Softballer of the Year Award


The Softballer of the Year Trophy was designed by Don Roberts, National Promotion Manager at Rothmans of Pall Mall. Blocks of greenstone were used in several trophies for events sponsored by Rothmans.

The trophy was originally created for the winner of the 1989 Winfield Pan-Pacific Women's Championship, won by the New Zealand White Sox.

The ball and glove were bronze electroplated by Auckland Electroplaters. The greenstone was selected, cut and polished and mounted on a 40,000 year old piece of Kauri.

Had the New Zealand White Sox not won the trophy it would not have been able to leave the country. It is not legal to take a block of greenstone weighing more than 500 grams out of New Zealand.
Year Recipient 
2022/23 Suzette Taylor
2021/22 - Not Awarded due to Covid -
2020/21 Tyneesha Houkamau
2019/20 Mark Porteous
2018/19 Lara Andrews
2017/18 Joel Evans
2016/17 Mark Sorenson 
2015/16 Sharee Barfoote
2014/15 Thomas Makea
2013/14 Melanie Gettins
2012/13 Eddie Kohlhase
2011/12 Venita Hokai
2010/11 John Love
2009/10 Wiremu Tamaki
2008/09 Donny Hale
2007/08 Wiremu Tamaki
2006/07 Donny Hale
2005/06 Thomas Makea
2004/05 Sharee Cartwright
2003/04 Don Tricker
2002/03 Ruth Dare
2001/02 Danae Goosman
2000/01 Mark Sorenson 
1999/00 Craig Waterhouse