found it tough first up against NSW Metro, who had the Australian U19 Boys Pitcher (Left hander) and our boys struggled.  However there were some great phases of play from our boys, but they went down 5-0 which is a good lesson for us!  The Boys then went on to beat Aus U17 Gold 8-5.


2 July, 2012
The two NZ development teams have kicked off their Youth International Tournament in Sydney today with the boys playing NSW Metro first up, and the girls playing Aus U19 Women’s Green. Alex Carter is the girls coach, Dave Reyland is the boys coach, and the tournament goes all week against top Australian sides.
The following links will provide the draw, the results, live play by plays, and standings throughout the tournament.
  1. NZ Boys Development Team
To get the play by plays just click on the ‘+’ sign to the left of each game, and each play by play should be up about 2 hours after each game. Here is the Boys & Girls games schedules each day (all in NZ Time);
NZ Boys Development Team
Day NZT Opponent
Mon 1 July 1:00pm NSW Metro
  3:30pm Aus U17 Gold
Tues 2 July 11:00am Adelaide Shores
  1:00pm NSW Country
Wed 3 July 11:00am Aus U17 Green
  3:00pm Western Civil
  5:00pm Namadgi Dragons
Thur 5 July   Playoffs
Fri 6 July   Playoffs

Here are the respective teams;
NZ Boys DevTeam  
Eathan Johnston
Eruera Drage
Reuben Paraha
Blake Radford
Callum Elson
Connor Peden (C)
Nopera Stockford
Maddix Rice
Dante Matakatea
Josh Kahukura
Luke Cummings
Devontae Roberts
Bradley Bennett
Vincent Harris (VC)
Tiwana Aranui
Tailah Love
David Reyland-------Coach
Andrew Karsten----Asst coach
Mel England---------Battery Coach
John Sutton---------Manager

NZ Boys Development Team - Assistant Coach & Battery Coach announcements


Softball New Zealand would like to congratulate Andrew Karsten (Southland) who has been appointed as the Assistant Coach and Mel England (Hawke's Bay) who has been appointed as the Battery Coach for the NZ Boys Development Team.

The New Zealand Junior Development sides will compete in the Softball Australia International Youth Cup from the 2nd to 6th of July in Sydney.

We wish them the very best on these campaign.


May 2012

Softball New Zealand would like to congratulate both the NZ Junior Development Boys teams named by Head Coaches, David Reyland.

The New Zealand Junior Development side will compete in the Softball Australia International Youth Cup from the 2-6th July in Sydney. Softball New Zealand wishes both players and management the very best in their endeavours.

New Zealand Junior Boys Development team  
1. Ethan Johnston - Canterbury  
2. Eruera Drage - North Harbour  
3. Thomas Gillard - Hutt Valley  
4. Blake Radford - Auckland  
5. Callum Elson - Auckland  
6. Connor Peden - North Harbour  
7. Nopera Stockford - Wellington  
8. Maddox Rice - Auckland  
9. Dante Matakatea - Wellington  
10. Josh Kahukura - Central Otago  
11. Luke Cummings - Wellington  
12. Devontae Roberts - Hawkes Bay  
13. Bradley Bennett - Auckland  
14. Vincent Harris - Waikato  
15. Khalid Gilbert - Waikato  
16. Tailah Love - Wellington  

nz development team july 2011 377.jpg
Back row: Tailah Love, Khalid Gilbert, Conor Peden, Regan O'Neil, Taylor Hick

Middle row:Don Karsten (Team scorer), Ethan Johnston, Brad Bennett, Taylor Nau, Peter Jay Dando, Horowai Puketapu, Vinny Harris, Dave Reyland (Coach)

Front row: Mel England (Asst Coach), Josh Kahukura, Cameron Bearman, Dante Matakatea, Eru Drage,
Alan Pumfleet (Manager)



8 July, 2011

Here are the following links to all the draws and results, along with the Tournament Handbook.
NZ Boys Dev Team draw & results Click here
Boys Standings - Youth International Tournament Click here
Daily Reports Boys Dev Team Day 1, 2, 3 & 4 Game Reports
Boys Tournament Statistics Click here

1 July, 2011

This weekend the NZ Boys Development Team are flying out to Sydney, Australia to represent our country in the International Youth Cup. At this tournament most of the teams will be of U19 age, however our Development teams are mostly U17 as the primary goal of the teams is to prepare them for the 2013 and 2014 Junior World Championships. Here is the team and we wish Dave Reyland and and their Management teams all the best next week at the tournament:
NZ Boys Development Team  
Bradley Bennett (AK)  
Cameron Bearman (AK)  
Peter Dando (CM)  
Eruera Drage (NH)  
Khalid Gilbert (WK)  
Vinnie Harris (WK)  
Taylor Hicks (NH)  
Ethan Johnston (CB)  
Josh Kahukura (CO)  
Dante Matakatea (WN)  
Tailah Love (WN)  
Taylor Nau (NH)  
Regan O’Neil (AK)  
Connor Peden (NH)  
Horowai Puketapu (HB)  
Dave Reyland (NH) – Coach  
Mel England (HB) - Asst & Battery Coach  
Alan Pumfleet (AK) - Manager
Don Karsten (SL) - Team scorer  
The tournament goes from next Monday 4 July through to Friday 8 July. The results are virtually up on the Softball Australia website within 30 mins of the game finishing, and a full run-down of the game is up on their website within 2 hours. Here is the Boys draw and results. We will also update our Facebook page of the results as soon as each game finishes.

10 Feb, 2011

David Reyland from North Harbour has been named as the Head Coach of the NZ Boys Development Team. Dave has had extensive experience coaching both locally and rep teams and has just recently coached the North Harbour U17 boys team to the National U17 Boys title last month.

Dave in conjunction with other High Performance coaches will name their teams early next week. Both New Zealand Teams will travel to Sydney to compete in the Softball Australia Friendship Games in July 2011.

15 Feb, 2011

Congratulations are extended to the following players named in the NZ Boys & Girls Development Teams 2011. The teams will compete in the July 2011 Softball Australia Friendship Games in Sydney, Australia.

NZ Boys Development Team 2011

Baird-Gillett, Jackson (WK)
Bearman, Cameron (AK)
Bishop, Te-Kahui (WN)
Drage, Eruera (NH)
Gilbert, Khalid (WK)
Harris, Vincent (WK)
Hicks, Taylor (NH)
Johnston, Ethan (CB)
Kahukura, Josh (CO)
Kingi, Darren (CM)
Love, Tailah (WN)
Nau, Taylor (NH)
O’Neill, Regan (AK)
Peden, Connor (NH)
Prime, Jackson (NH)