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White Sox named for Aussie state series

NZ White Sox coach Naomi Shaw will have the luxury of four US-based players, when her national women’s team takes on Australia’s best at the Gilley’s Shield tournament at North Harbour’s Rosedale Park in December.
For the first time, Softball NZ will host a round of the Australian interstate competition, after sending teams across the Tasman for the past several years as part of its women’s international programme.
While the home team won’t be a full-strength roster, it will be the strongest New Zealand have been able to field at this event, as Shaw builds her preparation towards next year’s ISF World Championship in the Netherlands.
“We’ve done quite a bit of work establishing which players were coming back from the United States during college holidays,” says Shaw.
“We also had to work around college exams and some of these players had to have exams moved forward to return to New Zealand in time to play this series. It will be really great to have them.”
Hitters Te Reo Powhiri Matautia (Tallahasse Community College) and Lara Andrews (University of Delaware), and pitchers Krysta Hoani (Tallahasse) and Rita Hokianga (West Texas A&M) are the quartet returning.
Matautia was recently named 2013 Female Player of the Year for her performance at the last world championship, finishing among the top 10 batters with a .500 average.  
“There were others who couldn’t get exams moved, but this is the first time we’ve had this opportunity and it’s an important part of the world championship selection process.”
Shaw has selected a 22-strong squad to contest the Gilley’s tournament – 16 will assemble for the December 12-15 event, while the other six will serve as non-travelling reserves.
She has named 13 of the playing group today, with three more to be named next month after form has been assessed at early-season tournaments.
The playing line-up, so far, will feature four from the successful Junior White Sox outfit that finished fourth at this year’s world series in Canada. It also includes American Jennifer Feret – a member of the JWS coaching staff – who is awaiting citizenship that would make her eligible for full international honours.
“That citizenship is the only way she can play for New Zealand,” says Shaw. “We’ve been working on it for a number of years now and it’s been an onerous process, but we’re confident she will get it.”
The 13 players today named for the Gilley’s Shield series are Lara Andrews (USA), Kyla Bromhead (Auckland), Rebecca Bromhead (Auckland), Jennifer Feret (Auckland), Danica Ferriso (Hutt Valley), Shannon Hearne (Australia), Krysta Hoani (USA), Rita Hokianga (USA), Jasmin Kaiaruna (Wellington), Te Reo Powhiri Matautia (USA), Brooke McManus (Australia), Katrina Nukunuku (Auckland) and Cassie Siataga (Canterbury).
The three additional players, to be named on November 12, will come from Kayla Clark (Auckland), Emma Francis (Wellington), Mel Gettins (Hawke’s Bay), Tyneesha Houkamau (Auckland), Beth Stavert (Auckland), Michal Tangaroa (Auckland), Hope Weber (Wellington), Mikayla Werahiko (Canterbury) and Gillian Wills (Auckland).
White Sox head into camp

National women’s softball coach Naomi Shaw heads into a squad camp this weekend, buoyed by the recent world championship success of the Junior White Sox in Canada.

The young Kiwis finished fourth at their international tournament at Brampton, finishing behind only Japan, the United States and Australia, and improving on their sixth placing two years ago.
Most of those players will now move into senior ranks, but many have already been part of Shaw’s White Sox roster before their most recent results.

Eight – Danica Ferriso, Beth Stavert, Freya Bullock, Mikayla Werahiko, Jasmine Kairuna, Tyneesha Houkamau, Cassie Sitaga and Emma Francis – will attend this weekend’s camp.
“This was an exceptional result,” reflects Shaw. “Our programmes have been quite close for a few years now, so their progress has been no surprise to me.
“We’ve had several of these players in the senior programme for a while, and they’re there not because they’re young and have potential, but because they have the ability to compete at that level.”
Shaw was fully briefed on the JWS campaign by coach Venita Hokai and was especially pleased to hear of two standout players that have put their hand up for higher honours – short stop Siataga and pitcher Stavert.
“Cassie really performed exceptionally well at the World Series, which was of great interest to me, especially in such a crucial position as short stop.
“Beth has played for me several times already, but I was really pleased to hear of her progress with the juniors. She emerged as one of the ‘senior’ juniors and her pitching form was good as well.”

This weekend, Shaw will case her eye over the NZ-based White Sox contenders, with an eye towards the upcoming Gilles Shield trans-Tasman series later this year.
For the first time, Softball NZ will host a round of this competition at Rosedale Park in December and Shaw will be keen to field the strongest possible line-up as part of her build-up towards the ISF Women’s World Championship at Haarlem, Netherlands, next August.

The White Sox squad for this weekend’s camp is:
Kyla Bromhead (Auckland), Rebecca Bromhead (Auckland), Freya Bullock (Auckland), Yvonne Burgess (Hutt Valley), Kayla Clark (Auckland), Jennifer Feret (Auckland), Danica Ferriso (Hutt Valley), Emma Francis (Wellington), Emma Frost (Canterbury), Mel Gettins (Hawke’s Bay), Tyneesha Houkamau (Auckland), Jasmine Kaiaruna (Wellington), Anita Leeuw (Auckland), Madison Lovatt (Wellington), Kathleen McAndrew (Wellington), Katrina Nukunuku (Auckland), Victoria Reyland (Auckland), Cassie Siataga (Canterbury), Beth Stavert (Auckland), Hope Weber (Wellington), Mikayla Werahiko (Canterbury), Gillian Willis (Auckland)

Two other national squads will also assembled this weekend, with new Junior White Sox coach Kevin Gettins taking control of his rebuilding outfit in Hastings and Black Sox legends Thomas Makea and Jarrad Martin sizing up the Junior Black Sox in Auckland.
Junior White Sox: Amy Begg, Caitlin Davidson, Tessa Metuatini, Bohemian Quinn, Mikayla Werahiko (Canterbury), Marjorie Cashell, Regan Campbell-Tapa, Tayla Mcdonald (Hutt Valley), Rhylie Makawe (Texas, USA), Shanae Hearne (Australia), Lauren Tapp (Australia), Jamie Anne Dick, Kendall Iti, Makayla Mave, Tyla Morrison, Nik-Cole Paea, A'ieesha Setefano, Zoe Tolhopf, Terapii Tourangi, Deaven, Tavalu (Auckland), Kanyon  Paul Pania Monk (Waikato), Brooke Eden, Emma Houkamau, Ashlyn Obers, Courtney Gettins, Evana Schinkel (Hawkes Bay), Mereana Makea, Marcelle Parkes, Emily Rauhihi, Kayla Rangiahwa (Wellington), Brooke Stillwell (North Harbour)

Junior Black Sox: 
Ethan Johnson (Canterbury), Billy Nehoff-Bates (Canterbury), Jackson Watt (Canterbury), Matt Ngataki (Canterbury), Luke Higgins (Wellington), Nopera Stockford (Wellington), Tailah Love (Marlborough), Tyler Bird (Marlborough), Callum Elson (Auckland), Cole Evans (Auckland), Taylor Nau (Auckland), Jacob Oxley (Auckland), Reuben Paraha (Auckland), Maddix Rice (Auckland), Sean Sorenson (Auckland), Gino Timoti (Counties), Brodie Boyce (Counties), Eruera Drage (North Harbour), Connor Peden (North Harbour), Blake Radford (North Harbour), Vincent Harris (Waikato), Toa Tauranga (Waikato), Jerome McKenzie (Auckland), Joseph Kohlhase (Auckland)
Nukunuku Appointed White Sox Assistant Coach

Israel Nukunuku – a member of one of NZ softball’s most decorated clans – has been appointed assistant coach for the White Sox national women’s team, as they prepare for next year’s world championship in the Netherlands.
The brother of world champion Black Sox stars Dion and Nathan Nukunuku has carved his reputation off the diamond, with roles at club, national and international level, including a previous stint as women’s assistant and technical advisor to the Junior White Sox.
He has coached Hawke’s Bay, Auckland and Hutt Valley women at the National Provincial Championships, and is the current Mt Albert Ramblers women’s coach, having previously guided the Waitakere Bears.
But Nukunuku’s international experience may prove a key factor in the White Sox campaign, especially his contribution to softball in Europe and the Netherlands.
He assisted the Dutch men in their 2013 ISF World Championship campaign at Rosedale Park and has run clinics in the Netherlands. Nukunuku has also coached in the Denmark U19 and senior men’s programmes.
He’ll assist White Sox head coach Naomi Shaw through to the end of August 2014.

Australia's top women come to NZ
20 April

Softball New Zealand has hit an unexpected home run by persuading its Australian counterpart to stage a round of its women’s interstate championship at North Harbour.

For the past three years, White Sox development sides have crossed the Tasman to contest the Edebone-Weber Shield, a trophy that celebrates softballing legends from either country – former Australian captain Peta Edebone and former NZ pitcher Gina Weber.

The competition pits the Kiwis against the top Australian state sides, which are also battling among themselves for the Gilley’s Shield.

But after successfully staging the recent ISF World Men’s Championship at Rosedale Park, SNZ has now convinced the Aussies to send their best players to this side of the ditch for what should be an impressive display of women’s softball.
“We don’t get many opportunities to see women play at this level in New Zealand,” says Softball New Zealand general manager Dane Dougan.

“But the recent world championship showed we’re capable of staging high-class softball events and hopefully this is just the first of many opportunities we’ll have to host overseas teams on a regular basis.”

Australia were bronze medallists at last year’s world championship and also finished third last time the sport was contested at the Olympics, in Beijing 2008.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve had international women’s softball in New Zealand, so this is pretty exciting,” says White Sox coach Naomi Shaw. “This is certain several levels higher than what we currently play here, and if we can get kids watching and emulating what they see, that’s how we raise the bar.”

Shaw’s challenge now is to assemble the strongest team possible to represent New Zealand on their home turf.
The Edebone-Weber Shield's final round will take place at Rosedale Park in December, and feature the NZ White Sox Selection, South Australia Starz, Victoria Titans, Western Australia Flames, NSW Firestars, Queensland Heat and ACT Diamonds.
Putting the 'White' into 'White Sox'

Nyree White is a virtual unknown in New Zealand softball, but her dad sure is familiar.

