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Updated NZ Umpire Gradings 2018-2019


Congratulations to all those who attain there respected Levels.

Updated NZ Umpires Pathways Framework - Nov

SNZ Umpires Pathways Framework


National Tournaments Appointments 18/19

Hi Everyone


Would all you UICs please distribute these to the wider membership within your area.


As you can see this was our fifth draft, and includes more air fares than we had had before.  I know some of you will still be disappointed but ultimately it does come down to costs and tournament requirements.   Every tournament is different.


Hopefully you all  stay committed to those tournaments to which you have been appointed.  If you have to withdraw for whatever reason, I need to know smartly.  The sooner the better.  If you have incurred a flight your reason for withdrawing had better be a very good one.


That’s it from me.  Let me take the opportunity of wishing you all the very best over what looks like another extremely busy season.  Hopefully I will catch up with you all during that time in one capacity or another.


Kind regards


Lindsay Edwards

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