Wayne Laulu

Wayne-Laulu (002) City: Wellington
Province: Wellington
Position: Right Field
Secondary position: 1st Base/DP
Height: 185.42 cm
Bats:  / Throws: Right/Left
Current Club: Miramar
Employer: Ramset & Oranga tamariki
What do you like to do in your spare time: To spend it with my family & doing fun outdoor activities with my kids
Tell us about your philosophy for playing the game of softball and about what you hope to accomplish at the Challenge Cup: For me softball has been a big part of my life, the whole softball community within NZ is one big happy family. It has shown me the values of respect & to love & cherish every single moment like its my last, because we just never know what could happen tommorow. What I would like to accomplish over the challenge cup weekend is being one of the experience players in the team is to share my knowledge of softball & to connect especially with the new players so I can learn more about who they are and there background so I have a better understanding of my team mates which I feel will make us a stronger team and win us the challenge cup
Training regimen: Train for my club team 2x a week, strength & conditioning 3x a week. Atleast 1 “extras” a week
Softball achievements: 2017 ISF men’s worlds champions with the Black Sox. Winning club nationals for Ramblers 2017-2018 season. NZ men’s emerging player of the year 2016