Mike White was a Black Sox star of the 1980s/90s, pitching a perfect game to win the 1996 world championship final against Canada, before switching allegiances to the United States. Over his career, he attended six world tournaments for the two countries.

Nowadays, White is head coach of the University of Oregon women and daughter Nyree (20) is a sophomore pitcher at Pac-12 conference rivals Stanford University, who played for the US national junior team in 2011.

"She's got two passports and would be a bit of a coup for us," says NZ White Sox coach Naomi Shaw.

Shaw has named White in an extended squad of players to prepare for this year's Australian Gilley's Shield interstate competition and next year's ISF World Championship in the Netherlands.

"We still have some hoops to jump through," says Shaw. "We'd need permission from both national bodies, but she'd be great for us."

Shaw's squad, named after the weekend's Open Women's Club Championship at Lower Hutt, features 10 players currently at US colleges - White, Junior White Sox captain Taylor Paige Stewart (Wisconsin) and Ellie Cooper (Florida State) are all at Division I schools.

"One of the reasons the squad is so big is we needed players we could take to Australia," says Shaw. "By the time you take out the overseas players, who we wouldn't bring back for Gilley's, and Junior White Sox, who have their own programme, we needed to have plenty of others to choose from."

Also featured in the squad is Te Reo Powhiri Matautia, another US-based player attending Tallahassee Community College, who is emerging as one of the most promising batters in world softball. She was among the top four at the last junior world championship and top
10 at last year's senior tournament.

The youngest player to get her chance in the extended group is 16-year-old Hawke's Bay catcher Emma Houkamau.

"We needed an equal number of catchers and pitchers, and we're very happy to give Emma this opportunity to develop," says Shaw.

The NZ-based senior players in the squad will next gather for a camp in May.

The full White Sox squad is ...

Lara Andrews (USA), Erika Avery (USA), Kingsley Avery (USA), Kyla Bromhead (Auckland), Rebecca Bromhead (Auckland), Freya Bullock (Auckland), Yvonne Burgess (Hutt Valley), Kayla Clark (Auckland), Ellie Cooper (USA), Brooke Cutting (Wellington), Danica Ferriso (Hutt Valley), Emma Francis (Wellington), Emma Frost (Canterbury), Courtney Gettins (Hawke's Bay), Melanie Gettins (Hawke's Bay), Shannon Hearne (Australia), Katarina Hiku (Auckland), Krysta Hoani (USA), Rita Hokianga (USA), Emma Houkamau (Hawke's Bay), Tyneesha Houkamau (Auckland), Jasmin Kaiaruna (Wellington), Anita Leeuw (Auckland), Madison Lovatt (Wellington), Te Reo Powhiri Matautia (USA), Katie McAndrew (Wellington), Brooke McManus (Australia), Rhylie Makawe (USA), Katrina Nukunuku (Auckland), Charlotte Pointon (Wellington), Kayla Rangiawha (Wellington), Kuraroa Ratu-James (Hutt Valley), Victoria Reyland (Auckland), Cassie Siataga (Canterbury), Keri Simeon (Wellington), Beth Stavert (Auckland), Taylor Paige Stewart (USA), Michal Tangaroa (Auckland), Lauren Tapp (Australia), Hope Weber (Wellington), Mikayla Werahiko (Canterbury), Nyree White (USA), Gillian Wills (Auckland), Ancelle Van Molendorff (Auckland)

New Zealand White Sox Squad to 2014
Lara Andrews USA
Erika Avery USA
Kingsley Avery USA
Kyla Bromhead AK
Rebecca Bromhead AK
Freya Bullock AK
Yvonne Burgess HV
Kayla Clark AK
Ellie Cooper USA
Brooke Cutting WN
Danica Ferriso HV
Emma Francis WN
Emma Frost CB
Courtney Gettins HB
Melanie Gettins HB
Shannon Hearne Aust
Katarina Hiku AK
Krysta Hoani USA
Rita Hokianga USA
Emma Houkamau HB
Tynessha Houkamau AK
Jasmin Kaiaruna WN
Anita Leeuw AK
Madison Lovatt WN
Te Reo Powhiri Matautia USA
Katie McAndrew WN
Brooke McManus Aust
Rhylie Makawe USA
Katrina Nukunuku AK
Charlotte Pointon WN
Kayla Rangiawha WN
Kuraroa Ratu-James HV
Victoria Reyland AK
Cassie Siataga CB
Keri Simeon WN
Beth Stavert AK
Taylor Paige Stewart USA
Michal Tangaroa AK
Lauren Tapp Aust
Hope Weber WN
Mikayla Werahiko CB
Nyree White USA
Gillian Wills AK
Ancelle Van Molendorff AK
One to be named  
Feret plays waiting game

- 15 Jan
American Jennifer Feret is playing a waiting game on her bid to play softball for New Zealand, but a chance to represent her adopted country has come sooner than expected.
The pitcher/utility player has been named as battery coach for the Junior White Sox, assisting coach Venita Hokai in their build-up for the World Championships in July.
“I’m really exicted,” says Auckland-based Feret. “Softball has been such a big part of my life and helped me do so many things, I really wanted to give back – to make use of my knowledge and help these young girls.
“It’s a pretty big deal to represent your country and to help them do that is quite exciting.”
Feret (28) grew up in Youngstown, Ohio, and attended college at Mercyhurst, across the state border in Pennsylvania.
Since leaving school, she has played in Switzerland, Germany and New Zealand, and has lived in Auckland for three years now, where she delivers sports programmes to primary and intermediate-school kids.
“I’ve always had a small hand in coaching,” says Feret. “I coached at university for two years as the pitching coach. When I played overseas, I was head coach in Switzerland for two seasons and coached a bit in Germany.”
She played first base at high school, but was recruited for college as a short-stop and ended up pitching, so her knowledge over a range of positions has served her well off the diamond.
“A lot of battery coaching is strategy and how to approach a batter,” she insists. “It needs the pitcher and catcher working together, and understanding what strategies to use and when.
“It’s about communication – the pitcher and the catcher need to be on the same page.”
Over the next few months, Feret’s i-Pad, loaded with Skype and video-analysis programmes, will become her best friend, as she tries to deliver words of wisdom to her far-flung protégés.
At the same time, she’ll working hard on residency applications that hopefully enable her to take the field for senior White Sox one day soon. Earlier, this month she was the star turn of an NZ Selection that contested the Australian interstate competition.
“She’s such a great competitor and a really good person to have in a team like that,” said White Sox coach Naomi Shaw afterwards. “We need more like her.”
Feret is determined to make it happen.
“You always want to play at the highest level and the fact New Zealand backs me in that is pretty thrilling. I really appreciate the support.”
In the meantime, she will get a chance to represent her new country in front of family and friends. The Junior World Championships is scheduled for Brampton, Ontario – a mere four-hour drive from where she grew up.
Zero wins, but plenty of hope

09 Jan

No wins from eight games is a record that never sits well with any team, let alone a national representative side competing against Australian states.

But White Sox coach Naomi Shaw takes some encouragement from the NZ Selection that spent the past five days in New South Wales, contesting the final round of Gilley’s Shield competition and three games against the Australian U19 squad.

That series wound up yesterday with two losses to the Aussies – 5-6 in a tiebreak and 1-3 in a shortened five-innings affair.

“You’re always disappointed to come away from a trip like that with no wins,” she admits. “But there was really only one game we got hammered in and Queensland went on to win the national league for the first time ever – they were a very strong-hitting team.”

“We lost two games in tiebreakers and the rest were really quite competitive, which was a big deal for me and my selection team. In previous years, we’ve just been blown away.”

The user-pays nature of the women’s programme means this squad was made up of players mainly on the fringe of White Sox or Junior White Sox selection, and the trip was an opportunity to test them against the next level.

“I always agonise over the value of go to Gilley’s and consistently losing, so I put that to the players to brainstorm over the weekend,” says Shaw. “They came back with some fantastic feedback – they now know what elite softball is and want to know what they need to work on when they go back to their clubs.”

One player that stood out over the campaign was American-born Jennifer Feret, who was the side’s top batter, and pitched all but one game with juniors Tyneesha Houkamau and Beth Stavert restricted by injury and illness respectively.

Feret, who plays for Auckland, is currently going through the process of gaining NZ citizenship and hopes to achieve that before the 2014 World Series.

“She’s such a great competitor and really a good person to have in a team like that,” says Shaw. “We need more like her and we have some real promise in the juniors coming through.”

One aspect that hurt the Kiwis badly was batting. At times, they dominated opposition pitching, actually out-hitting ACT Diamonds (9-6), Victoria Titans (10-3) and South Australia Starz (5-4), but losing all three games.

“We did well enough, but just ran out of hitters at key moments. We tried rejigging the batting order to put all our hitters together, but then we would run out of hitting at the bottom.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have enough women pitchers in New Zealand to test our batters and that probably means our best players need to practice more against men.”

Next stop for Shaw will be the selection of a Junior White Sox team to contest their World Series later this year.

NZ Selection lose first test
- 07 Jan

The NZ Selection lost their first “test” to an Australian Selection 0-2 in a closely fought affair that was still scoreless after four innings.
The Aussies put runs on the board in each of the fourth and fifth, and six safe hits for the game.
In response, the Kiwis could only manage two hits, but still had their chances.
First base Rebecca Bromhead was twice walked and designated runner Freya Bullock got as far as third base in the second innings, before she was stranded.
Madison Lovatt also walked in the third and reached second, when Kayla Clark successfully bunted to make first. Both were left stranded when pitcher Jennifer Feret flied out to centre-field.
In the fifth innings, Anita Leeuw reached first on a fielder’s error and runner Alex Forsyth stole second before she was also stranded.
Melanie Gettins reached first in the sixth innings, but runner Lovatt was tagged attempting steal second.
New Zealand has two more outings against the Aussies today, before returning home.
Day 3 - Gilley's Shield Round 3 

The Kiwi women completed their six-game schedule with a 3-4 loss to Victoria Titans that somewhat epitomised their play over the three days at the Australian interstate competition in Blacktown, New South Wales.

