U15 NZDSX Girls


A fantastic opportunity is available to be involved with the New Zealand development pathway, as the New Zealand Under 15 Developing Sox team Head Coach. 

In line with the Junior and Senior high performance programmes, the key focus for the Developing Sox programmes is the preparation and development of Under 15 athletes toward future winning performances for the senior national teams on the international stage. The Developing Sox Head Coach, in conjunction with the greater high performance programme, will lead the planning, coaching and support to selected athletes culminating in a number of regional camps, capture of baseline date and a monitoring programme, squad and team selections for in country (and possible Trans-Tasman international competitions) to be determined between the successful applicant and Softball NZ.

For more information, or to apply please contact the High Performance GM, Bevan Matene at bmatene@softball.org.nz.

APPLICATIONS CLOSE – 5:00pm Sunday 2nd June, a cover letter and CV are required.

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24 October 2023
Saturday 21 October 2023 - 9.30pm NZT NEW ZEALAND vs ITALY 0 - 7
Sunday 22 October 2023 - 4.30pm NZT NEW ZEALAND vs PERU 3 - 5 
Monday 23 October 2023 - 4.30pm NZT MEXICO vs NEW ZEALAND 7 - 1
Monday 23 October 2023 - 7.00pm NZT NEW ZEALAND vs CHINESE TAIPEI 0 - 8
Tuesday 24 October 2023 - 4.30pm NZT NEW ZEALAND vs JAPAN 0 - 7
Thursday 26 October 2023 - 3.00pm NZT NEW ZEALAND vs BRAZIL 0 - 7
Friday 27 October 2023 - 3.00pm NZT NEW ZEALAND vs CZECHIA 3 - 5
Saturday 28 October 2023  NEW ZEALAND vs UGANDA  (7 - 0 Forfeit) 


28 April 2023

Anthea Stringer, the head coach of the Developing Sox, has finalised her team for the WBSC U-15 Women's Softball World Cup, which will take place from October 19 to 30 at the Komazawa Olympic Park Sports Complex in Japan. This inaugural world cup will be held at a venue that was built for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

The naming of the world cup teams comes after the squad attended two days of activities and participation in the recent Easter Classic in Auckland.

Stringer say’s “We are excited to work alongside these talented young athletes, to challenge them, support them and allow them the learnings to develop into the best they can be. We have a lot of work to put in before October, but we are committed to doing it together.”

The New Zealand Developing Sox Team to compete at the WBSC U-15 Women’s Softball World Cup in Japan.
Jaimee Hoani (North Harbour), Janaiya Nathan-Kaihau, Trinity Waiwiri-Toka (Counties Manukau), Ava Prescott, Cori Batts, Ella Ma’afu Poi, Tui Panui, Jessie Jackson, Mikaera Rountree, Cheyenne Freeman (Auckland), Maggie Shields, Angela Harrison, Bella Coxson, Safira Schultz, Kim-Marie Aurupa-Rakanui (Hutt Valley), Yvanni Gibson (Queensland)


9 February 2023

Developing Sox Head Coach Anthea Stringer has named her squad as she prepares for the WBSC World Cup later this year.

The 12-team competition will occur in Japan in October and will be held at the Komazawa Olympic Park Sports Complex, a legacy of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

Stringer say’s “We have an exciting year ahead with the first ever U15 World Cup. But our DSX vision has not narrowed, we have a growth mindset and look forward to working hard with all our athletes to set them up with the tools for success in whatever path they may take.
This group has shown good character and we are excited to support them on their journey.”

“We can’t wait to push the girls out of their comfort zones, so they realise their potential.”

The squad will assemble 5 April for two days of activities before taking part in the Easter Classic in Auckland. The naming of the World Cup team will be at the conclusion of the tournament.

Team trainings will follow in June, July and Sep with locations to be confirmed.

