Rookie & Developing Sox National Pitching and Catching Programmes

The Rookie Sox (U13) and Developing Sox (13–18 yrs.) Pitching and Catching Programme was developed to increase the quality and quantity of pitching and catching stocks across New Zealand.
Through these programmes, young ball players will receive the necessary opportunities to acquire the essential skills of being a pitcher or catcher.

The pitcher is often regarded as the key position on the diamond. Not only that, it is often the difference in a team taking the diamond and being able to compete. Therefore, it is imperative pitching and catching development programmes are implemented across the regions if our game is to be sustainable on the domestic and international front.

Coaches and instructors capable of delivering a quality experience to developing pitchers and catchers are welcome to download the following programmes to roll out locally.

If you have any questions regarding the programme please contact Glen Roff, SNZ Softball Manager,
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U13 - 6x Weeks Catching Module U13 - 6x Weeks Pitching Module U15 - 6x Weeks Catching Module U15 - 6x Weeks Pitching Module
U13 - Catching Programme Checklist   U15 - Catching Programme Checklist  
    U18 - 6x Week Catching Module U18 - 6x Week Pitching Module
    U18 - Catching Programme Checklist  

Please note: The U13, U15 and U18 pitching checklists are included in the 6x Weeks Pitching Programmes.

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