Despite out-hitting their opponents 10-3, they could not convert that advantage into winning runs. New Zealand took an immediate lead in the first innings, when lead-off Kayla Clark singled and was brought home from third by a sacrifice fly from Jennifer Feret. But they also left Gilliam Willis stranded in what would be become a trend for the game.

Victoria had pitcher Feret under the pump in their first turn at bat, scoring three runs and picking up another in the third. But the Kiwis got one back in the fourth, when Shannon Hearne singled and eventually stole home. They had a great chance to steal victory in the seventh innings, when Rebecca Bromhead homered, and then Feret, Hearne and Anita Leeuw loaded the bases. But the opportunity slipped away when Madison Lovatt lined out to third to end the game.

Earlier in the day, the NZ Selection were hammered 11-0 by Queensland Heat, without managing any hits – one of those performances you try to forget in a hurry. They regrouped against Victoria and will need to raise their game another level in three “tests” against an Australian Selection today and tomorrow.
Day 2 - Gilley's Shield Round 3 

The ACT Diamonds needed a tiebreak eighth innings to finally put away the NZ Selection at the third round of Gilley’s Shield games in Blacktown, New South Wales. Locked up at 3-3 after seven, the Diamonds scored in the top of the next innings and the Kiwis could not respond, dropping their second game of the day at the Australian interstate competition.

ACT were immediately in the ascendancy, scoring twice in the first innings, but New Zealand fought back with singles to Tyneesha Houkamau and Melanie Gettins to draw level in the third. They took a lead in the sixth, when Gettings batted in Jennifer Feret, but the Aussies responded in their next at-bat and eventually won in the first tiebreak innings.

Earlier in the day, the NZ Selection had fallen 2-6 to defending champions NSW Firestars, conceding five runs in the first innings. Shannon Hearne reached home in the Kiwis’ second at-bat and Freya Bullock scored on a wild pitch in the sixth.

Over the four games so far this round, pitcher Feret has seven hits from 12 at-bats (0.583). New Zealand face Queensland Heat and Victoria Titans on Saturday, before their three “tests” against an Australian Selection on January 6/7.
Day 1 - Gilley's Shield Round 3 

The NZ Selection started the latest round of Gilley's Shield play with a pair of losses, but a vastly improved showing at the Australian interstate competition at Blacktown, New South Wales.

First up, the Kiwi women fell 1-4 to West Australia Flames, tying the game at 1-1 at the top of the fourth innings, when pitcher Jennifer Feret scored off a fielder's error.

But Feret got in a jam in the fifth innings, conceding three hits that resulted in runs and New Zealand were unable to recover.

Catcher Melanie Gettins had two safe hits from her three turns at bat.

Later in the day, NZ lost 1-3 to South Australia Starz, despite out-hitting them 5-4. Again, Feret was the only one to reach home, but this time, it came off a wild pitch in the sixth innings, when the Starz were already three runs up.

Gettins, first base Tyneesha Houkamau, pinch hitter Anita Leeuw and oufielder Gillian Wills all recorded safe hits. Feret restricted SA to just one earned run, but the Starz scored twice off an error by Houkamau in the top of the sixth.

Still, the two losses marked a dramatic improvement from the last time Naomi Shaw's side played these two teams - they lost by a combined 1-17 in back-to-back games on November 23.

New Zealand next face defending champions NSW Firestars and ACT Diamonds on Friday afternoon, and take on an Australian Selection in three "tests" on January 6/7.
Gilley's Shield Round 3 - Sydney

The White Sox programme takes another baby step towards the next World Series, when coach Naomi Shaw and her NZ Selection side cross the Tasman this week for another crack at the Aussies.

The visit to Blacktown, New South Wales, will see the Kiwi women play eight times in five days, including the third round of Gilley’s Shield interstate play and three “tests” against an Australia Selection.

It’s deliberately not labelled as a White Sox team for good reason. There are only two players – Rebecca Bromhead and Melanie Gettins – from the full national side that contested the world event last year. And at the other end of the spectrum, four newcomers – Freya Bullock, Kayla Clark, Madison Lovatt and Victoria Reyland – have never played at this level before.

“It’s not a full national team, so there is more of an expectation around developing for the future,” insists Shaw. “Some are in contention for the Junior White Sox and their World Series next year, while others may be in contention for the White Sox and their 2014 World Series. But this trip is not just about experience – it’s an opportunity for us to see who can step up to that level of play. Australia were third at the World Series and we were 12th and to narrow that gap, we need to widen our base of players. But we love winning as well and we’ll be doing everything we can to come up with wins. We’ll win some and lose some.”  

Since New Zealand began its participation in the Australian domestic competition, Shaw estimates 50-60 players have been exposed to this higher standard of play. That’s partly by design and partly out of necessity, since the self-funded campaign quickly sucks up the players’ financial resources and annual leave.

Because the turnover of players is so high, it’s hard to get consistency of performance, but Shaw has seen some noticeable improvement this summer. In their first jaunt across the ditch to Perth in October, the Kiwis won three straight games, including a 7-6 victory over defending champions New South Wales Firestars, with a handful of rookies on board.   

That’s the first time that hat-trick has been achieved in the three seasons New Zealand has entered a team. Their record over the opening two rounds stands at 4-7. This week, they’ll face the Firestars again, as well as the Victoria Titans, who they’ve already beaten twice this season. But this round also promises to be the toughest yet, with many of the Australian sides benefitting from the return of their US college players during the Christmas/New Year break.
“As long as people don’t get taken up with results, I’m excited by what we’ve achieved with our wider squad,” says Shaw. “When we come to select our next White Sox team, we’ll have more information on our players and will make fewer mistakes.”

The New Zealand Selection is: Rebecca Bromhead, Freya Bullock, Kayla Clark, Jennifer Feret, Alex Forsyth, Melanie Gettins, Shannon Hearne, Tyneesha Houkamau, Anita Leeuw, Madison Lovatt, Brooke McManus (for tests), Kayla Rangiawha, Victoria Reyland, Beth Stavert, Gillian Wills.

Coach: Naomi Shaw
Assistant coaches: Debbie Mygind & Kevin Gettins
Manager: Anaru Pewhairangi
Scorer: Vicky Griffiths
Trainer: Anthea Stringer
Thursday, January 3
1pm NZ Selection v West Australia Flames
3pm NZ Selection v South Australia Starz
Friday, January 4
3pm NZ Selection v ACT Diamonds
Saturday, January 5
1pm NZ Selection v Queensland Heat
7.30pm NZ Selection v Victoria Titans
Sunday, January 6
4.30pm NZ Selection v Australia Selection
Monday, January 7
9.30am NZ Selection v Australia Selection
11.30am NZ Selection v Australia Selection
Gilley's Shield Round 3

NZ Women's Selection Team to attend the Gilleys and Edebone-Weber Shield to be held in Sydney 2-6 January 2013.
The tournament is to be followed by a 3 game test series against an Australian Selection Team to be played on 6 – 7 January 2013
(list alphabetically by surname)
Surname Given name
  Bromhead Rebecca AK
  Bullock Freya AK
  Burgess Yvonne HV
  Feret Jennifer AK
  Forsyth Alex QL
  Gettins Melanie HB
  Hearne Shannon WA
  Houkamau Tyneesha AK
  Leeuw Anita AK
  Rangiawha Kayla WN
  Ratu-James Kuraroa HV
  Simeon Keri WN
  Stavert Beth AK
  Wills Gillian AK
Officials Position Assc
Naomi Shaw Head Coach HV
Debbie Mygind Asst Coach AK
Kevin Gettins Asst Coach HB
Anaru Pewhairangi Manager RO
Vicky Griffiths Scorer CB
Anthea Stringer Trainer MB
Gilley's Shield Round 2

The New Zealand Women's Selection team to compete in the Gilley’s Shield and Edebone Weber Shield, Round 2 – Adelaide, Australia.
Friday 23 November – Sunday 25 November 2012
New Zealand Women's Selection
Rebecca Bromhead (AK), Danica Ferriso (HV), Robyn Hall (CB), Shannon Hearne (WA), Tyneesha Houkamau (AK), Jasmin Kaiaruna (WN), Anita Leeuw (AK), Cassie Siataga (CB), Keri Simeon (WN), Lauren Tapp (NSW), Mikayla Werahiko (CB), Gillian Wills (AK), Lauren Sutherland (CB)
“An eye to the future”