DSX 2023 Squad
Jaimee Hoani, Rori Seymour (North Harbour), Cheyenne Freeman, Ava Prescott, Tui Panui, Ella Ma'afu, Elyse Harold-Fasi, Jessie Jackson, Nia-Jaye Witika, Mikaera Rountree, Lillie-Rose Pinn, Cori Batts, Waihi Freeman, Lexc Albert-Matthews (Auckland), Janaiya Nathan-Kaihau, Trinity Waiwiri-Toka, Jasmine-Dawn Hohua, Sienna Dufty (Counties Manukau), Keely Bailey-Ball (Waikato), Taylah Waitokia (Whanganui), Olivia Moore-Smith (Manawatu), Angela Harrison, Maggie Shields, Kim-Marie Aurupa, Bella Coxson, Safira Schultz, Georja Keall (Hutt Valley), Bella Folesi, Jade Croskery, Hannah Jones, Aimee Goodmanson, Jorja Simpson (Canterbury), Benka Paige-Smith (Otago).


20 September 2022

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19 July 2022

Developing Sox Head Coach Anthea Stringer has named two teams to travel to the U16 and U18 Queensland State Championships later this year.

A Development team has been named to compete in the U16 Queensland Champs in September with a New Zealand team returning later in the month to compete in the U18 tournament.

The tours will help lead the DSX programme towards the WBSC U-15 Women’s Softball World Cup announced by the global body earlier last month.
The first edition of the World Cup will be played in Tokyo in October 2023 featuring 12 countries. The tournament will be played at the Komazawa Olympic Park Sports Complex, a legacy of the Tokyo 1964 Olympics.

Stringer say’s “We are excited to get the opportunity to tour with so many young talented girls as they work hard to take their game to the next level.”

“The squad have now completed regional camps, an 8 week mental preparation course, nutrition tuition, training programmes and a full squad camp.”

“We had a hard job and wish we could take everyone, but we have no doubt those not selected will continue to grow and excel as we see a lot of potential in all of them.”

“The hard work starts now for all squad members.”

New Zealand Developing Sox U15 Girls Team (U18 Queensland State Championship)
Abigail Church (North Harbour), Skylah-Breeze Joyce (Auckland), Savannah-Lee Farrar, Oliana-Pearl Hesp , Payton Hiraka, Penny Starr (Counties), Keely Bailey-Ball (Waikato), Maggie Shields, Trinity Tauaneai, Meagan Stokes, Aayla Toman (Hutt Valley), Shyla de Lautour, Maddison Parsons, Caitlin Henderson, Sydelle Sipiki-Samuelu (Canterbury)

Developing Sox U15 Girls Team (U16 Queensland State Championship)
Jaimee Hoani (North Harbour), Ava Prescott (Auckland), Janaiya Nathan-Kaihau, Tomairangi Waitere-Grace (Counties), Mikaera Rountree (Hawkes Bay), Jayda Walters-Rangitihi, Angela Harrison, Bella Coxson, Kim-Marie Aurupa-Rakanui, Matangihau Nuku (Hutt Valley), Siobhán Bolger (Wellington), Katerina Sumner, Jaiya Barnes (Canterbury), Nikiah Rouse (Southland).


4 March 2022

U15 Developing Sox Girls coaches Anthea Stringer and Chris Telfer have named a squad of 41 to further develop throughout 2022.

Head Coach Stringer says, “we are excited with the young talent coming through the grades and their eagerness to learn.”

“There is no question these girls have faced a tough environment in an important point in their development, but each and every one of them have shown their resilience by putting their hand up to be selected.”

“The focus of the DSX programme will be to create as many learning opportunities as possible both on and off the diamond for these young athletes to achieve their softball goals,” say’s Stringer.

Abigail Church, Jaimee Hoani (North Harbour), Skylah-Breeze Joyce, Tyler Graham, Ava Prescott, Cheyenne Freeman, Elyse Harold-Fasi, Nia-Jaye Witika, Central Salt (Auckland), Payton Hiraka, Penny Starr, Oliana-Pearl Hesp, Savannah-Lee Farrar, Tomairangi Waitere-Grace, Acadia Nathan Kaihau, Janaiya Nathan-Kaihau (Counties), Keely Bailey-Ball (Waikato), Mikaera Rountree (Hawkes Bay), Aayla Toman, Trinity Tauaneai, Maggie Shields, Meagan Stokes, Matangihau Nuku, Angela Harrison, Kim-Marie Aurupa, Jayda Walters-Rangitihi (Hutt Valley), Siobhan Bolger, Chantal Faraimo (Wellington), Kyla Thorstenson (Marlborough), Maddison Parsons Sydelle Sipiki-Samuelu, Caitlin Henderson, Shyla de Lautour, Katerina Sumner, Abbie McCurrie, Jaiya Barnes (Canterbury), Ivy McLeod-Frewen (South Canterbury), Benka Page-Smith, Soliana Freeman, Kadince Robinson, (Otago), Nikiah Rouse (Southland)


18 October 2021

Softball New Zealand is pleased to announce the reappointment of Anthea Stringer as the Developing Sox Girls Head Coach for another 2 years.

