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SNZ Rules Test 2020

Kia ora!

We're just a few days away from the first day of spring and to get ready, here is the SNZ Rules Test for 2020.

On behalf of the Rules Committee Team please find this year's rules test.  This year's test is online and you must submit your final test online.  Submission of paper based tests will not be marked.    

Below are two links that will take you to the portal for your level.  If you are being examined for level four and above this season, please sit the Level 4-7 rules test.  

Level 1-3 Rules Test 2020

Level 4-7 Rules Test 2020

For those who would like to view the paper version of the test, click on the links below.  However, you are encouraged to submit your final test online as there are video questions that you will need to complete.  Click on the above link to the correct portal for your level and submit.  Upon submission you will see your score in real time and help us feed your mark into our database. 

Level 1-3 rules test 2020 Paper Version

Level 4-7 rules test 2020 Paper Version

The test is open book. That means you can use whatever resource you need to assist you in completing the test. Preferably, the rule book, which can be found on the resources page of our umpire website.

Completing the test should be done individually and not as a group. Try to test your rules knowledge against yourself and not others.  The test closes midnight Sunday September 13. 

If you have any queries please contact Dave Beaumont in the first instance -

Good luck everyone!


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