That is how New Zealand Women’s Selection Team coach Naomi Shaw sees her side’s participation in this weekend’s opening round of the Gilley’s Shield competition in Perth, Australia. The Gilley’s Shield competition is Australia’s elite women’s tournament.
“This is about having a look at some of the Junior White Sox squad members,” Shaw said.
“The idea of this is to give them the opportunity to play elite softball and for myself to see how they cope with that level of softball and how they perform under pressure. We want to win there is no doubt about that, but that is not the primary focus. It is really about developing the program for 2014.”
The side left today for Perth and has its first game at the tournament against South Australia tomorrow morning. It then finishes the opening day of the tournament with a game against hosts Western Australia. On Saturday they play the ACT and Victoria sides with their final games of the opening weekend of the tournament on Sunday against defending champions New South Wales and Queensland.
“It is straight into the games,” Shaw said. “It is what it is. We have to be mindful of the cost. We don’t want to miss the opportunity to play this level of softball and Australia Softball has been very accommodating of us. It is the way it is for us and we just have to get there as cost effective as possible.”
The team is: Jennifer Feret, Ancelle Van Molendorff (Auckland), Danica Ferriso, Amelia Rika, Kuraroa Ratu-James (Hutt Valley), Emma Francis, Kayla Rangiawha, Keri-Moana Simeon, Jardene Tipa, Jasmin Kaiaruna (Wellington), Courtney Gettins, Melanie Gettins (Hawke’s Bay), Robyn Hall (Canterbury), Shannon Hearne (Western Australia).
New Zealand Women’s Selection Team
A squad of 25 players has been named from which 2 teams will be selected to attend Softball Australia’s Edebone Weber Shield Tournaments to be held 26-28 October 2012 in Perth & 23-25 November 2012 in Adelaide.
The White Sox and Junior White Sox programmes work closely together to identify talented youngsters coming through the ranks. Playing in the Australian National League offers the programme the opportunity to have experienced campaigners like Mel Gettins, Rebecca Bromhead and Michal Tangaroa play alongside the youngsters identified in the Junior White Sox squad. Additionally, the “gap group” of players between the junior and the seniors also have the opportunity to show the New Zealand coaches if they have what it takes to make future NZ White Sox selections.
Coach Naomi Shaw says “the opportunity to play in the Softball Australia National League is fantastic to give the girls a taste of what elite softball looks like. Some will thrive from the challenge and others will come away with a better idea on what they need to work on to achieve a higher standard of play. Either way it is a win/win for us as players who are exposed to this level of competition will inevitably learn much from it”
The squad will be revised at the end of November from which a team to compete in the Edebone Weber Shield between 2-6 January 2013 in Sydney will be named. A 3 game test series is planned on the 6th & 7th January with an Australian Women’s Selection Team.
The NZ Women’s Selection Squad:
Rebecca Bromhead AK
Danica Ferriso HV
Alex Forsyth Qeensland
Emma Francis WN
Courtney Gettins HB
Melanie Gettins HB
Robyn Hall CB
Shannon Hearne West Australia
Tyneesha Houkamau AK
Jasmin Kaiaruna WN
Anita Leeuw AK
Dinah Luke HV
Kayla Rangiawha WN
Kuraroa Ratu-James HV
Amelia Rika HV
Cassie Siataga CB
Keri-Moana Simeon WN
Michal Tangaroa AK
Ancelle Van Molendorff AK
Hope Weber WN
Mikayla Werahiko CB
Matie Whitman HV
Gillian Wills AK
(two more to be added)
The NZ Women’s Selection Team to travel to Perth  for the Edebone Weber Shield Round 1: 26-28 October 2012:  
Danica Ferriso HV
Emma Francis WN
Courtney Gettins HB
Melanie Gettins HB
Robyn Hall CB
Shannon Hearne West Australia
Kayla Rangiawha WN
Kuraroa Ratu-James HV
Amelia Rika HV
Keri-Moana Simeon WN
Ancelle Van Molendorff AK
Hope Weber WN
Matie Whitman HV
(two more to be added)


View the full schedule here
International Softball Federation XIII Women’s World Championship website
International Softball Federation XIII Women’s World Championship photos
Photos courtesy of Joanne McAlpine here


White Sox World Championship NZ Times
Date New Zealand Time Diamond Result Box Score Manager report
14 July Mexico 4.30am 1 7-3 (W) click Download
15 July Japan 1.30pm 2 0-7 (L) 
5 innings
click Download
16 July Great Britain 8.30am 2 3-0 (W) click Download
17 July Australia 11am 2 1-5 (L) click Download
18 July Canada 6.30am 1 12-1 (L)
5 innings
click Download
19 July Italy 11am 2 5-6 (L) click Download
20 July Chinese Taipei 6am 2 2-1 (L) click Download
  Win/Loss 2-4, Final placing = 13th
New Zealand White Sox in the Yukon                     

The NZ White Sox Team has arrived in Whitehorse in the Yukon for the start of the ISF Women’s World Series 2012. The weather was warm, sunny and a lovely clear day. The flight over the Rockies was stunning and you could be excused for thinking you were in the South Island with landscape that resembled Queenstown. Whitehorse is a little Yukon town only 2 hours from Alaska. The Yukon First Nation tribe are the indigenous people of the area.
The town is so far north that the sun does not go below the horizon during summer. It is strange to see bright sunlight at 11.00pm. The beautiful Yukon River is a well known salmon river and in August it is here that bears come down to do a bit of fishing. The outdoors is stunning and canoe, skiing, hiking, climbing, kayak, snowmobiling, fishing and dog mushing are all popular activities undertaken in the area.   
Courtney Maihi joined the team today from Colorado and she will be an asset to the team. Games played in the Canada Cup prior to World Series were crucial to iron out the kinks and establish a starting 9. The team looks forward to game time starting tomorrow.
Experienced campaigner Kiri Shaw was named as captain with Rebecca Bromhead vice captain. The leaders were chosen from a team and management vote. The two highly respected captains would be the first to acknowledge that the leadership comes from within and everyone has stepped up in this respect. Recent additions to the senior leadership team were youngsters Te Reo Powhiri Matautia and Ellie Cooper.
Coach Shaw is pleased with the team’s progress to date. Team spirit is high and combinations are starting to gell. “We don’t want to fall into the trap of picking must win games, she says. We must attack every team we play with confidence and then anything can happen. If we play quality softball then we can help determine the outcome. Our focus is quality and consistency, she says.
We received a lovely message today from Black Sox captain Rhys Casley which we felt encapsulated what we felt. Give it everything, don’t stop believing and represent us all with pride. Leave nothing on the diamond, make sure, win lose or draw your opponents remember the day they played New Zealand.
Anaru Pewhairangi
Naomi Shaw  
Canadian Open Fastpitch Championship


Canadian Open Fastpitch International Championship
Please see below for New Zealand's preliminary game schedule, as well as the playoff schedule:
Date New Zealand Day  Time Diamond Result Box Score
04 July Japan Wednesday 12:30 1 0-7 (L) 6 innings click
04 July Canada Wednesday 7:30 1 1-11 (L) 3 innings click
05 July Venezuela Thursday 6:30 2 0-9 (L) 3 innings click
06 July Puerto Rico Friday 10:30 1 1-3 (L) click
06 July USA Friday 3:30 1 0-7 (L) 5 innings click
07 July Australia Saturday 8:30 1 0-8 (L) 5 innings click
08 July Puerto Rico Sunday 6:30 2 9-8 (W)  click
9 July Venezuela Monday 2:30 1 0-7 (L) 5 innings click
Win/Loss 1-7
The New Zealand White Sox finish the Canadian Open Fastpitch International Championship in 6th position.

Download full schedule here
Canadian Open Fastpitch International Championship website
NZ White Sox - Canada Cup
NZ White Sox vs Puerto Rico & USA                        6 July 2012
It was another loss for the Sox when they faced Caribbean team Puerto Rico in the first game of the day. Megan Farrell started on the mound. She was replaced by Tangaroa in the 4th innings with Farrell returning in the 6th to close the game. Only 4 hits were conceded to a strong hitting line up. It was the pitchers best performance so far and they are really coming into form. Errors were costly for the Sox with Puerto Ricos three runs being unearned.  The Kiwi’s only run came from a solid drive from Taylor Paige Stewart to get onto base with Rebecca Bromhead following up with a double to centre right to score Stewart.
In the 2nd game of the day, the Sox faced reigning world champions USA. Despite not getting a hit off USA pitcher Jackie Trainor, the Kiwi’s were unfazed and composed against the speedster. They were robbed of 4 powerful hits by outstanding fielding from the opposition. Taylor Paige Stewart started on the mound before she was replaced by Krysta Hoani in the 4th innings. Stewart had a great start for her pitching debut taking 4 strikeouts against a powerful hitting line up. Of particular note was her composure with runners on base particularly when she took strikeouts with runners in scoring positions. Hoani’s slingshot had the Americans caught unawares as she took 2 strikeouts from the 6 batters she faced. But it was 2 massive automatics from USA hitter Valerie Arioto who bought in 6 of the USA’s 7 runs.
Despite the results, Coach Shaw is pleased with the progress the team is making on their road to World Series. It was exciting that at one stage of the game the average age of the team in the game was 18 and they were playing with the composure of experienced campaigners. The feeling from the team is not despondent by any stretch.  The Canada Cup was always going to be the training games needed for World Series and the team is able to play creative and exciting patches of softball. But it is consistency we are looking for and this will come with more game time. The Kiwi’s have been hugely popular with the crowd at Canada Cup and much comment has been made about the depth NZ is building for the future.       
New Zealand v Australia                                              7 July 2012
It was the New Zealand White Sox sixth loss in a row as they went down to Australia 7-0. Again the Kiwi defence was found wanting and careless errors enabled Aussie runners on base. It was however 18 year old Taylor-Paige Stewart who hails from California that was the find of the evening with a sterling performance on the mound and she also hit 2 of New Zealand’s three hits. Despite a slow start Stewart was able to contain a very strong hitting line up to just 2 hits before she was replaced by Tangaroa on the mound in the bottom of the 4th innings. The Kiwi’s were competitive until the 5th innings when a Jodie Bowering automatic over right field fence off replacement pitcher Megan Farrell scored 2 runs with another run coming in after that to seal  the win for Australia.
Despite the result there were again some very positive patches of play. To keep it in perspective, the young Kiwi team are playing against the top five teams in the world. The standard of play is world class and the team have battled consistently against very good teams. The goal is to finish in the top 8 of World Series which is a huge jump from 12th place in 2010. Coach
Shaw believes that the Sox have the team to do it and once the kinks have been ironed out and batters start to get their eye in, it could be a vastly different team playing in White Horse. Top player Courtney Maihi is yet to join the team and will do so in White Horse. Kiri Shaw was injured in the first game against Japan and is expected to be back on deck for World Series.
Tomorrow the Kiwi’s face Puerto Rico in the first of the play offs with the winner playing off for 5th and 6th place.
New Zealand v Puerto Rica                         8 July 2012
It was a Rebecca Bromhead automatic over left field fence at the top of the 1st innings with 2 outs that ignited the Kiwi bats against Puerto Rico in the first playoff game today. In a tightly contested and exciting game the two teams went head to head in a three hour spectacle of softball. The game was full of action and drama from start to finish. Megan Farrell started the game on the mound before Taylor Paige Stewart came in to pitch in the 2nd innings. A revamped infield with Lara Andrews playing her first international game at short stop held strong under a barrage of powerful hitting from the determined Puerto Ricans. Michal Tangaroa came into pitch in the fifth innings and Stewart returned to close out the game in the 7 innings for a 9-8 victory to the Kiwi’s. Drama occurred when Puerto Rico attempted to bring in an illegal substitute. The error occurred at a crucial time at the bottom of the 6th innings when PR threatened to score.
But it was the hitting of the Kiwis that was a feature of the game. Michal Tangaroa, replacement for the injured Bromhead hit 2 from 2, as did Stewart, Lara Andrews and Te Reo Powhiri Matautia. But it was Krysta Hoani hitting 3 from 4 who hit in a number of runs to seal the game for the Kiwi’s. Stewart in particular was dominant on the mound, strong with the bat and played DP, left field and 1st base. Coach Shaw was pleased to see the offence come to light at long last. It was only a matter of time before the hitters started to see the ball and the hitting was exceptional tonight she said. Equally exciting was that every player with the exception of the injured Kiri Shaw was used in this marathon. We have so much young talent in this team and it is a real pleasure to see them develop game by game.
However, there are still some things that we need to tidy up before World Series as it is often the little things that can hurt your chances of winning big games. We are thankful for the extra game for 5th & 6th place we get against Venezuela tomorrow as it gives us more opportunities to play together as a team. The win tonight was a morale booster for the team after sustaining a succession of losses against quality teams. Puerto Rico are a small nation who are nuts about baseball and softball. They are powerful units with raw physical talent. Our girls were thoroughly deserving of the win tonight and we look forward to taking on the South Americans tomorrow.
New Zealand White Sox v Venezuela                    9 July 2012
Venezuela started strongly with a 2 run automatic off starting pitcher Krysta Hoani. Megan Farrell replaced Hoani on the mound but the Kiwi’s had to withstand a barrage of hits from the strong Venezuelan team. Brooke McManus got the only hit for New Zealand in the latter stages of the game. Whilst the Kiwi’s were able to get runners on base they were unable to cross the plate for runs. The final score being 7-0 to Venezuela.
The team leaves for Whitehorse for the start of the ISF Women’s World Series on 13 July. USA based player Courtney Maihi will join the team in Whitehorse. A rest day is planned for tomorrow before the trip north to the Yukon. The final of the Canada Cup was an exciting spectacle between Japan & USA. Japan scored first with 4 runs in the 4th innings with 2 down. USA came back with 4 runs to match in the next innings with Gibson hitting a 3 run automatic. Japan kept their composure and scored 5 runs in the tie breaker innings. Just when you thought the game was over, USA scored 2 more runs and loaded the bases.  With 2 down, the last out of the game was caught on the fence. USA rotated 4 pitchers into the game whilst Japan used the same pitcher for the whole game. It was an excellent end to an excellent tournament.
Anaru Pewhairangi/Naomi Shaw        
NZ White Sox – Canada Cup