Stringer’s first involvement in the programme came about in 2017 as the Assistant Coach. 1 year later Stringer was elevated to the Head Coach position where she has since remined.

Stinger say’s “I'm excited and honoured to continue working with our female youth, providing a supportive platform for them to develop in all avenues of the game.”

During her time as lead coach of the DSX programme Stringer has worked hard not only to build better softballers but develop better people. Stringer has gone above and beyond and her initiative to provide U15 open clinics to four centres across the country this season is a true testament to her vision and objectives.

“We are looking forward to rolling out the new open clinic concept this year enabling us to provide a more inclusive development programme. Taking down barriers and creating a larger base for selection into national programmes is a key goal.

We need to ensure all our athletes have coaching opportunities so they can develop at their own rate and continue in the game,” Stringer said.


7 May 2021

Developing Sox Head Coach Anthea Stringer has named 16 athletes for an internal tour from Wellington to Christchurch this October.

Stringer say’s “We had a hard time selecting this team after some great individual performances at the Auckland Easter Classic. These athletes showed they are eager to learn and represent the fern with the respect it deserves.”

“In line with Balance is Better principles it's important to allow our athletes time to play their winter sports and have a break from softball so the full squad will continue to be supported over the winter with some regional trainings and fitness programmes.”

“Through the internal tour our team will be exposed to new experiences and challenges that will help them develop both on and off the diamond,” Stringer said.

U15 Developing Sox Girls Team
Sian Marsters, Clover Alapaki, Riana Hill, Waimarie Tawera, Joan Sutcliffe (Auckland) Abby Finlayson (Waikato) Kei-Leigh Tamati (Hawkes Bay) Ashlee Hatzen (Manawatu) Aayla Toman, Trinity Tauaneai, Maysen Kurene-Iwikau (Hutt Valley) Siobhán Bolger (Wellington) Sophie Yarham, Madisyn Dysart, Kaiyah Ratu, McKenzie Bailey-McDowell (Canterbury)


3 February 2021

Head Coach Anthea Stringer is pleased to announce a squad of 39 young female athletes to participate in the 2021 NZ Girls Developing Sox programme.

"With the new format for 2020/21 age grade tournaments, we decided to cast our net wider to bring a larger number into the squad as an introduction to a high-performance programme", Stringer said.
"This will allow them to play, learn and compete against other likeminded athletes they haven't yet had the opportunity to meet.
We were excited to see the caliber coming through and can't wait to get started with them".

The 2021 programme will see all 39 athletes head into camp late March to tour from Wellington up the North Island, ending at the Easter Classic Tournament in Auckland.
"We wanted to take advantage of the amazing facilities and facilitators many of the smaller associations have as well as offering their members the opportunity to play against our young squad".
The squad will also look to give back and spread their love of the sport by running some fun interactive clinics along the way.

Stringer says, "It's about building a more resilient well-rounded athlete, giving life lessons as well as the softball specific aspects. We want our players to be in the game for a long time so they can take advantage of all the great opportunities Softball has to offer".

NZ DSX Girls Squad 2021

Nikiah Rouse (Southland), Kaiyah Ratu, McKenzie Bailey-McDowell, Sophie Yarham, Tyrisa Elisara, Sydelle Sipiki-Samuelu, Maddison Parsons, Sosafina Biase, Madyson Dysart (Canterbury), Maiarangi Waipara, Siobhan Bolger, Tyla Bull, Tyla Pita-Kani, Bailey Symons (Wellington), Maysen Kurene-Iwikau, Trinity Tauaneai, Aalya Toman (Hutt Valley), Tatiana Grant, Ashlee Hatzen, Aria Webster-Pohina (Manawatu), Keleigh Tamaiti, Tia Mataira (Tairawhiti), Payton Hiraka, Iris Feng, Chrysta Lockington-Marsters, Penny Star (Counties), Abby Finlayson, Keely Bailey-Ball (Waikato), Abigail Church (North Harbour), Clover Alapaki, Jayah Lee, Riana Hill, Sian Masters, Hayley Abbott, Joan Sutcliffe, Jessie-Lee Upu, Ava Prescott, Cheyenne Freeman, Waimarie Tawera (Auckland).


