BSX Test Caps

New Zealand Black Sox test caps and statistical data is now available for download. Softball New Zealand would like to thank the New Zealand Statisticians for the countless number of hours put into making this database possible.
  • Download New Zealand Black Sox test caps and statistical data here
  • Download New Zealand Black Sox pitching statistical data here

Please bear in mind the following points when viewing the data.
  • 1968 & 1972 Women's World Series data is missing, we are attempting various avenues to locate this important information.
  • Various scorecards have been misplaced meaning not all New Zealand players are represented and information for included players maybe absent.
  • ‘Year’ column refers to the first year a player played for New (May be add as to our records at time of website notification)
  • Some of the data contain games that are not true Caps. True Caps policy came into effect August 2010 i.e. World Series/Test Series containing true National Team

New Zealand Representative Caps

In detail a full international test cap will be awarded when:
  • A full New Zealand senior team is made up of 17 players or less – as per ISF rules (where two teams are selected one must be the senior or number one team in order for caps to be considered), and
  • This New Zealand team (including replacement players, if required) subsequently plays a full senior team that is representing another country based on the parameters that exist in the ISF rules
  • Where two teams are selected from a country, if one team is not clearly identified as the senior team, then no test caps will be awarded for games against either team
  • Where a world or region of countries selection team is created, as long as the team is selected based on the best available representatives of a country, then a full test cap will be awarded
  • Test caps will not be awarded against B teams, second teams, club teams or underage teams from another country or a group of countries.

Games for New Zealand would be all games played against all opposition for a full New Zealand team.