NZ White Sox V Team Canada                   
The day turned into a long one with the first game at 12.30pm and last game being completed 9.15pm.  The opening ceremony was a spectacle for women’s softball.  Seventy female teams from 14 nations marched out and onto the main diamond to a boisterous crowd who were in full voice once our game got underway. The Sox started well with Ellie Cooper picking a walk then stealing second base with ease which would later come to no avail. Team Canada then proceeded with their at-bat and would see Megan Farrell sling shot which had them all surprised and yelling foul.  Eventually the game would set a pace which felt like it was going on for eternity and jet lag was kicking in. Farrell pitched well but couldn’t be helped with some defensive lapses which saw the game get away from the White Sox.
Highlights in the game saw Kingsley Avery hit safely to be advanced by Ellie Cooper. A Brooke McManus double and an excellent slide at home by Kingsley to avoid the tag and to score the teams first run of the tournament. NZ tried some different strategic moves which delighted the crowd and created some very entertaining softball. But clearly tonight was not to be our night with the 2500 in attendance screaming for Team Canada and the few family members in attendance screaming for us. The final game score was 11-1 with Canada getting 5 hits to New Zealand’s 3. 
Moving forward to tomorrow the Sox have another tough challenge in Venezuela who put the United States to the test going 10 innings to lose 5-4 in a hard fought game.
NZ White Sox v Venezuela                         
It was another stunning day at Softball City in Surrey Vancouver. With only one game timed for 6.30pm the Sox had a welcome sleep in followed by a light training run at a nearby ball park. The team are staying at the Sheraton Hotel in Guildford, Vancouver. Guildford is a beautiful tree lined suburb 45 minutes from Vancouver City. Amazingly golf courses and fenced ball parks seem to appear on every street corner. The wilderness extends from the mountains to the city with snowy Mt Baker a massive feature in the far distance. Like in New Zealand, you can be swimming in the morning and skiing in the afternoon.          
The NZ White Sox Team faced a very strong Venezuela team in the warm balmy evening gloam. The Sox started well with US based Cooper picking a walk and adding pressure with a steal. But that was about it for the NZ Team with only Lara Andrews, Rebecca Bromhead (with Erika Avery running for her) and Danica Ferriso making base. Ferriso was the only player to hit safely against the strong pitching of Aayibel Ramirez. But it was the Venezuela offence that was all action with powerful well timed hits including 2 automatics that easily cleared the outfield fence. Coach Naomi Shaw’s pre tournament strategy to give everyone game time was fully utilised. Taylor Paige Stewart came into pitch in the last innings with a pleasing pitching performance. The final result was a 9-0 loss. The Sox face Puerto Rico tomorrow in what should be a close game. It is hoped that for this game Kiri Shaw will be back from injury.
Anaru Pewhairangi/Naomi Shaw 
NZ White Sox - Canada Cup & World Championships
The wait is just about over for the White Sox as they head into the final stages of their preparation for the women’s softball world championships. The side is currently playing in the Canada Cup tournament in Surrey, British Columbia ahead of the world championship which starts on Friday in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.
“The past two years have been crucial to us to get experience at an elite level and to also test players in a highly competitive competition. We learnt a lot about individuals, and who could step up to a higher level of play within a high performance environment” White Sox coach Naomi Shaw said.
The side’s performance at this week’s Canada Cup, which is the first time the team has been together with half the team based overseas, has given the side an insight to what to expect in Yukon with the team being beaten by Japan and hosts Canada. However, for Shaw those games at the Canada Cup are just a stepping stone to the main event.
“It will be a real baptism of fire but I am not unduly worried about the results here at the Canada Cup. It is really important that all players get adequate game time and we establish the game plan we intend to use at World Championships,” she said.
“Our goal is to finish in the top eight and anything better than that will be fantastic, This is a realistic goal for us but it is not to be underestimated just how difficult that goal will be to achieve,” she said.
Seeded 12th for the tournament the side is on the tough side of the draw, in the same section as beaten finalists from the 2010 tournament Japan and Canada, who won the bronze medal two years ago.
“I know we have the team to do it and it is all about putting it all together when it really matters,” Shaw said.
The team that is faced with that challenge is a mixture of youth and experience. The youth includes seven players of the under-19 team that performed above all expectations at last year’s junior world championships and among the experienced group is Kiri Shaw, who will be playing in her fifth world championship and two decades after she played in her first such event.
“At the end of the day it is all about proven performance and who is playing the best on the day,” Shaw said.
Canada Cup
NZ White Sox v Japan                                                   
It was a beautiful day in British Columbia and a huge crowd came to the ball park to watch the opening game of the International Division of the Scotiabank Bank Canada Cup Tournament in WhiteRock, Surrey.
It was Japan who opened the scoring in the 2nd innings with an automatic off starting pitcher Tangaroa with a runner on base.  But it was Tangaroa and then Farrell who denied the Japanese any further opportunity to score until the 5th innings. Farrell in particular came in with loaded bases and none down to deny the Japan team any chance of advancing early in the game.
Whilst the White Sox were competitive until the mercy run rule was invoked in the 6th innings, it was a series of unforced errors that allowed Japan to gain base and add pressure. The effects of jetlag were apparent with stifled yawns. To the Kiwi’s credit they were not fazed by Japan by any stretch who are the reigning  Olympic gold medal champions and silver medallists at the 2010 ISF World  Series .
Taylor Paige Stewart hit 2 from 3, with Kiri Shaw, Rebecca Bromhead and Lara Andrews chiming in with a hit each. The Kiwi battery of Tangaroa, Farrell and then Krysta Hoani contained a world class Japanese hitting line up to 7 hits.
Whilst the NZ White Sox can never be satisfied with any loss, they can certainly take a bow for the performance seen on diamond 1. It was only 2 days ago that players were introducing themselves to each other and have never played a game together as a team. Additionally the NZ based players last played a game in April and it was a real baptism of fire to Japan in the opening game. 
Softball City have the most fantastic 4 diamond ball park, slick organisation and 500 wonderful & friendly volunteers who fall over each other to help you. Add to this the 70 teams, 14 of these from different countries and 180 bat girls.
The tournament is run with 4 divisions namely; International, Women’s Elite, Futures (u19) and Showcase. The start dates are staggered and the softball fans are treated to a spectacular week and a half of fantastic softball. Lots can be learned from this organisation especially the promotion of the game through sponsorship, Twitter, Facebook, PointStreak (live scoring) and You Tube. Additionally all international games are televised live and on live stream on www.sportscanada.tv
Anaru Pewhairangi (Manager)
Naomi Shaw (Head Coach) 
NZ White Sox World Championships Squad  

