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Memo including Softball NZ’s intent to the Sport NZ Balance is Better initiative.

Softball NZ’s Age Grade National & Regional Formats Framework.

Softball NZ is committed to providing environments that suit the needs of youth participants at an age and stage that is appropriate and in line with their long-term development. Softball NZ is advocating regional U15 & U13 events without a representative focus. These events should be open to all club teams, school teams, and individuals, with a strong focus on development opportunities for all.
Development camps, FASTBALL games, and age-appropriate formats are examples of other events that may best assist individuals with their development, relative to their current needs.  



Key changes to the Softball NZ Age Grade National Championships for this upcoming 2020/21 season.

Softball NZ Memo


Confirmed key dates and venues for the National Fastpitch Championship (NFC), Men’s & Women’s Open Clubs, and the Softball NZ Secondary School tournaments for this upcoming 2020/21 season.

Softball NZ Memo


Dear Members

Our NZ Prime Minister has just declared that there should be no gatherings greater than 500 people at any non-essential events. These events should be cancelled to help stop the spread of coronavirus. The link below is the announcement from our Prime Minister (28:20 into the video);

Our Open Club tournaments are classed as non-essential events, and when we take into account individual teams, support staff, officials, volunteers required to run each event, our numbers easily surpass the 500 threshold.
We have looked into alternate scenarios including postponement, however softball NZ does not control the total use of our multisport facilities in both Christchurch, and Auckland where grass diamonds will also be in play.  By placing our participants at the forefront of our decision-making and based on the latest government advisory we have come to a decision that the Mens & Womens Open Club championships are to be cancelled.

We appreciate that this decision will cause some hardship, but with the best interests of our members at heart, and the greater wellbeing of our softball community, this decision is final.

Softball NZ


7 May, 2018

Following feedback received from associations and national teams Softball NZ is announcing a move to align national age-grade tournaments from next season.

Following the realignment announcement last month by WBSC to U23, U18, and U15 world cup events across both genders commencing 2020, engagement was sort from associations and national team programmes as to the feasibility of national tournament alignment.

Overwhelmingly the response had been positive.

However, to ensure a fair and reasonable expectation for all association teams competing at new age-grade events Softball NZ is looking at opportunities within tournaments in so far as ensuring all games at all levels have meaningful outcomes.

The 2018/19 tournament event dates are as follows:

  • U23 January 4-6
  • U15 January 10-13
  • U18 January 17-20
  • 2018-19 Tournament allocations here
  • The U15 tournaments are national events
  • Tournaments can be extended by a day depending on entries