National Player & Coach Development Pathway


The revised Player & Coach Development Pathway is aimed at providing coaches with the necessary tools to arm themselves and their players as they evolve through the game of softball.



The new pathway will ensure an improvement in the quality and performance of New Zealand’s top players, coaches and teams in the years to come helping us meet two key objectives:

  1. Ensure New Zealand is one of the leading softball countries in the world and
  2. Provide an excellent product to attract and retain coaches and players to softball.

A key aim of the pathway is to meet the needs of coaches at a particular time in their development. Allowing coaches to develop the necessary skills through a flexible program will help them reach these objectives.

The pathway will allow coaches to ‘pick’ and ‘choose’ modules that appeal most to their needs. It will allow coaches to specialise a pathway that suits their direction whether it be a pitching coach, a hitting coach or a trainer. There is also potential for coaches to complete every module within the programme.

SNZ has created a number of modules for the coaching pathway in recent years. It is SNZ’s intention to continue building similar modules on a
yearly basis until the pathway is complete. Please bear in mind this is a lengthy process and will take some time to develop.

The pathway includes an online coaching program that will complement the accreditation programme providing easy access to coach education and accreditation. The build of the online coaching program will commence prior to the 2013-14 season, however we are unable to provide an indication of when the program will be available for use at this point. Existing coach accreditation modules will be loaded into the website in the first instance followed by new modules as they are developed accordingly.

Please note that the online accreditation programme is not intended to replace group/class sessions but merely a tool to enhance and support coaches through the pathway.

Accreditations completed in the previous coaching pathway will be recognised in the new Player and Coach Development Pathway.

Branding Theme Rationale

PERFORMANCE is represented by the fern and in keeping with our national teams.
DEVELOPMENT represents participation and the development of the necessary softball skills. Both logos are symbolised by a diamond and 2 key areas of the game, offense and defense.
FOUNDATION is represented by a ball as it’s something children naturally gravitate to.

Online Coach Accreditation Website
The online coaching platform is now live. To access the site and complete uploaded modules please email SNZ for a username and password.

Programme Resources
Keep watching this space as more resources will be added as they are developed.