Softball New Zealand would like to congratulate Erika Avery (Auckland) and Robyn Hall (Canterbury) who have been called into the NZ White Sox squad for the 2012 World Championships in Whitehorse Canada. Erika and Robyn have been called into the squad for Tianna Areaiiti and Kataraina Hiku who have withdrawn due to personal reasons.
The Women’s World Championship kicks off in less than two weeks time, but before then the NZ White Sox will be competing in the Canada Cup along with a number of other countries. Here is a link to the ISF Women’s World Championships website;
All 66 games will be will be webstreamed, and more information will come out in due time about the tournament and NZ White Sox games.
Web streaming for all World Championship Games

Pinnacle Women's Fast Pitch Event Five Weeks Away
PLANT CITY, FLORIDA (USA) – All 66 games from the International Softball Federation XIII Women’s World Championship that starts five weeks from today will be webstreamed.  The 16-nation event will take place in Whitehorse, Yukon (Canada).
“We are extremely pleased that fans around the world will be able to see the action from Whitehorse,” ISF President Don Porter said.  “We know that the worldwide softball community will be looking to interact with the tournament regardless of their location, so having all of the games online is a perfect meeting place to accomplish that.”
Mr. Porter added, “My thanks go out to the local organizing committee in Whitehorse for securing this opportunity.”
The games will be streamed live.  There is no fee involved for viewers.  Games will be recorded and archived for on-demand viewing as well.  Starting July 13, the games can be viewed on www.sportscanada.tv and viewers will be able to interact through a Twitter feed embedded next to the video player.
The ten-day tournament will include: Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, Chinese Taipei, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, South Africa, USA, and Venezuela.  The Americans are the defending champions, having won the twelfth edition of the event, which took place in 2010 in Caracas, Venezuela.  This (2012) is the first year that the ISF world championships are starting an every-two-years rotation after having been one a year every four years.  (The IX Jr. Men’s World Championship is set for this November in Paraná, Argentina.) 
The official event website for the world championship in Whitehorse is www.worldfastpitch2012.com/
About the International Softball Federation
The ISF is the world governing body of the sport as recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and SportAccord (formerly the General Association of International Sports Federations).  Softball (women's fast pitch) made its Olympic debut at the 1996 Games in Atlanta. There are 127 affiliated countries in the ISF and millions of participants in the sport worldwide.  The sport is contested in more than a dozen multi-sport Games.  Learn additional details about the Federation at www.ISFsoftball.org.


NZ White Sox World Championships Squad changes

Softball New Zealand would like to congratulate both Charlotte Pointon (Wellington) and Krysta Hoani (Auckland) who have been called into the NZ White Sox squad for the 2012 World Championships in White Horse Canada.

They have been called into the squad for Rita Hokianga and Kyla Bromhead who have withdrawn for personal reasons.
Women's World Series Tickets

The 18 April ISF Update contains information regarding tickets for the 2012 Women's World Series tournament..Download here
NZ White Sox to World Champs & Southern Cross Challenge

NZ White Sox coach Naomi Shaw has put her faith in youth for July’s world championships in Whitehorse, Canada. Seven of the 17 named for the tournament were members of the Junior White Sox side that competed in their world championships in December last year.
“I have been working with the junior program and there coaches for the last three years and these girls have had very consistent performances over the past season and have certainly earned their place in the national team.”
However, while youth has been given a vote of confidence Shaw has not overlooked experience with Kiri Shaw, whose first senior world championship appearance was in 1992, included in the side for her fifth tournament. Shaw has also included six overseas players in her side, five from the USA and one from Australia.
“I think now it is just part of the course. If you look at the Football Ferns that was recently named I think there was just one player who was actually based in New Zealand, at a world championship level it is not about giving players turns. It is about selecting the best players.”
Selection for the Sydney based Brook McManus will add some spark when the NZ White Sox team play Australia with her sister Stacey a member of that side. The two sisters faced each other in January and that meeting posed some interesting clothing for the family.
“The family had singlet’s that were yellow and green one half and black the other.” Shaw said.
The World Championship Team is:
Kingsley Avery, Kyla Bromhead, Rebecca Bromhead, Megan Farrell, Melanie Gettins, Kataraina Hiku , Te Reo Powhiri Matautia, Michelle Tangaroa (Auckland), Danica Ferriso, Kiri Shaw (Hutt Valley), Tiana Areaitti (Southland), Brook McManus (Australia), Lara Andrews, Ellie Cooper, Rita Hokianga, Courtney Maihi, Taylor-Paige Stewart (United States).
Southern Cross Challenge
The selectors have also named a team with a look towards 2014 to compete in the Southern Cross Challenge Series in Christchurch in April. The series is held over Easter Weekend and is competed between Queensland and Canterbury Teams. The New Zealand Team to play in the Southern Cross Challenge Series is:
Kingsley Avery, Erika Avery, Kyla Bromhead, Melanie Gettins, Rebecca Hicks, Krysta Hoani, Jordan-Leigh Koni, Beth Stavert, Michelle Tangaroa (Auckland), Ashley Johnston, Kuraroa Ratu-James (Hutt Valley), Tiana Areaitti (Southland), Brooke Cutting, Charlotte Pointon, Danielle Tanoa, Hope Weber (Wellington), Brook McManus (Australia). Cassie Siataga & Mikayla Werahiko (Canterbury) have been named in the team, but will be released to play for Canterbury in the series.

New Zealand White Sox Squad Announced

NZ White Sox coach Naomi Shaw and selectors Debbie Mygind & Israel Nukunuku have named a New Zealand White Sox squad following recent performances at the Junior Women’s World Series in South Africa, the Gilleys Shield in Australia, and the National Fastpitch Championships in Lower Hutt. Two teams will be picked out of this squad, one a development team to play in the Southern Cross Challenge in Christchurch in April and the team for the ISF Women’s World Series to be held in July in Whitehorse, Yukon.  
The squad has 8 overseas based players and a smattering of experience with youth. Returning from the 2010 Women’s World Series Team are Andrews, Areaitti, Bromhead, Cartwright, Farrell, Gettins, Maihi, Shaw, and Tangaroa. But they are going to be seriously challenged by the successful Junior White Sox team players Avery, Cooper, Ferriso, Hiku, Hokianga, Hoani, Hollett, Koni, Matautia, Stavert, Stewart & Wills.
However the bolters into the squad following strong performances with the NZ Junior Development Team and at the National Fastpitch Championships are Erika Avery (AK), Emma Francis (WN), and Cassie Siataga & Mikayla Werahiko from Canterbury.
It is great to see the depth that softball now has and this has come from a strong development programme at junior level and feeding upwards to the seniors.
The final team selections will be announced on the 20th March following the Women’s Open Club Nationals. Shaw says the door remains open for any players who perform exceptionally well at club nationals. The good thing is that we now have strong competition for a place on the team. It is going to be a really difficult task to separate the players, and so performances at club nationals could be the difference for some.   
Andrews, Lara                           USA
Areaitti, Tiana                            SL
Avery, Erika                              AK
Avery, Kingsley                          AK
Bromhead, Rebecca                   AK
Bromhead, Kyla                         AK
Cartwright, Sheree                      HV
Clark, Poihaere                           Aust
Cooper, Elle                               USA
Cutting, Brooke                          WN
Farrell, Megan                             AK
Ferriso, Danica                            HV
Francis, Emma                            WN
Gettins, Melanie                           AK
Hiku, Kataraina                            AK
Hokianga, Rita                             USA
Hoani, Krysta                              AK
Hollett, Jess                                Aust
Johnston, Ashley                          HV
Koni, Jordan-Leigh                        AK
Leeuw, Anita                               AK
Maihi, Courtney                            USA
Matautia, Te Reo Powhiri                AK
McManus, Brook                           Aust
Pointon, Charlotte                          WN
Shaw, Kiri                                     HV
Siataga, Cassie                              CB
Stavert, Beth                                AK
Stewart, Taylor-Paige                      USA
Tangaroa, Michal                           AK
Tonu’u, Talilotu                             WN
Weber, Hope                                WN
Werahiko, Mikayla                          CB
Wills, Gillian                                   AK
New Zealand White Sox Release

White Sox coach Naomi Shaw believes her players are making good progress despite being white-washed in the three-game test series against Australia in Canberra at the weekend.
The White Sox lost the opening test on Saturday 9-1 and then on Sunday were beaten 11-4 and 8-0.
“It is about development and we have learnt a lot from this experience and the Gilley’s Shield,” Shaw said.
“There was a lot of information gathered and some good lessons for the players.”
For Shaw the Gilley’s Shield competition, which also doubles as the Edebone-Weber Shield competition, has given her the opportunity to introduce a number of players to the senior team.
“It [the Gilley’s Shield] is a tough competition but it is all about experience for us.”
The series gave Shaw an opportunity to introduce a number of players to the senior team, with Brooke McManus, Robyn Hall, Katarina Hiku, Alex Forsyth, Poihaere Clark, Courtney Warren, Danica Ferriso, Jessica Hollett and Jessica McDonald making their debut for the White Sox at same stage of the Gilleys Shield and Edebone-Weber Shield competitions. Of those players Hall, Clark, McManus, McDonald and Hollett played in the series against Australia.
An infielder,  Brooke McManus’ appearance for the White Sox over the weekend meant she came up against her sister Stacey and while it was the latter who earned the bragging rights, Brooke did get her sister out in the first time they opposed each other in an international game.
Shaw also believes her side will benefit from the performance of the junior White Sox team, which finished sixth at their world championship last year. That side had been seeded 12th going into that tournament.
The two squads are now working together and that is beginning to pay dividends with a handful of the players from the junior White Sox having played for the senior side this season.
"We have to work closer together. The gap is then not as big."
New Zealand White Sox Release

Expect an improved effort from the White Sox team as they embark on the second round of games in the Australian State competition for the Gilley's Shield in Brisbane this weekend.

The side won just one of its five games in the opening weekend of games last month, but coach Naomi Shaw believes there were some positives from that.