14 January 2020

Developing Sox Girls coaches Anthea Stringer and Chris Telfer are pleased to announce a squad of 25 for the 2020 campaign.
The squad named at the conclusion of the Little League U15 Girls prize giving in Christchurch includes 11 players from the final between Canterbury and Wellington.
Head coach Stringer says “We are excited with the athleticism and raw talent these athletes bring. There is a focus on the future and we are excited to get started. 
The squad will travel to Melbourne in April to compete as two teams at the Waverley Easter tournament. Following that a team will be named to compete in the International Friendship Series in Brisbane in July. 
We are looking forward to running our camp around a tournament. It will allow our athletes to put their learnings into game situations. 
The focus will be on development ahead of outcome, and we will be encouraging our athletes to push themselves outside of their comfort zones.”
Developing Sox Girls Squad 2020
Jayah Lee, Eden Jennings-Netzler, Innika Hapuku-Lambert, Clover Alapaki, Jade Calverley (Auckland), Rylee Watt, Sierra Tai, Meesha Shaw-Wallace, Maysen Kurene-Iwikau, Trinity Tauaneai, Armani Fruean (Hutt Valley), Maiarangi Waipara, Nahliah Tolova’a, Tatiana Katy, Narnia Ioane, Tyla Pita-Kani, Kyera Kei-Nafatali (Wellington), McKenzie Bailey-McDowell, Kaiyah Ratu, Sophie Yarham, Tyrisa Elisera, Trinity Mackley-Flutey (Canterbury), Anahera Wilson (Southland), Amelia Griffin (Australia)


3 July, 2019

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31 April, 2019

Head Coach Anthea Stringer has finalised her Developing Sox Girls team after the wider squad attended a 3-day camp in Christchurch last weekend.

Stringer was impressed with the girls work ethic and ability to adapt to new ideas over the course of the camp.
Stringer say’s “This is the foundation point for their future in wearing the fern, so installing great values and a high work ethic is a key focus for our programme”.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to take on the Australian U15 Squad while at the Friendship Series and believe these girls are up to the task and will do us proud” say’s Stringer.

The team will depart for Brisbane on 5 July to compete at the International Friendship Series from 8th-12th July.

The New Zealand Developing Sox U15 Girls Team is:
Tyarn Bromhead-Lemalu, Shyah Hale, Hope Maka, Gabrielle Murare (Auckland), Kuratangi Ronaki, Meeki Cooper-Nicola (Waikato), Innika Hapuku-Lambert (Hawkes Bay), Rylee Watt (Hutt Valley), Arene Landon-Lane, Shyann Wairau (Wellington), Brie Harding, Kaiyah Ratu, Samantha Fawcett-Kay, Trinity Mackley-Flutey (Canterbury), Toni Elers (Southland)


28 January, 2019

Developing Sox Girls Head Coach Anthea Stringer has released a squad of 22 to prepare for the Friendship Series in Redlands, Queensland this July.

Selected players will assemble for camp in Christchurch this April with the final team to be named after the conclusion of the camp.

Stringer say’s “It’s an exciting environment to be part of, we get to see these athletes grow into people that embrace success for themselves and the people around them.”

“It was great to get the opportunity to watch all the athletes at a National tournament this year. It gave us a far better overview to select the squad we believe will represent our programme best”, says Stringer.