"A number of new players were exposed to a higher level of play thus broadening the base of players who have now faced an elite level of game," Shaw said.

"The more opportunities we get to face better opposition the better our development will be."
"The big picture is the world championships in Whitehorse, Canada in 2012, these games are perfect for us to gauge where we are at, what we need to work on and identifying players who are able to step up to the higher level."

This weekend Shaw knows where she wants to see the improvement.

"The game at international level is played much faster. We will need to adjust accordingly and quickly on offence and defence."

The Gilley's Shield competition is an ideal test of players with none of the Australian sides an easy challenge.

"There are no easy beats in this competition," Shaw said.

"Traditional weaker teams like South Australia have introduced this year a new pitcher who now makes them extremely competitive and they have been taking the bigger gun teams to the wire in games.
Last year's Gilleys Shield winners Western Australia are looking solid as do New South Wales. But to be honest, it really is down to how teams perform on the day."

For this weekend's games Shaw has included Yvonne Burgess, Megan Tasker and Ashley Johnston, who have all played for the national side in recent years. The only new comer to the team is Robyn Hall from Canterbury.

"All of them will relish the opportunity to play this level of competition and I look forward to seeing them play in this elite environment," Shaw said.

Tiana Areaiiti (Southland), Rebecca Bromhead, Megan Farrell, Melanie Gettins, Amanda Preston, Michal Tangaroa, (Auckland), Yvonne Burgess, Ashley Johnston (Hutt Valley), Brooke Cutting, Charlotte Pointon, Megan Tasker (Wellington), Robyn Hall (Canterbury), Poihaere Clark (Sydney), Ngamoko Hiku, Api Stone (Brisbane).
New Zealand White Sox Release

A handful of rookie international softball players will be out to impress during the opening weekend of the Gilley's Shield and Edebone-Weber Shield competitions in Melbourne.

The competitions involve the Australian state sides and the New Zealand women's team and are held over three weekends with the final two in November and January.

For White Sox coach Naomi Shaw the weekend is the first steps toward the 2012 women's world championship.

"It is a great start to our world championship build-up," Shaw said.

"It is a great opportunity to blood some new players."

Those players given the chance to impress this weekend are Courtney Warren, Katarina Hiku, Danica Ferriso, Poihaere Clark and Alex Forsyth, who will be making their White Sox debuts.

"Other squad members will be given their chance in the Brisbane and Canberra tournaments," Shaw said.

"I am regarding all three tournament weekends as a trial situation for the players and it will give us a good steer on who can step up to the elite level."

The White Sox will open their campaign in the competitions against the ACT team this afternoon beofre playing South Australia in the final game on the opening day.

Tomorrow the White Sox face hosts Victoria and then two hours later Queensland.

However, it is on SUnday this side has perhaps its toughest test with games against defending title holders Western Australia and last season's beaten finalist New South Wales.

The team is: Tiana Areaiiti, Kyla Bromhead, Rebecca Bromhead, Poihaere Clark, Brooke Cutting, Megan Farrell, Danica Ferriso, Alex Forsyth, Melanie Gettins, Katarina Hiku, Ngamoko Hiku, Charlotte Pointon, Amanda Preston, Api Stone, Michal Tangaroa, Courtney Warren.
New Zealand White Sox Release

A blend of youth with experience will carry the hopes of the New Zealand White Sox when they play for the Edebone-Weber Shield, within the Gilley's Shield in the Australian state championship beginning next month in Melbourne, Australia.

The competition is played over three weekends and will culminate with the test series which will be played in January in Canberra.

New Zealand White Sox head coach Naomi Shaw has included 9 players who were members of the team that played in the series last year and at the other end of the experience scale Kyla Bromhead, Poihaere Clark, Courtney Warren, Danica Ferriso, Robyn Hall, Katarina Hiku and Alex Forsyth will be getting their first taste of the compeition.

Ferriso, Hall, Hiku and Forsyth, along with last year's team Jordan-Leigh Koni are all members of the Junior White Sox team that are preparing for their world championship at the end of the year.

Shaw has also included a handful of New Zealanders who are based in Australia.

"The Australian based players currently play in a more competitive environment than we have in New Zealand and it will be interesting to see how they match up with our New Zealand counterparts," Shaw said.

Of the players named in the team to make the trip to Australia, perhaps the biggest surprises are Kyla Bromhead, who is returning to the game after the birth of her second child earlier this year, and Courtney Warren who impressed at the recent training camp in Hawke's Bay.

"They both earned another look at for the Gilley's Shield," Shaw said.

Bromhead is not the only new mum in the team with Hutt Valley's Ashley Johnston, who is expected to play in the second weekend of the competition in Brisbane in November.

The Gilley's Shield competition is crucial to the White Sox build-up for next year's world championship.

"For some it is a big step up and we will be watching closely to see who can perform under pressure," Shaw said.

"Obviously as we are only 10 months out from our world championship it is crucial we put in a big performance".

"However, the Gilley's Shield is also viewed as an opportunity to experiment with players and see who can produce the goods. Following play in Melbourne and Brisbane, Shaw will reselect a squad to play in Canberra. There are a few Kiwi's still playing oversea who have not been considered for the October & November tournaments".

The opening round of the Gilley's Shield competition in Melbourne is from October 28-30, the second round is in Brisbane from November 25-27. The final round and test series will be held from January 3-7 in Canberra.

The White Sox team is: Tiana Areaiiti (Southland), Kyla Bromhead, Rebecca Bromhead, Megan Farrell, Melanie Gettins, Katarina Hiku, Jordan-Leigh Koni, Amanda Preston, Michal Tangaroa, Courtney Warren (Auckland), Yvonne Burgess, Danica Ferriso, Ashley Johnston (Hutt Valley), Brooke Cutting, Charlotte Pointon, Megan Tasker (Wellington), Robyn Hall (Canterbury), Poihaere Clark (Sydney), Alex Forsyth, Ngamoko Hiku, Api Stone (Brisbane), and 1 other player to be confirmed.
New Zealand White Sox Release
30 August

NZ White Sox Head Coach Naomi Shaw has named a large squad of players as the NZ White Sox team prepare for the ISF Women’s World Series in Whitehorse, Yukon in July 2012.
The squad includes players in the Junior White Sox team and those who have indicated a strong desire to be part of the rebuilding women’s programme.  Scouting over the past year has also unearthed a number of Kiwi’s currently playing in Australia and the United States.    
The NZ White Sox will play in Softball Australia’s Gilley's Shield (Open Women’s Championships) and the Edebone – Weber Shield Test Series (Australia v NZ) in early January 2012. 
Round one of the Gilley's Shield is played in Melbourne 28-30 October 2011, round two in Brisbane 25-27 November, and round three in Canberra 3-7 January 2012. The test series against Australia will be held in Canberra following the completion of round three of the Gilley's Shield.  
Future plans include 1 day regional training camps following the Softball NZ National Fastpitch Championships in February 2012 and the Women’s Open Club Nationals in March 2012.
Shaw say’s the door for final selection is open to any players who are performing at elite level and have the desire to be part of the “New Beginnings” New Zealand White Sox culture. 
The final team to travel to World Series will be named at the end of March, 2012.
New Zealand White Sox Squad – August 2011
Andrews        Lara                              USA
Avery             Kingsley                       AK
Areaiiti           Tiana                            SL
Boys              Alison                           WN
Bromhead     Rebecca                      AK
Burgess         Yvonne                         HV
Cartwright      Sheree                         HV
Clark              Poihaere                       Aust
Cooper          Ellie                              USA
Cutting           Brook                           WN
Davis             Hayley                          USA
Farrell            Megan                          AK
Ferriso           Danica                          HV
Forsyth          Alex                              Aust
Gettins           Melanie                        HB
Hall                Robyn                          CB
Harris             Santana                        AK
Hiku               Kataraina                      AK
Hiku               Ngamoko                     Aust
Hoani             Krysta                           AK
Hokianga       Rita                               HV
Hollett            Jessica                         Aust
Johnson         Ashley                          HV
Koni               Jordan-Leigh                CM
Luke              Dinah                            HV
Maihi              Courtney                      USA
Matautia        Te Reo Powhiri            AK
McDonald      Jessica                         Aust
Ngatokorua   Alorna                           AK
Preston          Amanda                       AK
Pointon          Charlotte                      WN
Puketapu       Tania                            Aust
Ratu-James  Kuraroa                        HV
Rika               Amelia                          HV
Ropata           Micah                           Aust
Stewart          Taylor-Paige                USA
Stavert           Beth                              AK
Stockford      Katrina                          HV
Stone             Api                                Aust
Sutherland     Lauren                          CB
Tangaroa       Mitch                            AK
Tanoa            Danielle                        WN
Tasker           Megan                          WN
Tonga            Jasmine                       Aust
Tourangi        Krystal                          AK                                                                 
Warren          Courtney                      AK
Werahiko       Carly                            CB
Whitman        Matie                            HV
Weber            Hope                            WN
Wells              Keeley                          AK
Wills               Gillian                           AK
Shaw has also named a squad to attend a national training camp in September to be held in the Hawkes Bay and in conjunction with the Junior White Sox Team as they finalise their preparation towards the ISF U19 World Series in South Africa in December 2011.
The September camp will be attended by the following players:
Areaiiti (SL) Boys, Cutting, Pointon (WN) Farrell, Ngatokorua, Preston, Tangaroa, Tourangi, Warren (AK) Gettins (HB) Rika (HV)                  
New White Sox Assistant Coach Named
12 August

Softball NZ takes great pleasure in announcing the appointment of Debbie Mygind as Assistant Coach of the New Zealand White Sox Team. Debbie joins Head Coach Naomi Shaw and Manager Anaru Pewhairangi to guide the team through to 2014.

Debbie comes witha wealth of experience having spent playing time on scholarship in the States, also played in Canada, Italy and coached in Sweden before returning to New Zealand. She was the assistant coach for Sweden at the 1994 ISF Women's World Series and the NZ U19 team at the ISF U19 Women's World Series in 1995. She played for New Zealand from 1979 to 1989, won a world championship bronze medal in 1986 (in NZ) and was the winning pitcher for the 1982 NZ Women's World Championship Team in Taiwan.
New White Sox squad named
9 December

White Sox Head Coach Naomi Shaw has taken the opportunity afforded to her under the rules of the Gilley's Shield to name a new squad of 22 players for the final round in Perth. The squad of 22 includes a mix of youth and experience with the inclusion of seven Junior White Sox squad members and eight players who competed at the Women's World Championships earlier this year.

Also included in the squad is American pitcher Jennifer Feret who has been playing for the Auckland based Western Magpies team. Shaw was in Auckland last weekend watching players and was impressed with Feret. Her inclusion comes after an exemption to the eligibility criteria was sought and approved due to the unavailability of Megan Farrell for the 3rd round of games.

Fifteen players from the squad will be named to travel to Perth after the second round of games being played in Melbourne next weekend, December 17th - 19th. At the same time, Shaw will name her test team which will contest a 3 match test series against the Australians at the conclusion of the Edebone-Weber/Gilley's Shield. The Perth tour runs from 4th to 9th January, with the test matches being contested on the 8th and 9th. Australia have named a full strength line up for the test series.

The Softball New Zealand White Sox squad for Perth is:
Zavana Aranga, Tiana Areaiiti, Kingsley Avery, Alison Boys, Rebecca Bromhead, Yvonne Burgess, Brooke Cutting
Jennifer Feret, Mel Gettins, Robyn Hall, Rita Hokianga, Rebecca Hicks, Katarina Hiku, Sina Hunkin, Ashley Johnston, Jordan-Leigh Koni, Dinah Luke, Charlotte Pointon, Beth Stavert, Katrina Stockford, Megan Tasker, Hope Weber.

Positive first up performance from White Sox
3 December

Following a positive performance at the Softball Australia Gilley's Shield Tournament held in Sydney, the New Zealand White Sox Team are looking forward to the opportunity to be playing the high standard of competition offered by the three weekends of tournament play.

The team selected to play in Melbourne 17-19 December 2010 retains most players from the Sydney Series with the impressive Rookie Pitcher Jordan-Leigh Koni from Counties Manukau being rested. Koni has been retained for the Perth leg of the Gilley's Shield following am impressive debut in Sydney.

New players into the NZ White Sox Team include Auckland's Kingsley Avery and Beth Stavert. Both players are eligible for the NZ U19 2011 World Series Team and will relish the opportunity to play alongside U19 team mate Rita Hokianga from Hutt Valley.

Returning to the team following the World Series in Venezuela is Hutt Valley's Zavana Aranga and Melanie Gettins from Hawkes Bay who is home on holiday from her Us College Scholarship break.

Coach Naomi Shaw will look to build on the useful start the NZ White Sox Team made in the Sydney Tournament.

"It's an extremely high standard of softball played at the Gilley's Shield and I was really impressed that the team were in most part very competitive and composed at this level. We had a tough schedule having to arise in the early hours of the morning to catch the early flight to Sydney and from there straight to the park for our firstgame. The schedule certainly tested the players character and revealed a desire and motivation to be part of the elite softball scene. I will be looking to experienced team members Zavana Aranga, Alison Boys, Rebecca Bromhead, Megan Farrell and Katrina Stockford to set the scene for the rookie sox players and to build on what was an extremely positive start for the Gilley's Shield".

The team for Melbourne is: Zavana Aranga, Yvonne Burgess, Rita Hokianga, Ashley Johnston, Dinah Luke, Katrina Stockford (Hutt Valley) Kingsley Avery, Rebecca Bromhead, Megan Farrell, Beth Stavert (Auckland) Alison Boys, Charlotte Pointon, Megan Tasker, Hope Weber (Wellington) Melanie Gettins (Hawkes Bay)

Zavana Aranga
Kingsley Avery
Alison Boys
Rebecca Bromhead
Yvonne Burgess
Megan Farrell
Melanie Gettins
Rita Hokianga
Ashley Johnston
Dinah Luke
Charlotte Pointon
Beth Stavert
Katrina Stockford
Megan Tasker
Hope Weber
NZ White Sox Off to Face the Australians
18 November

New Zealand White Sox coach Naomi Shaw will be looking to her senior players this weekend as her side begins a new chapter in their history book when they play in the opening Gilley's Shield competition in Blacktown, Sydney. The Gilley's and Edebone-Weber Shield involves leading women's players from six Australian state sides and includes the New Zealand national team. The games are played over three weekends and conclude with a finals weekend in January.

"The senior players will provide a crucial role in guiding, supporting and encouraging the newer members in the team so that they have a challenging and enjoyable experience," Shaw said.

"The competition we are going into is really tough and we are under no illusion as to the difficult task ahead. The weekend tournaments we are attending will tell us as much about our players character and determination as it will about their level of skill.

The New Zealand White Sox open their campaign on Friday against Victoria before facing New South Wales three hours later. It will be the first outing for the side since their disappointing performance at the world championship in Venezuela six months ago. For Shaw the opportunity to get together will provide an opportunity for her and the team to establish the New Zealand White Sox team values looking ahead to the 2012 world championship.

"We must set the scene for what we agree on as acceptable values and behaviours across a wide spectrum," she said. "Once we have the player's input we can start developing the overall plan."

The opening game will also be the first time Shaw has had her side together since she named it last month.

"We are going into this competition without any training camps prior to the series and we are lacking intensive quality game time," she said. "The situation is not ideal, but I would much rather have this opportunity to play games of this level than not at all."

"It is what it is and we will simply have to work with what we have got and make the best of the opportunity we have."

Senior team members will be charged with leadership roles this weekend.

The team for this weekend is: Alison Boys, Charlotte Pointon, Megan Tasker, Hope Weber (Wellington), Rebecca Bromhead, Megan Farrell (Auckland), Yvonne Burgess, Ashley Johnston, Dinah Luke, Katrina Stockford (Hutt Valley), Rita Hokianga (Hawke's Bay), Jordan-Leigh Koni (Counties Manukau).


White Sox team named for first weekend of Gilley's Shield
21 October

Softball New Zealand would like to congratulate the following players on their selection into the White Sox for Weekend 1 of the Gilley's Shield in Australia.
Alison Boys
Rebecca Bromhead
Yvonne Burgess
Megan Farrell
Rita Hokianga
Ashley Johnston
Jordan-Leigh Koni
Dinah Luke
Charlotte Pointon
Katrina Stockford
Megan Tasker
Hope Weber
Naomi Shaw - Head coach
Anaru Pewhairangi - Manager

Alison Boys


Venita Hokai - Interim Assistant Coach

The first round will be played in Sydney over the weekend of 19-21 November 2010. Once again congratulations to those players.

New White Sox manager appointed
13 October
Anaru Pewhairangi from Hutt Valley has been appointed as the new White Sox Manager through to 2014. He replaces Canterbury’s Lyn Lockhart who stepped down from the role following the ISF Women’s World Series in Venezuela earlier this year.

Anaru is a former teacher of Naenae Intermediate School and St Bernards College. He joined the police force in 2002 and is currently a police sergeant in charge of the Petone Police Station in Lower Hutt.

Anaru is a former Hutt Valley player but more recently has dedicated his time to coaching and managing women’s softball in Hutt Valley. He is the current head coach of the Saints Premier Women’s Team and has undertaken the manager and assistant coach positions in the successful Hutt Valley Women’s National League Team alongside newly appointed head coach of the White Sox, Naomi Shaw.

Anaru will hit the ground running in his new role. The White Sox are to attend the Softball Australia Gilleys Shield Tournament. Games are to be held in Sydney 19-21 November 2010, in Melbourne 17-19 December 2010 and the series culminates with a test series to be held in Perth 2-10 January 2011.


Anaru Pewhairangi
New White Sox squad named
8 October

Coach Naomi Shaw has named her first NZ Women’s White Sox squad with the aim of preparing a team to attend the Gilley's “Weber-Edabone” Shield Series in Australia shortly. Congratulations to those who have made the squad for the first time especially a few of the current Junior White Sox team.

Lara Andrews, Aranga Zavana, Areaiiti Tianna, Avery Kingsley, Alison Boys, Rebecca Bromhead, Yvonne Burgess
Sheree Cartwright, Megan Farrell, Mel Gettins, Rita Hokianga, Sina Hunkin, Ashley Johnson, Jordan-Leigh Koni, Upu Lote, Dinah Luke, Charlotte Pointon, Amanda Preston, Beth Stavert, Katrina Stockford, Megan Tasker, Hope Weber

 New White Sox coach named 
22 September

World championship winning softball player Naomi Shaw has been appointed head coach of the White Sox team. Shaw has replaced Dean Rice, who stood down after July's world championship.

For Shaw it will be her first time as head coach of the White Sox, but she was the assistant coach from 1992 to 1999, including attending the 1994 and 1998 world championships in that role. She was also a national selector from 1991 to 1999.

"It is quite a privilege really," Shaw said. "I am under no illusion as to the difficult task we have ahead of us. But I am really excited by the challenge. I am really pleased with the depth we have in the juniors. Critical to the women's program developing over the next four years is the Junior White Sox, as there is a lot of depth there to be developed."

On the national scene she has been one of the most successful coaches. In the past seven national provincial tournaments her Hutt Valley team has won it six times, making the finals in all of them, and winning the last four finals in a row.

"I have been fortunate to have very good players," Shaw said. “It's been really enjoyable with Hutt Valley and I am going to miss that."

Shaw's first task in her new role will be to select the White Sox team that will play in Australia's state championship for the Gilley's Shield. That competition begins on November 19.

"It is real pressure cooker time," Shaw said. "I am going to be a little hamstrung in terms of time to actually see who is available and who is playing. Time is really tight."

Shaw will be contacting the members of the White Sox team who played in the world championship and see if they are available for the national side.

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