NZ Developing Sox U15 Girls Squad 2019
1. Naia Elisara (Canterbury)
2. Shyah Hale (Auckland)
3. Cheyleigh Nathan-Wihongi (Auckland)
4. Shyann Wairau (Wellington)
5. Innika Hapuku-Lambert (Hawks Bay)
6. McKenzie Bailey-McDowell (Canterbury)
7. Brie Harding (Canterbury)
8. Arene Landon-Lane (Wellington)
9. Kuratanga Ronaki (Waikato)
10. Tyarn Bromhead- Lemulau (Auckland)
11. Kaiyah Ratu (Canterbury)
12. Trinity Mackey-Flutey (Canterbury)
13. Samantha Fawcett-Kay (Canterbury)
14. Ocearn Matthews (Auckland)
15. Hope Maka (Auckland)
16. Toni Elers (Southland)
17. Meeki Cooper-Nicola (Waikato)
18. Tayla-Kei Rahui-Laulau (Hutt Valley)
19. Ariane Keresoma (North Harbour)
20. Rylee Watt (Hutt Valley)
21. Gabrielle Murare (Auckland B)
22. Sierra Tai (Hutt Valley)


17 September, 2018

Follow the DSX Girls team as they compete at the U17 Queensland State Championships.



23 July, 2018

The Developing Sox coaches are pleased to announce the U15 Girls Team for 2018. The naming of the team comes after training camps conducted in Wellington and Auckland over the winter months.

A 15 strong team will travel to Caboolture, Queensland to compete in the U17 State Championships in September.

“Training programmes, game knowledge and individual specific skill development will be the focus for the next two months, “ says Developing Sox Head Coach Anthea Stringer.

“Creating a good team culture, with a high work ethic by both players and coaches will be the basis of our campaign. This will be their first taste of wearing the fern which is an honour at any age. With two of our team values being “respect” and “commitment”, we have no doubt this team will hold high standards that will establish them in the game for many years to come,” she says.

New Zealand Developing Sox U15 Girls Team to compete in the U17 Queensland State Championships, 22-24 Sept:
Shyah Hale, Megan Sneddon, Hope Maka, Tyarn Bromhead-Lemalu (Auckland), Alyssa Bailey (Counties), Meeki Cooper-Nicola, Hineawe Crawford (Waikato), Waimarie Weston, Tayla-Kei Rahui-Laulau (Hutt Valley), Zakiyah Rapihana-Sila, Kiri Winiata-Enoka, Arene Landon-Lane (Wellington), Manaia Makiri, Abbey Henderson, Kaiyah Ratu, Bella Lister (Canterbury).
Anthea Stringer (Head Coach), Chris Telfer (Assistant Coach), Priscilla Abraham (Manager), Suzy De Lautour (Pitching Coach)


26 April, 2018

Anthea Stringer has named 29 players in her first squad as Head Coach of the Developing Sox Girls programme.  The squad will go to camp in Auckland on the 17th and 18th of July. A team will be named to travel and compete in the U17 Queensland State Champs, 22-24 Sept in Caboolture, Queensland at the conclusion of the camp.

“We are excited about getting started with this squad. This group of athletes have stood out over the season for their provinces and have shown they are ready to be challenged”. Says Stringer.

2018 Developing Sox Girls Squad

Christie Moncrieff (North Harbour), Megan Sneddon, Tyarn Rayne Bromhead-Lemalu, Tayla Yakas Burns, Hope Maka, Kuratangi Ronaki, Shyah Hale (Auckland), Shyann Wairau, Alyssa Bailey (Counties Manukau), Meeki Cooper-Nicola, Hineawe Crawford (Waikato), Innika Hapuku-Lambert (Hawes Bay), Waimarie Weston, Roimata Kapene, D'Stani Foley, Tayla-Kei Rahul Laula (Hutt Valley), Memoree Arai, Arene Landon-Lane, Kiri Winiata-Enoka, Zakiyah Rapihana-Sila (Wellington), Naia Elisara, Jahneiya Taiapa, Manaia Makiri, Trinity Mackley-Flutey, Kaiyah Ratu, Samantha Fawcett-Kay, Abbey Henderson, Drew Jorgensen, Avalon Te Haara-Bar (Canterbury)

Team Management

Anthea Stringer (Head Coach), Chris Telfer (Assistant Coach), Priscilla Abraham (Manager) and Suzy de Lautour (Pitching Coach).

Telfer Appointed Developing Sox Assistant Coach

Southland’s Chris Telfer has been named as the Assistant Coach to the DSX Girls Team. Telfer a member of the Junior Black Sox 2001 team will have no issues aligning with Stringers coaching style given their working relationship with the Southern Pride Women’s Team. The appointment is well deserved given Telfer’s contribution to the game, a contribution recognised by Softball NZ by winning the 2016/17 Volunteer of the Year award.


5 April, 2018

Anthea Stringer has been elevated from Assistant Coach to Head Coach of the DSX Girls coach. Like Ratu, Stringer has a lifelong involvement with softball and invaluable to our sport. Stringer the current Mainland Pride Women’s coach has been part of the Junior White Sox and White Sox campaigns as a trainer/medic and will bring considerable knowledge and skills to the programme. Like the DSX boys the girls will assemble for camp before heading to Australia in September to compete in the U15 Girls NSW State Championships.


22 Feb, 2017

Congratulations to the following players who have been selected into the 2017 Developing Sox U15 Girls Squad.

The squad will be involved in a 3 day camp from 7-9 April 2017 and then another camp over the term holidays in September/October 2017. This will lead into an Emerging Sox tour which will occur in 2018.



  • This squad was selected by Developing Sox U15 Head Coach Peter Moffatt and Assistant Coach Dave Elder
  • Detailed information on the Developing Sox U15 Girls Program will be released direct to the athletes over the coming week.

New Zealand Developing Sox U15 Girls Squad 2017
Cheynne Young, Silia Manukia, Michelle Manukia (North Harbour) Beth Reid, Kiara Lei-Lani Taimai, Kaiah Lee-Obrien, Megan Gordon, Mikayla Cross, Armacia Nan-Woo (Auckland), Te Hira Newton, Braxton Murray (Counties Manukau), Teratahi Pere-Campbell (Tairawhiti), Hineawe Crawford (Hawkes Bay), Shiloh Cunningham (Manawatu), Rongomai Luke- Royal, Kimihia Tangianau, Tayla-Kei Rahui-Laulau, Maarire Bernett, Caitlyn Lewin,  Michaela Budge (Hutt Valley), Te Koopurereata Wiapara, Skye Moemai-Millar, Grace Clueard, Beyonce Rehutai, Ariana Cameron –Jones, Kaitlyn Peachey (Wellington), Bella Lister, Te Marino Roberts, Iris Taramai, Manaia Makiri, Avalon Te Haara-Barr, Samantha Henderson, Chyna Keen (Canterbury), Kaitlyn Hastie (Otago), Hannah Johnson, Isobel Thompson (Southland).

North Island vs South Island

DSC 1411-305

Petone PAK n SAVE NFC exhibition game


16 Feb, 2016

Non-traveling reserve Susan Wakefield has been drafted into the Developing Sox team to compete at the Waverley Carnival. Sophie Wilkinson has been selected as the non-traveling reserve.


15 Feb, 2016

Softball New Zealand would also like to congratulate and announce Dave Elder as the Assistant Coach of the Developing Sox Girls team. The under 15 team will compete in the Waverly Eastern Carnival, 25-27 March, Australia.


30 Jan, 2016

Beth Reid Auckland
Taylor  Chongnee Auckland
Brooke  Glassie Auckland
Milla Glassie Auckland
Kaiah Lee-Obrien Auckland
Layla Bailey-McDowell Canterbury
Hana Allan Canterbury
Jacqueline Clay Counties Manukau
Rongomai Luke-Roy Hutt Valley
Jasmine Horne Hutt Valley
Alice Tessi North Harbour
Silia   Manukia North Harbour
Michelle  Manukia North Harbour
Jazara   Hopa Southland
Jaenin  Koko- Lutau Wellington
Non Travelling
Susan Wakefield Wellington
Tirakahurangi Leef North Harbour


20 Nov, 2015

Wellington-based coach, Peter Moffatt, has been named as head coach of the New Zealand Girls Developing Sox team.

Moffatt has 27 years’ experience in coaching men, women and juniors. He is dedicated to developing junior athletes and assisting them in realising their full potential.

"I help my young players to be better teammates, to set goals and achieve them, and to foster a love of the game through enjoyment and fellowship of their team", says Moffatt. 

He will look to create a supportive culture that is based around respect, where players are able to set goals and work to achieve them.